Best In-wall Speakers of 2024

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Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated January 2, 2024
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Best In-wall Speakers of 2024


In-wall speakers give you a cinema-like experience. These speakers can be easily built into the wall hence saving space. You can install them together inside one wall for different channels or separate walls of the same room according to your preference. They blend seamlessly with your interior and give a clean and elegant look. These speakers are perfect for any room as they eliminate the hassle of visible wires, and you don’t have to worry about storage. As in-wall speakers are built into walls, they offer reduced sound reflection, resulting in more precise and less distorted sound.

How We Pick and Review

We have a state-of-the-art product testing facility with advanced hands-on testing equipment. Our experts meticulously test all the products, including their functions, features, design, structure, hardware, and software. Once the product has been extensively tested, our experienced reviewers, skilled in consumer electronics writing, reviewing, and testing, write the reviews.

We select the best in-wall speakers from the world’s leading brands by comparing their price and popularity. When choosing the best models, the experts on our team consider the material, sound quality, ease of use, remote control, and overall speaker performance. Those that perform the most acceptable will be considered further. We test and select the most influential speakers and discard the rest. During the tests, the speakers are played in rooms of different sizes.

In addition, we test the in-wall speakers in specially designed rooms where they are built into the wall to ensure how they would sound. We check the performance of the in-wall speakers by connecting them to various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, etc. For our Bluetooth connection test, we hold the device at a distance; for the distortion test, we play the device at maximum volume and test its overall performance through long periods of play. After completing these steps, our experts play different music and film genres to distinguish and test the sound quality.

In-wall speakers that produce a natural and balanced sound and exceed the given benchmark are selected and further verified. We use all speakers for at least a week to ensure we don’t miss any shortcomings.

Best In-wall Speakers of 2024

Getting Curious to Know More About the Products?

Our Best Picks

  • Mission

    naim mu so

    Mission 8″ – M-MI781A

    Best in wall speaker gets a boost in performance

    After years of expertise in the design and manufacture of amplifiers, the professionals at Mission are happy to offer the C-Series.

  • Focal

    Sonus Faber Omnia - The New All-In-One Bluetooth Speaker

    Focal 100 IW LCR5

    The Focal 100 IW LCR 5 In-wall 2-way D’appolito Speakers

    The product's small size and frameless square and circular front grilles, as well as its single-piece speaker driver basket and chassis.

  • Focal

    5.1 Focal SIB EVO Home Theater

    Focal 300 IW6

    Experience the clarity and precision of every detail

    The French-made 300 IW6 loudspeaker is meant for household usage. With stereo and/or multichannel systems, this item is suitable for every area in the house.


Mission 8″ In-Wall Loudspeaker – M-MI781A

mission in-wall loudspeaker
Experience the theater around you

With this magnificent Mission M-MI781A Wall Loudspeaker from BoxnBeat, high-end audio is entering a new age. The theatre provides the visual experience you need to see but not hear. The solution is the Mission C-Series, commercial speakers!

The experts at Mission are pleased to announce another line of commercial speakers, the C-Series, after years of experience in the design and construction of amplifiers.

The C-Series has been designed to be close indiscernible and blend into existing stylistic themes and conditions. It includes a 6′′ in-roof speaker, an 8′′ in-divider amplifier, and a 12′′ 500W subwoofer to supplement the current reach. This eliminates the needs and spatial requirements of traditional floor standing amplifiers.


  • 8′′ in-wall speakers.
  • A 500W 12-inch subwoofer to complete the available lineup.
  • 63–20 kHz Frequency Response.


  • Sonic authority and size
  • Built well


  • Sound is flat
  • Placement calls for caution

Focal 100 IW LCR5 in-wall speaker

focal in-wall speaker
Exquisite high-resolution audio

The Focal 100 IW LCR 5 In-wall 2-way D’appolito Speakers are highlighted for their acoustic performances and sleek, compact appearance. They are intended for home use. These items are designed for three different uses in small to medium-sized rooms: dispersed systems (hallways, living rooms, etc.), audio systems (bedrooms, kitchens, etc.), and home theatre systems (in dedicated rooms or living rooms).

The innovative, incredibly compact, inverted dome adjustable tweeter on this in-wall loudspeaker improves the sound dispersion. It also has a brand-new Polyglass cone (51/8″; 13 cm), which is well-equipped.This LCR (Left, Center, Right) loudspeaker can be placed horizontally to serve as the system’s centre channel. To easily select the left, centre, or right channels to adjust the levels in accordance with the acoustic environment, it contains a three-position switch.

The compact design of this product, which features frameless square and circular front grilles and a speaker driver basket and chassis that are now one single piece, allows it to be put anywhere. Allow the cutting-edge technology, effective design, and optimal features for trouble-free use at a reasonable price to astound you.


  • Focal’s 2-way In-Wall D’Appolito Speaker is a small, shallow-mounting speaker that was created and produced in France.
  • It is possible to use the same amplifier output to connect two loudspeakers.
  • Resisting moisture.
  • Pre-painted grille


  • Humidity-resistant design
  • Discrete frame


  • Too little sound to fill the room with music

Focal 300 IW6 in-wall speaker

focal 300 IW6 in-wall speaker
A little extra bass for you

The 300 IW6 loudspeaker is built in France and intended to home use. This item is appropriate for any room in the house and will provide you with a tonne of pleasure for stereo and/or multichannel systems.

To produce sound quality and precision ideal for your home, these loudspeakers include proprietary Focal technologies including the Flax woofer cone and an inverted tweeter dome composed of Aluminum/Magnesium. The bass is distinct and well-controlled. The Flax cones offer a clear, precise, and natural sound that is excellent for movie dialogue. The innovative EQI system (Easy Quick Install), which requires no tools, is another important element. This is the best wall speakers for home theater

For uniform sound regardless of the listening position throughout the room, the tweeter’s orientation is entirely orientable. Without changing ceilings or walls, this product respects the interior design of your home. The tweeter’s volume may also be changed to suit the acoustics of the room, giving you the best performance possible regardless of the setting.


  • A two-way in-wall speaker.
  • Flexible tweeter.
  • Focal created the speaker drivers and produced them in France.
  • Low-frequency response with a deep frequency response and good power handling.
  • Very balanced mid-range for better comprehension in home theatre setups.
  • Ready to paint and supplied with a magnetic grille for complete integration.
  • Quick and simple installation without tools.


  • Magnetic grilles for in-ceiling speakers are available in both circular and rectangular shapes.
  • Speakers are quite simple to remove and align either horizontally or vertically.
  • Installation is really quick and easy because of the tool-free design.


  • When using a tool-less clamping system for the first time, it can be confusing.
  • The acoustically permeable material that is included slightly darkens the grille’s overall shade of color.
  • Requires more horizontal space between speakers than speakers with conventional dogears, therefore installers must be extra careful where they place the speaker between the studs.

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  • polk in-wall rectangular loudspeaker


    Polk In-Wall Rectangular Loudspeaker – RC85i
  • polk vanishing RT series two-way in-wall center channel speaker


    Polk Vanishing RT Series Two-Way In-Wall Center Channel Speaker – Vanishing 255C-RT
  • q acoustics centre subwoofer


    Polk Vanishing RT Series In-Wall Loudspeaker – Vanishing VS 265-RT

Polk In-Wall Rectangular Loudspeaker – RC85i

Denon DHT-S316 – Soundbar & Subwoofer
Polk In-Wall Rectangular Loudspeaker – RC85i

Polk Audio’s RCi Series in-wall speakers with 8-inch drivers are of the highest audiophile calibre.

With a large 8-inch driver, the RC85i is ideal for applications that call for louder volume levels and deeper bass response. Create a completely covert home theatre setup with the RC85i as your left, centre, and right stage speakers and one or more RC65i as your surround speakers, or round out a more conventional speaker setup with more multi-zone sound. Utilize the extra floor space to add more seats and host some guests. Flexible performance for movies and music.

The left, right, and surround channels are best in-wall speakers for home theatre and perfect for the value-packed RC85is. They are excellent for a music system with little visual distractions.An 8″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter are included with each RC85i.Together, they produce rich, crystal-clear audio for video games, music, sports, and movies. High Performance Low Profile- The RCi Series speakers may be built into any environment and then completely forgotten about thanks to paintable grilles. Matching timbre to other Polk speakers- To enable completely seamless blending of speakers in systems that incorporate traditional and built-in speakers, RCi Series speakers are timbre-matched to other Polk speakers. Effortless Design- For consistent performance at both low and high volumes, Klippel motor optimization uses laser measurement technology to guarantee a smooth excursion path at either end of the volume spectrum.

Exceptional Components- The RCi Series speakers are suitable for high moisture areas like bathrooms, transitional spaces, or even under eaves or in the ceiling of an enclosed porch because of their rustproof stainless steel hardware, resilient butyl rubber surrounds, and powder-coated aluminum (in-ceiling) & painted steel (in-wall) grilles. (RCi series should not be used in direct sunlight outdoors. Use the Polk Atrium Series of outdoor speakers for entertainment). Easy Setup- With Perfect Fit templates, a precision flange, and (optional) pre-construction brackets, built-in audio is now easily installable with only one cut. The innovative Rotating Cam system also allows for secure, vibration-free operation.


  • Great sound reproduction and premium audio quality – these timbre-matched discrete recessed speakers improve the sound quality of your movies and tv shows by removing distortion and delivering depth of music and clear, crisp dialogue.
  • Equitable and life like sound – a 1″ swivel-mount tweeter and an 8″ dynamic balance woofer are included in each speaker, giving your music more depth and detail. Wider dispersion for even sound coverage is produced by a mineral-filled polymer cone and sturdy composite driver baskets.
  • Strong, water-resistant design – provides flexible placement options, including those for a covered porch, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a sauna. The rubber surround of the woofer not only improves performance but also prevents moisture access.
  • Recognition in home audio systems – the unwavering commitment, reliability, and craftsmanship of polk, along with their cutting-edge engineering, technology, and innovation, make them the industry leader.


  • Lightweight.
  • Good Bass
  • Easy Installation


  • No Bluetooth Connectivity
  • There is no door at the back

Polk Vanishing RT Series Two-Way In-Wall Center Channel Speaker – Vanishing 255C-RT

Denon DHT-S316 – Soundbar & Subwoofer

Polk Two-Way In-Wall Center Channel Speaker – Vanishing 255C-RT

The cornerstone of a top-notch stealth home theatre is the Vanishing Series 255c-RT. This in-wall centre channel speaker can be painted to fit any decor and blends in beautifully. The 255c-RT centres all the activity without drawing attention to itself, ensuring that all you hear is vibrant, crisp sound and all you see is screen.

With Polk’s proprietary PowerPort bass venting, air flow from the port is smoothly transitioned into your listening area, removing turbulence and distortion for a stronger, more powerful, deep bass impact.

With Perfect Fit templates, a precise flange, and (optional) pre-construction brackets, built-in audio is now easily installable with only one cut. The innovative Rotating Cam system also allows for secure, vibration-free operation.

Lower tweeter levels cancel out the effects of shiny surfaces, lowering the level precisely in the 4-5 kHz range where reflectivity degrades sound quality.

For seamless blending between external speaker systems and Polk Audio RTi speakers, compatible.


  • High-quality music from an in-wall centre speaker that is constructed to be flush with your wall.
  • Direct high frequency control, better off-axis imaging, and additional placement freedom are all provided by silk dome tweeters mounted in a 15° swivel housing.
  • Ingenious features and unique Polk Audio technology packaged in a covert, user-friendly design.
  • Matching the RTiA Series’ timbre.


  • Vibration-free installation
  • More efficient bass impact
  • Multidimensional sound production


Polk Vanishing RT Series In-Wall Loudspeaker – Vanishing VS 265-RT

Denon DHT-S316 – Soundbar & Subwoofer

Polk In-Wall Loudspeaker – Vanishing VS 265-RT

Full-range, dynamic audio is provided by in-wall 3-way speakers from the Vanishing Series 265-RT with paintable grilles. Exceptional sound in any room setting is ensured by superior controls and the innovative Power Port® bass venting mechanism. These discrete loudspeakers can be used to create a full high performance audio system that always delivers and never causes distraction.

Almost transparent, incredibly small perfs and dramatic, unhindered sound are delivered by the special, wafer-thin grille, which is magnetically fastened. For a deeper, more powerful bass impact, a patented bass venting design smoothly transitions air flow, removing turbulence and distortion. For seamless blending between external speaker systems and Polk Audio RTi speakers, compatible.

Lower tweeter levels cancel out the effects of shiny surfaces, lowering the level precisely in the 4-5 kHz range where reflectivity degrades sound quality. Crossover modifications reduce “boominess,” which flattens reaction bumps brought on by neighbouring walls and produces a more realistic sound from any angle. Secure, vibration-free installation is made possible by Perfect Fit templates, a precision flange, available pre-construction brackets, and the innovative Rotating Cam system.


  • Full-range dynamic sound from a slim speaker that fits flat against your wall.
  • Direct high frequency control, better off-axis imaging, and additional placement freedom are all provided by silk dome tweeters mounted in a 15° swivel housing.
  • Ingenious features and unique Polk Audio technology packaged in a covert, user-friendly design.
  • Matching the RTiA Series’ timbre.


  • Full-range dynamic audio
  • Product Parts Warranty: Lifetime
  • Product Labour Warranty: Lifetime
  • Simple to combine in several settings


  • Average build quality
  • Not so strong bass
  • grilles with pressure fittings

How to choose the best In-Wall speakers?

There are several factors to consider when purchasing In-wall speakers. A helpful tip before we get started: always position your speakers at ear level to get the best listening experience. It creates a stereo effect and offers a more direct sound, making you feel like everything is happening live. Here’s a list to help you choose the best In-wall speaker:

  1. Placement: It would help if you had already planned where you would like to place the in-wall speakers before you bought them. Do you want them for your living room, bedroom, or a room dedicated to home entertainment? Which wall you would be placing them on, and the room size. The placement may impact the size, style, and number of speakers you purchase.
  2. The number of speakers required: Once you decide the placement and purpose, choose carefully how many In-wall speakers you need. Some are sold individually; some come in a pair of two or a pack of three or more. For instance, if you’re searching for a speaker for playing background music in a room, one or two In-wall speakers may be the best option. However, five or more in-wall speakers will provide incredible sound quality if you want to set up a home theater room.
  3. Weight and Size: When purchasing in-wall speakers, considering their size is crucial. Check if it fits in your room, check the speaker’s dimensions and compare it to the room you intend to put it in. Check the specification to see if the sound produced is sufficient for the size of your room. Choose the ones that give your space a balanced look without interfering with the aesthetics. Determine the weight, if the wall can support its load, and how many people you need to install it.
  4. Sound Quality: Be it any speaker, sound quality is always the top-most priority. While purchasing In-wall speakers, first compare their features. If you buy two or multiple In-wall speakers, check the tonal quality and if their voice matches. Voice-matching means the speakers will offer the dialogues and music at the same time. Ensure that the speakers have tweeters (speaker’s part that creates the treble or upper sound range); missing tweeters results in a lack of detail. To enhance the sound quality consider pairing them up with a subwoofer.
  5. Cables: The biggest advantage of the In-wall speaker is that you don’t have to worry about loose cables. For appropriate installation, the cables must be routed inside the wall. It is essential to consider the path and length of the cable. Measure the distance between each speaker or additional speakers, amplifier, or subwoofer before purchasing them. We recommend choosing a UL-listed cable. CL2 ( accept a maximum voltage of 150 volts) or CL3 (accept a maximum voltage of 300 volts) speaker wires should suffice for in-wall speakers.
  6. Installation: Before you buy the speaker, ask about the installation costs. See if it fits your budget. You can also speak to well-known professionals and companies who will help you install the speakers within your budget. The speakers should come with mounting brackets; if not, buy a set. You can install them yourself; to do this, you will need tools such as a power drill, screwdrivers, drywall cutters, a pencil, and a carpenter’s level. Hiring a professional to help you with the installation would be a good idea.
  7. Visit an experience center: A visit to an experience center will change how you shop for speakers; you will surely recognize the difference between the experience center and a typical showroom. In an experience center, you will find rooms that imitate the rooms in a house. These rooms offer a real-life listening experience through different types of speakers. You can listen to music in these rooms and easily distinguish the sound quality.
  8. Buy Online: If you can’t find an experience center buying an in-wall speaker online is the easiest option. Only buy from trusted websites. Most reputable websites mention a detailed description of the product and its specification. We recommend as this site has the best customer service (before and after). They deliver across India and help install speakers in Pune, Mumbai, Banglore, and nearby cities.

The Team Of Audio Guru Expert is there to help you choose the perfect In-Wall speakers That Best Suited To Your Requirements.

Comparison Table

Image Model Power(Watt) Price User Rating
polk vanishing in-wall loudspeaker Polk Vanishing LS Series In-Wall Loudspeaker – Vanishing VS 265-LS 200
Polk RC In-Wall Loudspeaker Polk RC In-Wall Rectangular Loudspeaker – RC65i 200
Dali Phantom S-180 In-Wall Speaker Dali Phantom S-180 In-Wall Speaker 200
Q Acoustics In Wall QI 80 RP Speaker (Pair) Q Acoustics In Wall – Q Install QI 80 RP Speaker (Pair) 200 ₹61,900

Polk Vanishing LS Series In-Wall Loudspeaker – Vanishing VS 265-LS

polk vanishing vs 265-ls

Feel every beat with

You need the strength and potential of an in-wall 3-way speaker with Polk’s proprietary Power Port bass venting mechanism, like the 265-LS, for large, full-range dynamic audio without obvious speaker boxes. You may create a full, high-performance audio system that mixes in with your decor that is simple to install. With excellent audio controls, you may adjust the performance to your room’s environment while still getting the most amazing sound. Vanishing LS is the finest value in today’s hottest style of custom-installed loudspeakers at this performance level.

Our unique wafer-thin Sheer-Grille, a magnetically fastened grille that protrudes only 7mm from its surroundings, is only available on Vanishing Series built-in speakers. Sheer-Grilles provide dynamic, unhindered sound and more uniform coverage, even in bigger rooms, thanks to their practically transparent, incredibly small perforations and acoustically inert construction.
Built-in speakers from the Vanishing Series blend in seamlessly with their surroundings thanks to their matching paint job.

Ring radiator tweeters have been improved and redesigned to expand top-end response for amazing details and lifelike projection.

Reflective surfaces in spaces can amplify sound and distort visuals. The tweeter volume is decreased to account for reflecting surfaces when the Vanishing reflective room adjustment option is activated (by selecting the low preset). A special audio control called disappearing reflective room adjustment reduces the volume solely in the 4-5 kHz band, which is the region where reflectivity ruins sound quality. The tweeter maintains its accurate and detailed high-frequency response outside of this restricted 1 kHz zone, so genuine musical subtleties are not lost.

To provide completely seamless blending from speaker to speaker in systems that incorporate traditional and built-in speakers, Vanishing Series LS speakers are timbre-matched to Polk LSi speakers.

A response bump between 50 and 200 Hz may occur if your loudspeakers must be mounted more than 2 feet away from side walls due to positioning restrictions. This might produce a boomy sound. A proprietary audio adjustment known as the Vanishing wall distance toggle switch flattens response and eliminates boominess without losing deep bass response for a more realistic sound and additional positioning options.

With Polk’s proprietary PowerPort bass venting, air flow from the port is smoothly transitioned into your listening area, removing turbulence and distortion for a stronger, more powerful, deep bass impact.

With Perfect Fit templates, a precise flange, and (optional) pre-construction brackets, built-in audio is now easily installable with only one cut. The innovative Rotating Cam system also allows for secure, vibration-free operation.


  • Power Port® bass venting, a Polk invention.
  • Unique 7mm-thick Sheer-GrilleTM, a magnetically secured grille, is wafer-thin and barely visible from its surroundings.
  • 2 Dynamic Balance 6.5″ mid/woofers.
  • tweeter with Dynamic Balance ring radiator.


  • High-performance audio system
  • Efficient and deep bass
  • Easy installation


  • No Aimable Tweeter
  • Not Moisture-resistant

Polk RC In-Wall Rectangular Loudspeaker – RC65i

polk in-wall loudspeaker RC65i

Extra bass just for you

From The Vanishing Wall Speakers, Seamless Audio Three in-wall speakers are included in this set: two 2-way Polk RC65i speakers and one 255C RT center channel speaker with Dynamic Balance, Distance Toggle, and Polk’s unique Power Port technology.

PERFECTLY BALANCED, LIFE-LIKE SOUND – Each of the side speakers has a 6.5-inch mid-woofer and a 0.75-inch swivel tweeter, and the centre speaker has two 5.25-inch mid-woofers and 1-inch swivel tweeters. Enhance your music’s bass with more depth and detail.

WIDER DISPERSION AND OUTSTANDING SOUND REPRODUCTION Nothing less than a cinematic experience complete with loud sound may be expected. All three speakers are timbre matched with the RTi series, making it simple to upgrade your current Polk home theatre.

OUT OF THE BOX & RECESSED INTO THE WALL; no mess, no further assembly in 3 easy steps, EASILY INSTALL these speakers for a clutter-free aesthetic; A secure, vibration-free installation is guaranteed by the PATENTED ROTATING CAM technology.

FITS IN WITH YOUR HOME’S DECOR; Paint the exterior sheer grille in any colour of your choosing to blend in with your current interiors and effectively hide it.

Its UNWAVERING COMMITMENT, RELIABILITY, AND CRAFTSMANSHIP have elevated Polk to the top of the home audio industry. So that you may sit back, relax, and listen with your heart, maximise surround sound systems and acoustic brilliance.


  • Simple Installation – Includes Cutout Template.
  • The RC65i speakers use the wall space for baffle tuning, which improves the bass response.
  • Premium Materials – The blue polymer cones’ exceptional damping and bass response come from their light weight and stiffness. Unwanted cone resonances are suppressed by sturdy butyl rubber surrounds.
  • Aimable tweeters offer better accuracy and more lifelike imaging. Swivel Tweeter
  • Paintable Grilles – For complete discretion, the speakers may be painted to match any decor or ceiling colour thanks to paintable aluminium grilles.


  • Lightweight.
  • Aimable swivel tweeters for greater accuracy.


  • A little bulky.
  • Sound not that crisp on a high frequency.

Dali Phantom S-180 In-Wall Speaker

Dali Phantom S-180 In-Wall Speaker

For the music that touches your soul

The PHANTOM S-180 is a full-size in-wall loudspeaker that uses a rotatable hybrid tweeter module, a 10″ passive carbon fibre radiator, an 8″ wood fibre driver, and other components to produce coherent, clear, and detailed sound that fills the space. All of this was crammed into a narrow cabinet that practically fits into any typical wall.

A full frequency response comparable to that of a floor standing loudspeaker is provided by the compact DALI PHANTOM S-180 in-wall loudspeaker without taking up valuable living room space. Utilizing tried-and-true speaker technology, it provides an in-wall audio performance without compromise. The distinctive hybrid tweeter module, low-loss rubber surround, solid MDF front baffle, distinctive wood fiber cones, and superior, ground-breaking magnet design with an SMC pole piece are all included in this.

All of the models are created around a rotatable hybrid tweeter module, making them simple to install for stereo, center channel, or home theatre surround sound applications.

The primary 8″ wood fiber woofer has been tuned to function well in the bass and mid-range. We have combined the main woofer with a 10″ passive carbon fiber radiator to significantly improve the bass output. As a result, the PHANTOM S-180 will stand out from the competition.


  • Broad Dispersion – Wide dispersion is the guiding idea behind the design of every DALI speaker. This requires optimizing the audio reproduction off-axis. Given that speakers are always flush mounted against a wall or ceiling, the technology is ideal for use in speaker installation.
  • Slender cabinet – One of their objectives for the PHANTOM S and M models was to produce premium in-wall speakers with a thin profile that offered the greatest degree of installation options. The cabinets were kept at a depth of just 100–103 mm, which fits into practically any conventional wall, to achieve this.
  • Advanced Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) Technology eliminates flux strength volatility in the magnet gap. Compared to conventional drivers, it minimizes distortion.
  • 10 “Atomic Radiator – 10-inch Dali Phantom S-180 In-Wall Speaker “They used a passive bass reflex woofer from their premium.
  • Subwoofer, the “DALI SUB P-10 DSS,” which is made of exceptionally well-behaving carbon fiber.


  • Enveloping sound.
  • Suitable for music and cinema.


  • The bass might have been a little bit deeper.

Q Acoustics In Wall – Q Install QI 80 RP Speaker (Pair)

Acoustics In Wall QI 80 RP Speaker(Pair)

Unbeatable experience

Q Acoustics’ brand-new Q Install in-wall line features an exciting selection of speakers ideal for home theatre use. They provide excellent performance from loudspeakers that satisfy the demands of customers looking for fashionable low-profile aesthetics.

For low distortion and strong transient power capability, the 203mm bass driver uses Q Install’s superior Nano Particle mass damped polypropylene low frequency drive units with high powered coil and magnet assemblies. For fine system tuning and additional high frequency level control, full range speakers incorporate pivoting silk dome mesh covered tweeters.

Low profile magnetic grilles on the speakers make installation simple. On both 2 and 3 way units, high order crossovers are employed to ensure a smooth frequency transition. Special attention has also been paid to the mid-range frequency response and the elimination of all sources of colouration to ensure that speech remains clear at all times.


  • The gorgeous aesthetic of these speakers is the first thing you’ll notice about them. The speakers look amazing in any environment, and the case has a true wood veneer.
  • Excellent sound: These speakers also provide excellent sound. Particularly striking is the bass response, and the speakers deliver a balanced, clean, and precise sound.
  • Bluetooth compatibility: You may use these speakers to connect them to a bigger home cinema system via Bluetooth. They are therefore a fantastic alternative if you don’t have a surround sound system set up.
  • Wall-mountable: To save room on the floor, you can alternatively install these speakers on the wall. It is easy to install the speakers because the brackets are included with them.
  • Remote control: The speakers have a remote control that allows you to change the volume or the song without getting up from your couch. Last but not least, these speakers are also quite reasonably priced. These could be a wonderful choice if you’re searching for a nice set of speakers that won’t break the budget.


  • Extremely durable, reliable, and easy to set up.
  • Best values on the market.


  • No Bluetooth connectivity option.
  • Does not come with a remote.

What Kind of In-Wall Speakers Should You Get?

It would be best to purchase the in-wall speakers with surround sound capacities, water, moisture, and dust resistance, excellent bass response, clear dialogue, natural and crisp sound, and easy installation. Check if these speakers can withstand damp and humid indoor environments. There are many options on the market; our reviews will help you choose the best one.

In addition, you can get In-wall speakers in pairs. Two for left and right channels. (can be installed vertically on either side of your TV.) You can also add one more for the center channel, which is responsible for the dialogues(can be installed horizontally, below your TV.) For precise dialogue and consistent audio, use the center channel with a tweeter in the middle of the speaker. You can add speakers alongside or behind for a theatrical and lifelike experience. Use surrounds with tweeters that offer broad dispersion and spread sound uniformly in different directions. 

Get To Know About Your Favorite Products With A Single Click

Which In-Wall Speakers Should You Buy?

If you’re unsure which in-wall speaker to buy, AudioGuru’s guide can help. The list includes some of our top picks that you can buy without hesitation. You must follow this simple procedure: go through the list, read the reviews, match your needs, and you’re all set.


Does the In-wall speaker sound good?

Yes, In-wall speakers sound good. Correctly installed and good-quality speakers deliver excellent performance. In-wall speakers are mainly known for producing distortion-free audio with clear dialogue.

Are In-wall speakers better than On-wall speakers?

Both are good in their ways. It all depends on the type and quality of the speaker you are using. Some In-wall speakers may sound better than on-wall speakers and vice-versa.

What are In-wall speakers used for?

In-wall speakers are primarily used for home theater setups. They are used as stereo speakers and for a surround sound experience. You can install them on the front wall or beside and behind the seating, whichever you prefer.

Can I use In-wall speakers for surround sound?

Yes, you can use In-wall speakers for surround sound. These speakers are available for left, right, and center channels and can be placed on all the room walls for a better surround sound experience.

What are the best In-wall speakers?

The best In-wall speakers are Polk Audio RC85i 2-Way Premium In-Wall 8-inch Speakers, Klipsch R-5502-W II In-Wall Speaker, Sonos In-Wall Speakers, Monoprice 3-Way Fiber In-Wall Speakers, Yamaha NS-IW760 6.5″ 2-Way In-Wall Speaker System, Klipsch R-5650-W II In-Wall Speaker, MartinLogan ML65i (Pr.)

Which are the best In-wall speakers for a home theatre?

The best In-wall speakers for a home theatre are Polk Audio RC85i 2-Way In-Wall Speakers, Bosch LBD0606 Ceiling Speakers, Yamaha NS-IW760 6.5 2-Way In-Wall Speaker System.

What are the best In-wall surround speakers?

The best In-wall surround speakers are:

  • Polk Audio RC85i 2-way Premium In-Wall 8″ Speakers
  • Polk Audio 255c-RT In-Wall Center Channel Speaker
  • Klipsch R-5650-W II In-Wall Speaker
  • Bose Virtually Invisible 891 In-Wall Speaker
  • JBL SP6II In-Wall/In-Ceiling Home Theater Surround Sound Loudspeaker
  • Monoprice 3-Way Fiber In-Wall Speakers
  • Klipsch R-5502-W II In-Wall Speaker
  • Yamaha NS-IW760 6.5″ 2-Way In-Wall Speaker
  • Leviton AEI65 Architectural Edition Powered By JBL
  • 82W Silver Ticket in-Wall Speaker

Review Summary

In-wall speakers are the best if you want to save space and add a chic look to your home. They deliver exceptional sound and offer a cinema-like experience. They can be used individually and with a home theater package. It is recommended to choose the ones that are resistant to moisture, dampness, water, and dust. Without the hassle of wires, cords, and storage space, they offer a pleasant listening experience with a clutter-free look. Available in a variety of designs, shapes, colors, and sizes, you can choose the ones that will harmonize with your room’s decor.