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Kasper Cables is a manufacturer of cords and cables for a variety of applications from audio to video. Their products are designed to be flexible, light weight, and long lasting. Kapser Cables was founded in 2006 by Matt Kasper in Pensacola Florida. They sell their products online or through distributors.

Kapser Cables makes power tool cords as well as microphone, speaker amplifier, or guitar leads for all your entertainment needs. Another popular product is the lightning cord which allows you to instantly charge your device from any lightning port with ease.

Know The Best Products of All Time From Kasper

Decent design

Decent design

Durable Cable

Durable Cable



Kasper offers a vast variety of cable types that may be fitted into virtually any design or environment in addition to being a world-class cable provider. For your consideration, here are some of their best models.

  • Cables Kasper


  • Connectors Kasper


  • HDMI Kasper


  • Inceiling Speaker Kasper

    Inceiling Speaker

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Know About Other Kasper Cable Series Products

Kasper has always provided its users with a wide selection of cables thanks to its cutting-edge concepts and technology. When developing new products or updating existing ones, Kasper gives careful thought to the needs of its users and prioritizes meeting their needs. Every cable that Kasper creates is committed to delivering the exceptional and natural sound quality that its customers want.

Kasper offers a wide selection of cables that are among the best and have won over customers with their excellent sound quality.

  • Kasper KIC-14

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    Kasper KIC-14

    2 core 14AWG/2.5mm^2 150m | Spool Install | Speaker Cable (CL3 Rated) | `{`(103/0.16OFC+PVC)*2C+Paper+Ripcord+PVC`}`*1C OD:7.5mm Matt White

  • Kasper KIC-16

    Explore The Best Sellers

    Kasper KIC-16

    2 core 16AWG/1.5mm^2 150m | Spool Install | Speaker Cable (CL3 Rated) | `{`(65/0.16OFC+PVC)*2C+Paper+Ripcord+PVC`}`*1C OD:5.3mm Matt White

Best Products of All Time

If there is one thing that Kasper is known for, it is producing top-notch goods. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality cables that are unique, practical, and attractive. Some of the greatest Kasper goods ever are listed below.

  • Kasper K-SUB 50
  • Kasper K-SUB 300
  • Kasper KCB-XLR 31M
  • Kasper KCB-XLR 31F
  • Kasper HDMI KH-A 1.5m
  • Kasper HDMI KH-A 3.0m
  • Kasper HDMI KH-A 5.0m

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Few companies are as well-known or regarded in the cable industry as Kasper. This business makes high-quality cables and has established itself as a household name in the high-end audio industry.

What Kasper Offers!

  • Good quality
  • Durability cables

Kasper Cables make quality cables at a lower cost than most other cable companies.

The kasper cables company is the leading supplier of high-quality electrical cables to the construction industry. Kasper Cables are known for their durability and reliability, which means they will last more years than other brands, even under severe conditions like extreme weather and temperature changes. They also provide lifetime warranty on their products, which makes investing in Kasper Cables an easy decision. More importantly, if you are considering using something to attach your hot water heater or dryer hoses to your house or attic insulation system, then you’ll want to choose a cable that has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

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  • KCA-BP 45 Kasper

    KCA-BP 45

  • KCA-BP 65 Kasper

    KCA-BP 65

  • KCS-XLR-71 F Kasper

    KCS-XLR-71 F

  • KCS-XLR-71 M Kasper

    KCS-XLR-71 M

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