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French brand DEVIALET is an acoustical engineering company that combines luxury and cutting-edge technology. Devialet’s world-class engineers set a high standard for innovation and push the boundaries of what is possible with audio engineering by combining unbeatable sound quality with a sleek and modern design. Devialet’s success is built on a series of radical patented innovations found in each Devialet product.

Devialet products are designed to look as sharp as they sound. Its flagship speakers come in a variety of finishes and have a distinct industrial design with elements like exposed screws and copper accents. In a world where wireless speakers are now commonplace, and even entry-level audio systems can be controlled with a tap of your finger, there’s not a lot that stands out. Devialet is a different stand above all.

Devialet’s range of Wi-Fi speakers stands out for all the right reasons. Boasting exceptional sound quality, high technology features like artificial intelligence and voice control, and an innovative look that sets them apart from competitors, Devialet’s products have become something of a cult hit in recent years.

Devialet is a company that is creating quite a buzz in the audio world. Their high-end audio products are lauded for their style and performance, but also for their technology. The company’s speakers, amplifiers, and other devices all feature an innovative amplification design called ADH™ that optimizes performance and sound with minimal distortion and noise.

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Striking Aesthetic

Striking Aesthetic

Deep Room Feeling Sound

Deep Room Feeling Sound

Ultra Deep Bass

Ultra Deep Bass

Personal Listening

Personal Listening

Devialet produces some of the most premium and high-end speakers on the market. The company has a range of speakers which are all very different, but excellent in their own regard. Devialet speakers are incredibly powerful and well-designed, they have a distinctive industrial design that is focused on simplicity and elegance.

The foundation of Devialet’s success is a series of radical patented innovations that are embedded in every Devialet product: Expert Pro amplifiers, Phantom speakers, Devialet Gemini true wireless earbuds and Devialet Dione soundbar.

  • Wireless Earbuds DEVIALET

    Wireless Earbuds

  • Wireless Speaker DEVIALET

    Wireless Speaker

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Speaker With Elegant Design and Mesmerizing Sound

Phantom Opéra De Paris

Phantom Opéra De Paris is a result of an engineer’s unrelenting search for the ultimate acoustic experience that produces ultra-dense sound with physical impact.

Best Products of All Time

Devialet products are designed to look as sharp as they sound. Its flagship speakers come in a variety of finishes and have a distinct industrial design with elements like exposed screws and copper accents. The first few models released by Devialet were standalone wireless speakers, but it has also introduced smaller versions of its Phantom speakers that can be combined to create multi-room audio experiences.

The standout feature of Devialet speakers is their DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) system. Devialet’s DAC system is built into each speaker, which enables the speakers to “upscale” low-resolution audio files and play them back at higher quality. Devialet’s DAC system is built into each speaker, which enables the speakers to “upscale” low-resolution audio files and play them back at higher quality.

  • Phantom Opéra De Paris
  • Phantom Reactor 900
  • Phantom I 103 DB
  • Phantom I 108 DB Opera De Paris
  • Phantom II
  • Devialet Gemini Wireless Earbuds
  • Gold Phantom

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Devialet is a French company that first entered the premium audio space in 2014. The company has quickly made a name for itself with its Phantom speaker series, which has seen two iterations since its original release in 2015. Devialet products are designed to look as sharp as they sound.

The Devialet Phantom range is the company’s flagship product, and it is designed to be the best speaker money can buy. The Phantom speakers are beautiful, high-end audio equipment that produces gorgeous sound and are a pleasure to listen to.

“Devialet speakers born from our association incarnate the values of technological innovation as well as the quest for sound and musical perfection shared between the Paris Opera and Devialet. Resolutely forward-looking, we aim at developing new collaborations which will contribute to the outreach of the Opera and support its artistic programming, upholding French excellence everywhere in the world.”

– Alexander Neef, director-general of the Paris Opera

What Do You Get From Devialet?

One of the primary questions when researching a wireless speaker is whether it will create high-quality sound. DEVIALET pays close attention to every single detail while producing speakers of the finest quality. The DEVIALET speakers have raised the bar for wireless speakers and are in high demand because of their outstanding performance.

The speakers can also be paired with the Devialet app to create a multi-room system controlled by the app. Devialet has also introduced a new feature called Bass Boost that can be used when playing music on a single speaker. The Bass Boost feature essentially increases the amount of low-end audio coming out of the speaker so you can feel the music more than you can hear it.

However, these speakers are very expensive, and they require a dedicated audio player, like the Naim Unitiqute or Apple HomePod, to take full advantage of the DAC system and upscale low-res audio files to high-res audio.

Here are some of the best qualities of Devialet speakers:

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Subwoofer Properties
  • Omnidirectional
  • Accurate Sound
  • Great Precision
  • High-performance Density Ratio
  • Zero background Noise
  • No Distortion
  • Unsaturated Audio
  • Implosive Bass
  • Pure Audio Quality
  • Ultra-dense Sound
  • Portable
  • Visually Appealing
  • Compact and Elegant Design

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Are Devialet worth it?

High-end audio equipment is made by the French company Devialet, which also makes speakers, amplifiers, and digital audio players. The company’s goods are renowned for their cutting-edge designs and superior functionality, and they are frequently priced at the top end of the market. Due to their great sound quality and cutting-edge features, some people might think that Devialet’s goods are worthwhile investments, while others would think that their price is excessive when compared to competing items.

Is Devialet high end?

Devialet is a manufacturer of high-end audio gear that makes a variety of items, including speakers, amplifiers, and sound systems. The company is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and design, and its goods are widely regarded as being of a high caliber. However, because Devialet products can range greatly in price, it’s important to take your budget and the precise features you need into consideration before making a purchase.

Where are Devialet speakers made?

The French manufacturer Devialet seems to have at least part of its products produced there. The company manufactures a variety of audio equipment, including amplifiers and speakers, in a factory in Carros, close to Nice. Additionally, Devialet maintains a research and development facility in Paris where it creates new technologies and goods. It is unclear exactly where all of Devialet’s products are made; nevertheless, it is probable that some of the company’s goods are either created or put together in other facilities.

How do I connect my Devialet speakers to my TV?

Depending on the specific model of Devialet speakers you own and the connections your TV supports, there are a few different ways to connect Devialet speakers to a TV. You have the option of connecting by Bluetooth or an audio cable, among other possibilities.

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  • Wireless Gemini Earbuds DEVIALET

    Wireless Gemini Earbuds

  • Gold Phantom Speaker DEVIALET

    Gold Phantom Speaker

  • Tree Speaker Stand DEVIALET

    Tree Speaker Stand

  • Treepod Speaker Stand DEVIALET

    Treepod Speaker Stand

  • Phantom Reactor Opéra De Paris DEVIALET

    Phantom Reactor Opéra De Paris

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