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Lumina, believe that a projection screen is more than just a white cloth. It is a sophisticated, technical fabric that offers an immersive cinematic experience. Whether corporate offices, home theatres or auditoriums, the right choice of projection screen can make all the difference.

For anybody who desires an enchanting movie-viewing experience at home, a Lumina screen is what you should be willing to seek. With a vision to provide complete screen solutions which requires no after sales service, we aim to be a well-known player in the home theatre market, with virtues of excellent guidance, on-time delivery, quality products and a promising experience.

Lumina believes that every consumer has a different need. To cater to those diverse needs, we aim to regularly introduce new and improved products that ensure customer satisfaction. With a wide range of products and good after-sales service, we promise a delightful cinematic experience.

With Galalite’s legacy of more than half a decade – the leaders in cinema screen technologies, Lumina is ready to reinvent the home theatre market with a cinema-like movie-viewing experience.

Know The Best Products of All Time From Lumina

HD resolution

HD resolution

Wide viewing angles

Wide viewing angles

Brightness Uniformity

Brightness Uniformity

In addition to being a top-notch screen manufacturer, Lumina provides a vast selection of screen types that may be fitted into almost any setup or setting. For your consideration, here are some of their best models.

  • Satin Premium Projection Screen Lumina

    Satin Premium Projection Screen

  • Color Pro-White Projection Screen Lumina

    Color Pro-White Projection Screen

  • Splendora 14 4K Projection Screen Lumina

    Splendora 14 4K Projection Screen

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With its extensive selection of displays, Lumina has been providing quality, worth, and innovation. Lumina is dedicated to offering clients innovative products that offer superb display quality, a wide range of connectivity options, and affordable large-screen entertainment options.

  • Lumina Leor 12 Carbon Black Projection Screen

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    Lumina Leor 12 Carbon Black Projection Screen

    Lumina brings to you one of the premium Ambient Light Rejecting screens, Leor 12, which gives the deepest black. It fosters better contrast and enhances visual quality with a remarkable resolution.

Best Products of All Time

If Lumina is known for anything, it is producing quality goods. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality speakers that are unique, practical, and attractive. Some of the greatest Lumina items ever are listed below.

  • Milan Leor 17 Carbon Black Projection Screen
  • Milan Accupix Acoustically Transparent Screen

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Several companies are as well-known or regarded in the fixed screen industry as Lumina. The business has a lengthy history in screen quality and is now a well-known brand in the high-end screen industry. It should not be surprising that Lumina is an expert in fixed screens and that its line of screens is nothing short of remarkable.

What Lumina Offers!

  • Woven Screen Material
  • Brightness Uniformity
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Multilayered Screen Surface

A high-quality display may be easily added at a reasonable price to your home or workplace with Lumina fixed displays. They can be installed practically anyplace because they are small, low-profile screens. The screen material used in these displays is of high grade.

You may have an immersive viewing experience with Lumina fixed screens, a particular kind of screen.

If you’re looking for a straightforward but immersive viewing experience, Lumina displays are a good option.

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  • Accupix Pro Acoustically Transparent Screen Lumina

    Accupix Pro Acoustically Transparent Screen

  • Fixed Frame Projection Screens Lumina

    Fixed Frame Projection Screens

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