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Accessories and cables are the most potent weapon in the arsenal of any device or appliance. And if you’re looking for TV accessories, DVD player accessories, car light accessories, speaker cables, connectors, or subwoofer cables, you’ve come to the perfect place. All Home Living provides you all of these cables and accessories with a positive budget, quality, and brand.
When it comes to cables and accessories, everyone’s preferences range greatly. However, before you pick a brand, be certain that it is compatible with your device and systems.

Our Expert Will Help You Choose From a Variety of Cables & Accessories Online in India.

Type of Data Cables

HDMI cables

HDMI is a digital video and audio standard for transmitting digital video and audio from a computer display, TV, or projector to a television. Almost all televisions and computer monitors currently support the interface, which was developed by electronics manufacturers in 2002. By the end of 2009, all HDTVs will feature at least one HDMI port. By 2008, HDMI-capable devices had eclipsed DVI-capable devices.

Subwoofer cable

Subwoofer audio cables are a form of audio cable that may improve sound quality significantly. They may be used to connect any media device that has a coaxial (S/PDIF) audio interface. Subwoofer cables offer a deep, powerful sound that is significantly superior to RCA sound quality.

USB cables

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) was created in the 1990s to make it easier to link peripheral devices and computers. The majority of modern computers have USB ports. The USB was created in the 1990s to make it easier to link peripheral devices and computers. Due to its adaptability to a variety of platforms and operating systems, it has gained a lot of popularity. Most of the majority of workplace and home peripherities use USB as their preferred interface.

Speaker cable

The wire used for electrical connections between speakers and amplifier sources is known as speaker cable. Resistance, capacitance, and inductance are its three primary electrical qualities. Low-resistance wire permits more power from the source to reach the speaker coil, resulting in increased power and sound.


What type of cable is used in speaker?

Modern speaker wire is made up of two or more electrical conductors that are each individually protected by a thin layer of rubber or plastic (less frequently PVC, PE, or Teflon). Although the two wires are electrically identical, they are marked to show which is the proper polarity for the audio transmission. Speaker wire is most frequently found as zip cord.

How do speaker cables work?

The wire used to make electrical connections between speakers and amplifier sources is known as speaker cable. It has resistance, capacitance, and inductance as its three main electrical characteristics. By far, resistance is the most crucial factor to consider.

Which cable is best for audio?

The sound quality is superior than other two cable kinds. Multi-channel audio formats like DTS:X and Dolby Atmos are transmitted through these wires. Additionally, the HDMI audio connection connections may accommodate modern and emerging video formats including Ultra HD 4K resolution and HDR formats.

Do speaker cables carry power?

Any amount of current that the amplifier outputs is carried by the speaker cables. An 8-ohm speaker powered by a conventional 100-watt amplifier would create around 4 amps at 30 volts, which most people would not feel.

What is audio optical cable?

Stereo or 5.1 S/PDIF digital audio is transmitted between devices via an optical digital audio link. The digital audio output on the back of the TV is a common use for this kind of connection. You may instantly enhance the audio quality of your television by connecting this output to an amplifier.

What is the resistance of speaker cable?

The impedance of the majority of speaker systems ranges from about three or four ohms to about 15 ohms. The majority of loudspeaker systems in use today have an impedance of four to eight ohms. The performance of the system begins to suffer as the resistance increases.


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