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No matter what the nature of your business is, our audio and video solutions will provide the most ambient quality sound to enrich the atmosphere. We can provide a restaurant or bar with optimal sound and video to entertain customers or offer a store or office pleasant backdrop audio to help motivate employees.

With sound systems and speaker quality which blow away the competition, Audio Guru is your best option when it comes to commercial entertainment solutions. We work carefully with businesses to ensure that you get the technologies you require, integrated in the way that you desire.

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Here are some of the solutions that we specialize in.

Bars and Restaurants

Leverage Technology to Enhance the Atmosphere


Conference Rooms

Technological Flow Makes Great Business Sense


We at Audio Guru, are passionate about speakers, home theaters, Bluetooth speakers, projectors, and more. We offer the best home entertainment systems for office meetings, parties, or any other occasion, we’ll assist you with finding them.

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Commercial Solutions for All Areas

Each of the rooms you use has its own purpose, but many commercial spaces lack the technology to leverage the true potential the space offers. We can help your business get the most out of your commercial space with the right technology. We have multiple speakers, home theaters, and projectors for commercial solutions for your offices, bars, and restaurants, and if you need further assistance in making an informed decision, we are here to help.

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We Design and Install World-Class Experiences for Commercial Space.

Bars and Restaurants

Bars and Restaurants

Enhance the overall customer experience by installing the perfect sound system for your restaurant. Background music creates a welcoming or social environment and cuts down the distractions of multiple conversations all happening at once. We can complement your space’s great design with quality speakers, home theaters, and projectors that showcase entertainment that will keep your guests entertained. To help you out with that, we provide the best sound system that we can. Wondering how? Let’s talk.

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

With web meetings being more popular than ever, hybrid conference rooms are a must. Video Walls are great when trying to display your message across a large room or with too many people. As part of an office, hospitality, or restaurant audio-video installation, they can be programmed to play several different sports games or one large video.

We Pioneer in Delivering Best Commercial Audio-Video Solutions

We would love the opportunity to learn more about your organization’s commercial technology needs and work with you to find a solution that will best fit your requirements and budget.

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My goal was to find home theatres and speakers with amazing sound quality. When I found out about Audio Guru, I was even more thrilled about their solutions to setting up our restaurant with sound systems. Thanks to Audio Guru, I was able to get the right speakers for my bar and restaurant. It was a great experience. Highly recommended.

Arnav Panikar