The Best 5.1 Focal 100 In-Ceiling Speaker Package

Focal 100 In-Ceiling Speaker is a complete package that is perfect for anyone who wants high-quality sound for their home theater.

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated October 8, 2022
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The Best 5.1 Focal 100 In-Ceiling Speaker Package

If you are looking forward to buying a new speaker system, the 5.1 Focal 100 In-Ceiling Speaker Package is your go-to choice. Patented with Focal’s advanced technology and intelligent engineering, this package produces crystal clear sound with a wide frequency range. Its detail-oriented design enables natural sound reproduction, making listening enjoyable and effortless.

Furthermore, these speakers are passive, so they don’t require an active power amplifier like other speakers; they can easily be connected to any receiver or amplifier.

These loudspeakers are exceptionally weather-resistant since they were built to withstand harsh weather and have gained the IP66 certification. They can also be used as outdoor speakers.. This Focal 5.1 speaker set has been tested on various sound devices and has performed flawlessly despite minimal performance requirements. Considering their prices, these are suitable options for those on a tight budget who refuse to sacrifice the quality of their audio system.

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Why Buy 5.1 Focal 100 In-Ceiling Speaker Package?

The Focal 5.1 speaker package is ideal for any home audio setup as it offers power and clarity for all applications. Because the speakers are passive, there is no need for an active amplifier to power them; this ensures minimal distortion, and power fluctuation doesn’t introduce any additional noise. However, these speakers are designed to work well with other Focal components.

The build quality of the speakers is top-notch. These speakers enjoy a combination of solid Aluminum and wood construction, making them an exceptional value at their price. They have a relatively small footprint, ensuring they fit into various applications.

Once you get these speakers installed, you will be amazed at how clear the sound is. The highs are crisp and clear, while the bass is powerful. The mids are well defined, and with the help of the speaker blending system, all frequencies sound rich and incredibly clear.

Along with fantastic performance, these speakers also have a reasonable price.

Benefits of Buying Focal 100 In-Ceiling Speaker

  • Ideal for small spaces – Highly efficient and capable of producing high volumes of quality sound.
  • Easy installation – Designed to be easily installed and will work with most systems.
  • Decent price for the quality – With their high performance, small footprint, and quality design, these are an excellent choice for people who need speakers with top-notch performance but don’t want to spend a fortune.
  • Wide frequency range – Superior sound clarity across a wide frequency range makes them ideal for any room or application and capable of handling any audio format.
  • No installation costs -These speakers come with all the elements, including brackets and screws to hang them on the wall or ceiling.
  • Deliver high performance with low distortion – The Focal 100 In-Ceiling Speaker Package delivers high-end performance without sacrificing potential listening locations in your home or apartment.
  • Sharp and impressive sound – This Focal speaker has a comparatively large volume level range, enabling it to offer clear, high-impact audio when the music is turned up.

Our Best-Selling Premium Focal Speaker

AudioGuru brings you the Focal 5.1 speaker package for an unparalleled listening experience. This product has received the best ratings and reviews from customers worldwide. If you are looking for an audio system that will far exceed the performance of your old one, we highly recommend you get your Focal 5.1 speaker pack soon. Continue reading this review to learn more about this product.

  • Focal

    focal speaker

    5.1 Focal 100 IC LCR 5 In-Ceiling Speaker

    Exceptional sound quality and reliable performance.

    The 100 IC LCR 5 speakers sound great, have incredible acoustics, and a compact design.

  • Focal

    focal speaker

    Focal Sub 600P – Subwoofer

    Delivers a deep, impactful, and controlled bass line performance.

    Featuring a Focal Subwoofer 600P has powerful bass, and produces high-quality sound.

A) Focal 100 IC LCR 5 In-Ceiling Speaker

The best in-ceiling two-way loudspeaker
The best in-ceiling two-way loudspeaker

Focal takes pride in its engineering and sound quality. The latest Focal, 100 IC LCR 5 In-Ceiling Speaker, has a refined design with clear imaging and a powerful bass response. The speaker’s discreet size allows it to blend seamlessly into any type of room décor while its crisp highs allow for crystal clear dialogues and vocals.

The 100 IC offers balanced delivery of deep bass that extends seamlessly throughout the entire frequency range of 65Hz – 23kHz, resulting in an invisible yet natural reproduction of the original recording.

The 100 IC LCR 5 has received an overwhelmingly positive response from moviegoers, critics, and audiophiles. It is Focal’s answer to the growing demand for in-ceiling speaker systems. Unlike other in-ceiling home theater speakers today, the 100 IC LCR 5 was engineered to provide incredible sound quality and a reliable listening experience. Using its wireless capabilities, you can avoid constantly crawling up and down the ceiling.

Features of Focal 100 IC LCR 5 In-Ceiling Speaker

  • Completely integrated into the ceiling, for total discretion.
  • Equipped with Polyglass woofers, inverted dome tweeter, and Polyglass passive radiator.
  • Best results in terms of efficiency and quite easy to use.
  • Mid-range clarity is highly balanced for home cinema setups.

Benefits of Buying Focal 100 In-Ceiling Speaker

  • Perfect Acoustics– Focal engineers have made numerous design and acoustic improvements to the 100 IC LCR 5 to boost its sound quality. The result is a flawless listening experience that rivals other larger in-ceiling speakers in the same price range.
  • Immerse yourself in high-resolution home cinema– Focal 100 IC LCR 5 delivers refined sound with amazing bass extension, clarity, and precision.
  • Installation is incredibly fast and easy- With their shallow mounting depth, the 100 Series products are effortless to install.

Specifications of Focal 100 IC LCR5 In-Ceiling Speaker

Type 2-way in-ceiling
Speaker drivers 2 x 5″ (13cm) Polyglass woofers,
1″ (25mm) inverted dome tweeter,
8″ (21cm) Polyglass passive radiator
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 65Hz – 23kHz
Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m) 92dB
Low frequençy point (-6dB) 55Hz
Nominal impedance 8?
Minimal impedance 4.6?
Recommended amplifier power 25 – 120W
External Dimensions (H x W x D) 13.93” x 13.93” x 5.90”
(354 x 354 x 150mm)
Cut-Out diameter (H x W) 12.91” x 12.91”(328 x 328mm)
Depth from wall 6″ (152mm)
Net weight (with front grille) 11.6lbs (5.3kg)

B) Focal Sub 600P – Subwoofer

Focal Chora 600P Powered Subwoofer
Focal Chora 600P Powered Subwoofer

Have trouble finding a quality subwoofer? Look no further! The Focal Sub 600P is among the best on the market. It offers incredible sound quality with an elegant design, 600W total power, and a powerful bass unit. This subwoofer is designed to produce impressive low-frequency effects. It has the best sound technology that guarantees high performance.

It is made of high-quality components that offer unmatched sound quality and durability. This subwoofer has been designed with a rubber cone surround that delivers a loud performance. It can produce an excellent bass response with the maximum power handling capability of a 600W Class D amplifier, which is very impressive for a subwoofer at this price point. You will love this subwoofer once you start using it, and it will make a great addition to your listening room.

Features of Focal Subwoofer 600P

  • Active closed subwoofer with 600 watts of power.
  • It comes with a Polyplex cone for maximum bass impact.
  • The Polyflex cone features a 12″ (30 cm) diameter.
  • The unit has a high gloss finish with a sleek black front panel.

Benefits of Focal Subwoofer 600P

  • Excellent sound quality with great output power.
  • Closed-loop technology reduces interfering noise and produces a more natural sound.
  • The perfect addition to your living room due to the high gloss black front panel and brushed MDF body

Specifications of Focal Subwoofer 600P

Type Active closed subwoofer
Speaker Drivers 12″ (30cm) Polyflex woofer
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 28Hz–270Hz
Frequency Response at -6dB 26Hz
RCA Input Right, left LFE
Crossover frequency Variable 40Hz-200Hz (LFE)
Phase adjustment Phase inverter 0°/180°
Power Modes AutoStandby enable/disable
Amplifier Power 600W Dynamic (300W RMS)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 153/4″ x 153/4″ x 163/4″
(400 x 400 x 425mm)
Weight 46.3lbs (21kg)

Who should purchase this speaker package?

This is the best package if you want to buy a new pair of speakers for your home or upgrade your old ones. The pack contains two speakers, Focal Sub 600 P and Focal 100 IC LCR 5.

This device is for audiophiles and music lovers who want the most from their audio system. We are confident you will love it. Focal manufactures high-end speaker systems to impress the customer with intricate features, sound quality, durability, and overall performance.

Feel the beat of your music with the Focal Sub 600 P subwoofer and Focal 100 IC LCR 5 in-ceiling speaker. These two devices have massive bass and deliver admirable sound quality. It’s powerful enough to meet the needs of any music lover willing to dive into the world of sound without breaking the bank.

The speaker system is quite loud for its compact size. It is suitable for any room in your home. Keep it anywhere you want without limitations, offering the same sound quality. The package includes a subwoofer that amplifies the bass output from the primary speakers and brings your music to life.

How can you save money when buying a speaker package?

We all have a fixed budget when looking for good speakers for our home theater system and usually look for speakers with great bass and clear sound quality. But sometimes our needs don’t match the budget, so we either increase it or compromise on the quality. For true audiophiles, it’s heartbreaking to compromise on sound quality.

To fulfill your need, Focal has introduced Focal Sub 600 P subwoofer and Focal 100 IC LCR 5 in-ceiling speakers, which tick all the boxes, including the sound quality and budget an audiophile has. To ensure you’re buying the right one, we recommend getting it from an experience center where you can analyze the sound quality in different rooms. Focal also has one of the largest experience centers in Pune, Maharashtra, India, where you get personal assistance and a live music listening experience.

With the live rooms, you can sit back and relax and hear the sound these two deliver. That will be a great help to choose a speaker of your dream that comes within your budget and is not heavy on your pocket. You will even get personal assistance from the store’s skilled staff members, who will be happy to answer all of your queries until you feel satisfied.

Where can you buy this speaker package?

Providing stellar customer service and expert guidance, the Audio Guru team helps you make smarter decisions and make smarter choices in India. Now you can buy the best 5.1 Focal 100 In-Ceiling Speaker Package online at the best price in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, and all over India.

Wrapping Things Up!

Finding the right speaker can be challenging, as the market is flooded with many speakers. People mostly purchase a standard-sized speaker and spend extra money on wall mounts, amplifiers, and other accessories. The 5.1 focal 100 in-ceiling speaker package is our simple solution. It’s a stylish, sleek, high-quality speaker with all the mounting hardware.

Buying this speaker package will undoubtedly change the listening experience as they set the atmosphere for any given film or show and somehow make everything sound more natural.

You don’t need a projector or connected HDTV to enjoy the sound; you can create a cinema-like experience very cheaply and easily with one of these speaker packages! These speakers just wait for you to fill your home with their lifelike sound.

We hope you have enjoyed this in-depth overview of the 5.1 focal 100 in-ceiling speaker package. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment or contact us.


After using this product, I found the surround sound crisp and clear with deep bass, which I wanted at a competitive price. The customer service was also excellent when handling an issue with my order; they responded quickly and resolved my problem in less than 24 hours. Overall, this 5.1 speaker set is a good value. I recommend it to anyone on a budget or someone who wants an easy-to-use home theater system. By Arav Khanna

I was lucky enough to have a Focal 5.1 100 in-ceiling speaker package demoed in my new home theatre. I had seen the speakers online and at a local audio store but never lived until they were installed in my room. Needless to say, they sound amazing! By Sushil Mondal

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