The Dali Katch Series Speakers Review

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated September 30, 2022
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The Dali Katch Series Speakers Review

The Dali Katch bluetooth speaker is the best versatile Bluetooth speaker available at this moment. The Katch stays true to its Scandinavian origins with a super-slim, oval, extruded-aluminium body that comes in five distinct colours. Aside from Bluetooth, the speaker has a mini-Jack input and a USB charging output. Here is Dali Katch series speakers review. 

The Katch features two 21 mm lightweight soft dome tweeters that bring “detail, accuracy, and speed to the high frequencies,” as well as two 3.5′′ long excursion bass mid-range woofers with specially designed chassis, inverted diaphragm, and custom spider suspension for true low-frequency reproduction. The speaker features two audio profiles, one tuned for a more balanced tonal balance and the other for warmth: DXOMARK’s engineers conducted this study.

List of Best Dali Katch Series Speakers

The Dali Katch G2 – Bluetooth Speaker

the best dali katch g2 bluetooth speaker
The Dali Katch G2- Bluetooth Speaker

The magnificent new portable DALI KATCH G2 is the ultimate manifestation of DALI’s powerful digital technology and unique design understanding, combining both features to produce a Bluetooth loudspeaker that provides very rich sound from an astonishingly small chassis.

The DALI KATCH G2 is possibly the best-sounding battery-powered Bluetooth speaker available. The carefully built drivers, housed in an aesthetically contoured solid housing, convey the audio signal from the integrated digital amplifier. It connects simply through Bluetooth 5.0 and supports the great audio quality of apt-X, apt-X HD, and AAC. The DALI KATCH G2 also accepts analog input through a mini-jack. With such a powerful portable blueooth speaker in your hands, we know you’ll appreciate the USB charge output, which will keep your phone or tablet charged as you rock out to your favourite tunes.


  • The Katch makes playing music from your smartphone or tablet a breeze. All you have to do is hold the NFC-compatible device close to the speaker to begin streaming.
  • Non-NFC-compatible devices link normally, allowing for wireless music streaming over a 10m range.
  • The Katch is also Bluetooth aptX compliant, so if your source is similarly set, you’ll receive an additional improvement in sound quality.
  • The Katch has one of the most powerful batteries in its class. When fully charged, it can provide up to 24 hours of continuous playing.
  • Connect your smartphone to the USB port, and it will charge its battery as well.
  • A push of a button activates the power-level indicator LEDs, indicating the current power level.


  • Outstanding clarity
  • Outstanding bass weight
  • Elegant construction and finishing


  • There is no way to daisy-chain numerous Katch G2s

The Dali Katch one – Soundbar Speaker

the best dali katch one soundbar speaker
The DALI KATCH ONE, designed to improve TV audio but intended to improve music from any source, has the capability of serving as your primary audio system.

As televisions become larger, the space available for high-quality home audio systems becomes increasingly more limited. Audio performance is the first to suffer when thin profiles become more popular. DALI has produced the KATCH ONE for viewers who expect their TV sound to be as clear as the picture. A beautiful, all-in-one soundbar that improves the overall TV experience by bringing back the missing audio perfection.

The DALI KATCH ONE, designed to improve TV audio but intended to improve music from any source, has the capability of serving as your primary audio system. The flawless audio performance reflects DALI’s almost four-decade experience in high-end Hi-Fi creation, with an emphasis on developing the most natural-sounding speakers on the market, replicating music exactly as the creator intended.


  • DALI’s KATCH ONE is the Danish company’s first dedicated TV soundbar, offering a variety of mounting choices, sound settings, and connections.
  • The clean, dynamic audio is significantly superior to that of a flat panel and is acoustically superior to any of its similarly priced competitors.
  • The KATCH ONE appears calm on the surface, yet below, like a swan, there’s a flurry of activity.
  • There are ten speaker drivers in all, including a pair of 21mm soft dome tweeters, two 89mm aluminium mid/bass drivers, and two 114mm steel-cone passive radiators in the centre for added punch.
  • Two more aluminium mid/bass drivers and two more passive radiators are located at the back of the bar.
  • The six drivers that require electricity are each given 200 Class D watts.


  • The Bass is full and tight.
  • There’s a lot of dynamic diversity.
  • Excellent spatial awareness
  • A well-chosen set of inputs


  • Dimensions that are impractical
  • Treble may be more enticing.
  • There is no front-facing display.

Final Words

But, in the end, the Dali Katch stands alone. It’s the best-sounding, best-looking portable Bluetooth speaker on the market right now, and it deserves all the praise it receives, even beating out my previous favourite, the KEF Muo, in terms of raw audio quality.

Yes, you can spend less money on a speaker that is almost as capable, and yes, some speakers are more versatile and feature-rich, but nothing compares to the extraordinary Dali Katch.

AudioGuru Staff

AudioGuru Staff

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