Top Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2024

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated January 2, 2024
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Top Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2024


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How We Pick and Review

Our advanced product testing facility with the latest equipment and resources enables our experts to test the products efficiently. Our specialists test bluetooth speakers in detail, in which all features and functions are tested, including the hardware. Our reviewers, skilled in consumer electronics writing, reviewing, and testing, write the reviews once the product has been thoroughly tested.

When selecting the top modelsin the best value, the experts on our team consider the material, sound quality, ease of use, and overall performance of the speakers. Those showing the most acceptable performance are further considered. After that, we test and select the best-performing models and discard the rest. The tests include playing the speakers indoors, outdoors, and in acoustically treated rooms of differing sizes.

Additionally, we check the performance by connecting the sound speaker to different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, etc. To check the best Bluetooth speaker connectivity, we keep the device at a distance; for noise distortion, we play it at full volume and check the overall speaker performance by letting it play for hours. After these fundamental steps, our experts play different music genres to distinguish and check the sound quality.

The speakers with the most lifelike and balanced sound that beat the benchmark are selected. We use the selected ones for at least a week to ensure nothing goes unnoticed from our side.

Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2024

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Our Top Best Picks

  • Bose

    bose s1 pro bluetooth speaker

    Bose S1 Pro – Bluetooth Speaker

    A premium compact speaker with superb sound quality and long battery life.

    A lightweight, durable casing with a built-in handle, making it easy to transport and carry almost any place

  • Dali

    dali katch bluetooth speaker

    Dali Katch – Bluetooth Speaker

    A b esy portable speaker that delivers state-of-the-art sound

    The carefully built drivers, housed in an aesthetically contoured solid housing, convey the audio signal from the integrated digital amplifier.

  • Marshall

    marshall kilburn II bluetooth speaker

    Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker

    A speaker with the best sound accompanied by style and luxury

    This Marshall Kilburn II audio speaker may make your events and outings more enjoyable. It can be carried around easily. Crystal clear sound


Bose S1 Pro – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A premium compact speaker with superb sound quality and long battery life.

best bluetooth speakers
Bose S1 Pro – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose S1 Pro is a mini, two-way PA active speaker with three mid/tweeters lined up in a row and a 6-inch (15-cm) bass speaker. The box may be used while upright, slanted, lying on its side, or placed on a speaker stand. According to the manufacturer, the Bose S1 Pro can play for up to 11 hours without a power source thanks to an internal lithium-ion battery. Your smartphone or tablet may be linked to the Bluetooth box to save extra cable connections when playing music.

Bose offers a phenomenal peak sound pressure level of 109 dB in addition to the well-known superb sound. This should make it possible to master the sound reinforcement tasks mentioned above. We’ll be able to tell the Bose S1 Pro’s capabilities after our practise test.

Key Features

  • Large sound from a tough speaker that goes everywhere you go.
  • Bluetooth pairing and inputs for a microphone or musical instruments such as a piano or guitar are available.
  • With built-in sensors and numerous targeting locations, you can get the best sound in any situation.
  • The rechargeable, lithium-ion battery provides up to 11 hours of playtime.
  • Auto EQ automatically adjusts the tone of the system in any suitable placement position, ensuring that your music always sounds its finest.


  • Compact and light
  • You can place it in different positions
  • Good built quality
  • Firmware gets updates
  • Loud
  • Good battery


  • Soundstage performance could be better
  • Not water resistant

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Dali Katch – Small Bluetooth Speakers

A portable wireless speaker that delivers state-of-the-art sound

A compact Bluetooth speaker that offers crisp sound

Dali Katch – Small Bluetooth Speaker

DALI KATCH  Bluetooth speaker is a small that runs on batteries. The carefully built drivers, housed in an aesthetically contoured solid housing, convey the audio signal from the integrated digital amplifier. Simple Bluetooth connectivity, with the option to enjoy Apt-better X’s audio quality if supported. The DALI KATCH also accepts analog input through a mini-jack. We included a USB charge output since we know you’ll be taking your DALI KATCH on the road, so you can keep your phone or tablet charged while you rock your rhythms.

The DALI KATCH, which is available in a variety of colours, will blend in nicely with practically any surroundings. The incorporated leather carry strap makes it simple and pleasant to transport the DALI KATCH, and the sturdy construction ensures its safety.

Key Features

  • The Katch makes playing music from your smartphone or tablet a breeze.
  • All you have to do is hold the NFC-compatible device close to the speaker to begin streaming.
  • Non-NFC-compatible devices link normally, allowing for wireless music streaming over a 10m range.
  • The Katch is also Bluetooth aptX compliant, so if your source is similarly set, you’ll receive an additional improvement in sound quality.
  • Because you may not always desire the same sound, the Katch has two audio profiles: ‘Clear’ and ‘Warm’.
  • The Katch’s stereo pairing feature allows you to wirelessly connect two speakers.


  • Outstanding clarity
  • Outstanding bass weight
  • Elegant construction and finishing
  • Clean and clear sound.


  • There is no way to daisy-chain numerous Katch G2s

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Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker

A speaker with the best sound accompanied by style and luxury

marshall kilburn II bluetooth speaker

Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker

It requires something unique to stand out in the competitive Bluetooth speaker industry. With its speakers, Marshall significantly leans upon rocker design, especially the Kilburn II, which is fashioned to resemble a guitar amplifier. But thankfully, this isn’t simply a gimmick because the appearances are complemented by a fantastic sound signature (much like the Marshall Major III that won our Headphones of the Year award).

The best-selling Kilburn’s successor, the Kilburn II, provides greater features and usefulness along with a more modern design. Practically speaking, the speaker isn’t completely waterproof, but it offers more than 20 hours of playback duration on a full charge, which takes around 2.5 hours, and according to Marshall, is the loudest speaker in its class.

Key Features

  • Portable playtime for more than 20 hours on a single charge
  • 30-foot maximum distance from the speaker
  • A small size, and a carrying strap modeled for a guitar
  • 36 Watts of power are used by Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology.
  • Corner caps flush mounted and a water-resistant construction
  • Deep bass, several speakers, and a battery life indicator
  • Bass, treble, and volume controls, along with an IPX2 water-resistant rating
  • Simple pairing and switching between two Bluetooth gadgets
  • With a quick charge, you can play on a portable device for three hours.


  • Distinct top notes
  • Tough and transportable
  • Slick retro style


  • A bit heavy

How Do We Test the Best Bluetooth Speaker?

We have a standard procedure for testing all wireless Bluetooth speaker. Every Bluetooth speaker is tested the same way, regardless of brand, version, or size. The ones that pass all of our tests are considered the best.

To sum it up in a few words: First, we test the best Bluetooth connectivity by keeping the source at the maximum possible distance. We then play the speaker until the battery is completely drained. We also check the charging time and compare how long a 1 hour charged speaker can play. We play different music genres to check the sound quality, bass, treble, frequency response, and distortion. After this process, our technical team supports us with detailed checks. We later compare the Bluetooth version, features, design, pros, and cons.

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  • jbl partybox 110 portable bluetooth speaker


    JBL Partybox 110 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    A tiny speaker with surprising features and outstanding sound quality

  • sonos roam portable waterproof speaker


    Sonos Roam – Portable Waterproof Speaker

    A Waterproof Portable Bluetooth speaker with 360° light.

  • marshall tufton bluetooth speaker


    Marshall Tufton Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Easy pairing, fantastic sound and build quality for a wireless speaker.


Let Audio Guru Expert Team helps you choose the right subwoofer for your budget, room size, and best specifications.

JBL Partybox 110 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker With Light Effects

The JBL Party Box 110 is a large bluetooth speaker with incredible sound, a 160W output of JBL distinctive sound, and RGB illumination. Because it has RGB lighting, it changes color in response to music, so you can make a party memorable not just via music but also through lighting. The Bluetooth 5.1 speaker has a range of more than 10 meters, allowing you to connect it to a smartphone and play tunes wirelessly. It also features aux and USB connectivity. It has a runtime of 12 hours, so you can play it all night without getting tired. You may even use it while charging while connected.

The JBL Partybox 110 may be utilized as a home theatre system by connecting it to your TV by aux or Bluetooth with your smart TV. A microphone and guitar may be attached to the speaker. You can also link your JBL Party Box to another JBL Party Box by pushing and holding for up to 5 seconds and playing your tunes on both at the same time. It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Key Features

  • JBL PRO SOUND: With 160 Watts of power, the JBL PartyBox 110 delivers JBL Original Pro Sound that enhances your music with two levels of Deep and customizable Bass.
  • DYNAMIC LIGHT SHOW: With colors that sync to the beat and customizable strobes and patterns that dazzle your eyes, party with a one-of-a-kind, immersive audiovisual experience.
  • 12 HOURS OF PLAYTIME: The PartyBox 110 has an integrated rechargeable battery that allows you to play all night long for an astonishing 12 hours.
  • The JBL PartyBox 110 is IPX4 splashproof, so you never have to worry about the party becoming too wet and crazy.
  • MIC & GUITAR INPUTS: With mic and guitar inputs, you may showcase your abilities while singing and playing along.


  • Gets loud.
  • Mic and guitar inputs.


  • Compression present at max volume.

Sonos Roam – Portable Waterproof Speaker

JBL Pulse 3
Sonos Roam – Portable Waterproof Speaker

The Sonos waterproof bluetooth speakers Roam is Sonos’ most focused and calculated offering yet. It’s a compact speaker designed to compete with the portable Bluetooth speakers that people take with them without thinking twice. However, it is also intended to fit into Sonos’ multiroom audio ecosystem and demonstrate its adaptability. In fact, with the exception of Sonos’ co-branded speakers with Ikea, the Roam is currently the cheapest entry into the company’s ecosystem waterproof bluetooth speaker.

The Roam supports hands-free voice commands, has Apple AirPlay 2, wireless charging, and a durable design that allows you to use it almost anywhere. This speaker has a lot riding on it; Bluetooth speaker Sonos only launches a number of new items every year, so they all have to deliver. So let’s see how the Roam compares against like-sized speakers and if it should replace whatever you have currently.

Key Features

  • Stream music and other media over WiFi and enjoy simple control with the Sonos app.
  • When you’re on the road, use Bluetooth to connect to this waterproof, lightweight, and robust speaker.
  • Trueplay tuning provides astoundingly clean and precisely balanced sound.
  • You may play for up to 10 hours on a single charge with the supplied USB-C cord and any 7.5W (5V/1.5A or 2.1A) or higher USB power adapter, or any Qi wireless charger.
  • Make a multiroom sound system with other Sonos speakers to enjoy music, TV, and other media across your house.


  • A truly portable Sonos speaker
  • Supports AirPlay 2, Alexa, and Google Assistant
  • Rugged design that can endure the elements
  • Wireless charging


  • 10-hour battery life falls short of other speakers

Marshall Tufton Bluetooth Speaker

marshall tufton bluetooth speaker

Marshall Tufton Bluetooth Speaker

The Marshall Tufton speaker is a strong, imposing rock-focused speaker with excellent quality and the tough aesthetic of the legendary amp manufacturer. Both mobile and fixed speakers are available in the Marshall portfolio. Comparatively speaking, portable devices are often smaller than ones that require constant electrical plugging. Tufton advances the portable series with its greater size, all-around sound, and enormous battery.

The Tufton sticks to the traditional and well-defined architecture of Marshall’s speakers. A large woven metal grille with the Marshall wordmark inscribed in script covers much of the front. Tolex, a robust, rubbery material that Marshall utilises on its bigger amps, covers the outside of the speaker. Additionally, the corners have been strengthened to increase drop protection. Very similar to all of its other speakers that we have examined, such the multi-room Acton and Stanmore or the Stanmore II.

The Marshall Tufton Bluetooth Speaker boasts a three-directional design with a back-facing driver to provide sound from every angle. So, whether you’re at home or on the streets, music will always find a way to reach you. You may also adjust the sound since the speaker has a top panel with analog knobs for controlling the bass, treble, and volume, allowing you to find the sound that suits you best.

Key Features

  • Tufton provides more than 20 hours of portable gaming on a single charge.
  • Its guitar-inspired carry strap makes it ideal for travel.
  • You can also monitor the battery life of the speaker using the visible battery indicator situated on the top panel of the speaker.
  • Sound in several directions
  • Tufton has Bluetooth 5. 0 technology for wireless audio play.
  • Play music from any Bluetooth device up to 30 feet away from the speaker.
  • Tufton is a highly tough and durable speaker with an IPX2 water-resistant rating and flush-fitted corner covers.
  • It has a solid metal grille and the Marshall script.
  • Tufton is a sonic giant. Designed for the wide road.


  • Beautifully genuine design
  • Construction is quite sturdy.
  • At high levels, it sounds fantastic.
  • Excellent battery life


  • No Wi-Fi.
  • It is imprecise.

How to Choose the Portable Bluetooth Speakers for You?

Before buying a Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers, the first step to consider is to know what purpose you are buying it for. Is it for outdoors or pool parties, picnics, travel, trekking, or indoors like your living room, bedroom, etc.? For example, if you go hiking, you should buy a small speaker that is easy to carry and produces a suitable sound. For picnics and outdoor parties, consider buying waterproof and dustproof one.

Here we have summarized a few factors that need to be considered before buying a Bluetooth speaker.

  • Battery Life: Before buying any Bluetooth speaker, the essential factor to consider is its battery longevity and recharge time. Imagine having a speaker that needs to be recharged now and then; wouldn’t it ruin your mood and make your listening experience a task? A good speaker should at least have 20+ hours of playtime.
  • Style and Size: The purpose you are buying the speaker for should complement the style. You can also select any speaker based on your taste. The size of the speaker is much of a concern. The bigger ones undoubtedly produce louder sound and have longer battery life but carrying them could be a hassle. Speaker small ones also produce a fairly good sound and are easily portable. Look for the one to meet your needs.
  • Audio Quality: Audio quality comes first with any speaker. To determine the audio quality, you need to pay attention to the total harmonic distortion, which should be less than 1%. Another important point is the frequency range, which should be between 100 Hz and 20 kHz.
  • Water-resistance/Proofing: Always check whether the speaker is water-resistant or waterproof. Water-resistance means that the speaker can withstand splashes of water, whereas waterproofing means that the speaker cannot be damaged for a specified period even if submerged in water. If you’re buying a speaker for outdoor use, make sure it’s water and dustproof.
  • Bluetooth Version: Try to choose the speakers with the latest Bluetooth versions, especially 4.0 and 5.0. The updated version is often better than the older one as it is packed with new and old features. Check the distance from the source to the speaker and if there’s any distortion while you are away.
  • Connecting multiple speakers: Check if the speaker can connect with two or more speakers simultaneously. This will help you create a stereo sound without buying extra speakers.
  • Speakerphone: While your speaker is connected to your mobile phone, you may receive a call. The speaker should have a microphone to help you communicate directly. Sometimes it can be a little embarrassing when surrounded by people who might overhear your conversations. You always have an option to disable the Bluetooth just by one tap.
  • Wired inputs: The option to charge your phone while playing the music is such a relief. Many speakers have the function of charging your device when connected through a cable. If you cannot connect to Bluetooth, the cable connection gives you the liberty to connect the speaker to any device.

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Comparison Table

Our Picks JBL PartyBox 310 Portable Bluetooth speaker Denon HEOS 5 HS2 Bluetooth & WiFi Speaker LOEWE KLANG MR1
Channel Stereo Stereo Stereo
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
Multi-room Yes Yes Yes
Physical Connection Yes Yes Yes
Portable Yes Yes No
Water Resistant Yes Yes No
Speakerphone No Yes Yes
Voice Assistant
Price 41,999/- 39,999/- 45,900/-

JBL PartyBox 310 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker With Light Effects

jbl partybox 310 portable bluetooth speaker

JBL PartyBox 310 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker With Light Effects

This JBL party box 310 is a complete character set karaoke setup that you can take two parties and turn into a DJ night. This mobile entertainment machine is precisely built to perform everywhere and anywhere in accordance with your music. It includes a built-in mic input for the guitar and is ideal for live playing. It is presented with interesting voice effects and aids in a spectacular light show.

It looks and sounds like a Rockstar because of the 240 watts of JBL Pro sound. The Party Box 310 is available with Bluetooth connectivity and an 18-hour battery life. As you can see, your entertainment possibilities are virtually limitless.

Key Features

  • Make your party heard around the block or across the beach with 240 watts of JBL Signature Sound and super deep bass.
  • Sing, rap, and strum as you watch the dance floor come to life.
  • A stylish, dynamic light show that syncs to the beat will captivate your pals.
  • There’s a setting for every occasion, with subtle pulsating and dramatic strobing effects.
  • A rechargeable battery is included for up to 18 hours of gaming.
  • It’s simple to transport the party wherever thanks to the telescoping handle and built-in smooth-glide wheels.
  • Beach parties, poolside parties, or rain dances. When your party gets a bit wet, IPX4 splashproof protection protects your JBL PartyBox310 safe.
  • Add to the enjoyment by using the built-in sound effects or just blasting the air horn to get the dance floor moving.
  • With twin mic and guitar inputs, you can add some flair to the mix.
  • Backlighting activates on the sound control panel when it is dark. You’ll be able to continue the celebration without using a spotlight.


  • Can get very loud.
  • Bass Boost feature.


  • Narrow-sounding soundstage.

Denon HEOS 5 HS2 Bluetooth & WiFi Speaker

denon heos 5 hs2 bluetooth speaker

It is a tough and long-lasting buddy that is ideal for outdoor activities.

The midrange Heos 5 multiroom speaker from Denon sits between the top-end Heos 7 and the Heos 3 speaker. It is intended for use in medium-sized to big rooms and is smaller and more economical than Heos 7. It plays music from Spotify, Deezer, NAS drives, and other networked devices through Wi-Fi, just like its Heos siblings, and now that a Bluetooth adapter has been included, you can play music from an even broader variety of devices at no additional cost.

It also has a well-crafted combination of four bespoke drivers, one radiator, and four Class-D amplifiers, all of which are controlled by studio-born state-of-the-art digital signal processing. Incredibly smart individuals developed these medium speakers with really amazing components, and you’ll hear them in every rhythm.

Key Features

  • Sleek and elegant form factor now with high-resolution audio support for the ultimate listening experience over network or USB in the convenience of your home.
  • Bluetooth® built-in – gives you the option of streaming music on the heos wireless multi-room sound system using wi-fi networks or Bluetooth.
  • Awesome results from a discreet footprint.
  • Precision acoustical processing algorithms originated in top recording studios and are used to optimize sound.
  • Stream music from Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, amazon music, mood: mix, Deezer, Napster, iheart radio, SiriusXM, Soundcloud, or tidal.
  • Heos free app for ios, android, and kindle
  • Stream locally stored music on your smart device or tablet.
  • A USB jack and auxiliary input jack allow perfectly synchronized playback from these sources to one or more Heos players.
  • Connects to standard home wireless networks via built-in dual-band wireless.
  • Buttons for volume up, volume down, and mute, mute led indicator, and multicolor status led indicator
  • A wired network connection uses an ethernet jack
  • Controls for bass and treble


  • Outstanding audio performance
  • Frustration-free multiroom wifi configuration
  • Unique design, high build quality


  • AptX is not supported by Bluetooth.
  • The bass might sound a little crowded.
  • Form factor limits stereo soundstage

Loewe Klang MR1 Bluetooth Speaker

loewe klang mr1 bluetooth speaker

Loewe Klang MR1 Bluetooth Speaker

The LOEWE Klang mr1 wireless connectivity speaker has a unique design that allows it to be used as a single Bluetooth speaker, as part of a multi-room environment, or as part of a three-dimensional or multi-channel audio system. The LOEWE Klang mr1 powered loudspeaker has an RMS power of 15W, which equates to a 30W musical.

The Klang mr1 loudspeaker’s structure is built of high-quality LOEWE materials. Its design is subtle and simple, making it suitable for any area, regardless of the kind of decorating. The Klang mr1 loudspeakers are simply and intuitively controlled through a touch panel embedded into a glass plate with various state LEDs, as well as the optional LOEWE Assist Audio 1 remote control.

The LOEWE Klang MR series speakers’ wireless connectivity spans from a basic Bluetooth to a mobile device to compatibility for Apple Airplay 2, Google Chromecast, and DTS Play-Fi. All are compatible with Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon Music, Deezer, and other streaming services. All of this enables LOEWE Klang MR speakers to be utilized in multiroom configurations, resulting in groups of speakers reproducing the same sound program in different rooms of the same building.

Key Features

  • Hassle-free Bluetooth connection
  • Immersive three-dimensional sound
  • Discreet and minimalist design
  • Easy and intuitive controls
  • Multiroom configuration
  • Multichannel Bluetooth Speaker
  • In a smaller environment, it may be utilized as a single solo wireless speaker.
  • Using the Play-Fi App, two or more may be distributed across your home for multi-room music enjoyment.
  • When coupled with a Loewe Soundbar or Television through WDAL 2.0, a pair can be added as rear surround speakers in a home theatre system.


  • The Loewe Klang mr1 is a product that can be hard to find with the manufacturer being loewe.
  • This product doesn’t have many negative reviews as of yet, but it does have some.
  • The overall consensus is that this device has a list of features that could be seen as nice to have, but nothing too amazing.


  • This device has pretty low ratings on Amazon and the manufacturer’s website.

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    Which Bluetooth speaker is the best?

    The best Bluetooth speakers to buy in 2024 are Bose S1 pro, Dali Katch, Mrashall Killburn, and Denon Hoes. These speakers offer the best performance for their size and are better than other Bluetooth speakers at the same price.

    What is the difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers?

    The difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers is that Bluetooth speakers are better suited to smaller spaces, are portable, and come with rechargeable batteries. Wi-Fi speakers are bigger, have better range and sound quality, and are less likely to drop their signal, but they need to be plugged into an external power source.

    Do Bluetooth speakers need Wi-Fi or an internet connection?

    No, Bluetooth speakers do not need Wi-Fi or an internet connection. After connecting to a device via Bluetooth, these speakers can work anywhere.

    Can you use a Bluetooth speaker while it’s charging?

    Yes, you use a Bluetooth speaker while it’s charging. Charging doesn’t interrupt your streaming in any way.

    How do you use Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker?

    To use Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker, follow these steps:

    • Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds until the indicator starts flashing.
    • Once the Bluetooth is enabled on your device, select Stockwell II from the Bluetooth pairing list and accept the pairing.
    • The Bluetooth indicator on the speaker will stop flashing and stay on when the devices are connected.
    • Press play on your audio device. Once paired, Stockwell II remembers the most recently paired Bluetooth devices and will automatically connect if it’s on and in range.

    Review Summary

    We’ve selected the best products under the same price range for our readers. You can buy any of the mentioned speakers that suit your need without thinking twice. We’ve listed all the information you need before buying the speakers. Our top picks are based on our research and examination of audio devices. Denon, JBL, and Marshall are leading the race to manufacture the best Bluetooth speakers with intriguing features at competitive prices.

    About the Author

    The reviews are based on collaborative research by AudioGuru’s writers and technical team, who have in-depth knowledge about music and technical aspects of sound reproduction. Our content writer Sana Saif is an expert in explaining and writing about lifestyle and products. She’s been with us for a very long time. She is experienced in writing product descriptions and has written about multiple brands and audio devices in the past. With proficiency in writing product descriptions, articles, blogs, press releases, reviews, social media, and website content, she understands the customers’ and readers’ perspectives and queries pretty well. Interior designer by profession; she has also worked on home automation projects and knows the importance of technology and good sound for your home.