Dali Katch One Review – High-End Soundbar

Bigger Than Its Minimalist Form

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated January 3, 2023
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Dali Katch One Review – High-End Soundbar

The Dali Katch One soundbar’s most visible feature—its appearance—is the first thing you notice about it. It’s a gorgeous technological gadget with a contemporary look that’s likely to catch some eyes. We can tell you right away that the soundbar has good sound quality. It doesn’t have the deep bass rumbling that a subwoofer can, but it much exceeds the built-in audio of any TV.

The Katch One’s dearth of features is where it falls short. Despite not being the best bargain, this soundbar doesn’t appear to be aiming to be. It’s a lovely soundbar for those looking for something lovely to place underneath their TV.

The Katch One is just 34 inches wide, 6.5 inches high, and 2.7 inches deep, but it has six drivers, four passive radiators, and a 4 x 50 watt class-D amplifier. It can match any décor thanks to its three colour options, Ivory White, Mountain White, and Iron Black. With classy curved ends that stand out from the standard boxy soundbars that dominate the market and front cloth that matches the fibreglass ABS cabinet’s colour, this system is really appealing.

Our Verdict


DALI’s Katch One is the Danish company’s first dedicated TV soundbar, offering a variety of mounting choices, sound settings, and connection. The Katch One sounds good fantastic when put against a wall. It also takes up a lot of room beneath the TV.


  • Sound from any source may be broad, detailed, and eloquent.
  • Relatively attractive appearance


  • Some may like a stronger sonic assault.

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Highlights of Dali Katch One Soundbar

  • Despite its height, the Katch One is a stylish soundbar.
  • It comes in a beautifully Scandinavian-looking selection of Iron Black, Ivory White, and Mountain White and is oblong with rounded ends.
  • On the top, all of the actual buttons for power, volume, and source are hidden.
  • To keep the wires as inconspicuous as possible, the ports are recessed on the back.

What’s in the box?

Soundbar, Mains Cable (2.0 m), Remote Control, Wall Bracket (Leather Mount), Wooden Feet, Quick Start Guide

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Dali company katch bluetooth speaker one soundbar is available for just under ₹84,000. You can get more detailed information about the Dali Katch One current price and availability by consulting us.



The design Dali Katch One should be on your shortlist if you value simplicity of use, attractive incorporation into virtually any décor, and most importantly, musicality. It’s obvious that DALI has realised it has to stay away from generic black plastic boxes with speakers in a market overrun by all kinds of soundbars. If you trust the designer, the Katch One’s explicit purpose was to redefine what a soundbar should look like. It is intended to be our response to the tradeoffs you must make when creating exquisite sound systems for already elegant and thin TVs, according to Lars.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

The Katch One Dali can only be accurately characterised by splitting the two jobs because it essentially functions as two different devices—a music system and a soundbar. So the music dali katch functions wonderfully as a music player. The bluetooth dali katch have bright and clear tone is the first thing that catches your attention, and this is the first indication of the company’s audiophile heritage. The makers obviously intended for a straightforward listening experience with the home reviews dali katch lack of any true adjustable EQ feature, and this is unquestionably the case. Particularly in the mid- to higher-frequency range, it displays an extraordinary amount of clarity.

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Brand : Dali
Model : Katch One
RMS Power Range – Speakers : 150 Watts
Bluetooth : Yes
Weight : 3 kg 700 g
Dimensions : 10 x 15 x 5 cm

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The DALI Katch One is a great soundbar if you have extra wall space below your TV and like tasteful Danish design. Without a TV, it may also be utilised as a Bluetooth speaker. However, given that there are many similar goods that function just as well for a lot less money, it is excessively pricey. Additionally, the most of them don’t need much room beneath the TV or to be put up against a wall in order to sound their finest. Your situation will determine whether or not the Katch One is appropriate for you, so you must make that choice.

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    Its great sound bar for home theater

    By Pranay Malwar 

    Length of Use: 3–6 months

    Overall Experience:

    Dali always impress with great sound quality and now with its dali katch one soundbar dali has given another level of sound system.


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