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B&O is an iconic Danish design house that has been synonymous with luxury audio equipment since its beginnings. The company is dedicated to creating products that are in harmony with nature and the human being. Founded in 1904 by Peter Bang & Oluf Bornemann in Copenhagen, Denmark, B&O initially produced loudspeakers before expanding into other consumer electronics such as televisions and radios.

B&O speakers have been a part of the Norwegian culture for over 70 years and are known for their uncompromising quality and full-bodied, beautifully balanced sound. The company’s goal is to create speakers that are simple in design but complex in sound reproduction, making them some of the best-sounding speakers in the world today.

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A design icon

A design icon

Fully customisable

Fully customisable

Room-filling sound

Room-filling sound

The Bang & Olufsen Explore continues the legacy of the company known for its luxury audio equipment. B&O is known for its innovative and unique designs, such as futuristic satellite-shaped speakers that can be physically rolled to increase volume, high-end audio systems that double as art installations, powerful monolithic speakers with multiple drivers, and TVs that unfold like a butterfly flapping its wings. All of these are real B&O products that reflect the company’s commitment to creating innovative and unique designs.

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Traditional high-end audio companies such as Naim and Bowers & Wilkins have been successful in maintaining and growing their customer base by expanding their product lines into more accessible and aesthetically diverse markets. B&O has had a monopoly on the opulent, design-driven market for decades, but now that other companies are also incorporating similar design elements such as Kvadrat fabric and current color schemes, competition in this market has become more intense.


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    B&O BEOSOUND BALANCE - Outstanding living room speaker

    Opulent, tactile materials crafted to last. Room-filling, omnidirectional sound. Beosound Balance is a sculptural statement with the smarts to match


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    B&O BEOPLAY A9 - Powerful, minimalist speaker

    Sound and shape unite in this iconic, customisable speaker. Seven drivers bring the power. A century of craft brings the form.

  • B&O BEOLIT 20

    Explore The Best Sellers

    B&O BEOLIT 20 - Powerful Bluetooth speaker

    Big sound for any moment. Beolit 20 is a powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker with Qi wireless charging built-in.


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    BEOSOUND EXPLORE - Waterproof outdoor speaker

    Extremely tough. And ready for anything. Beosound Explore is a rugged Bluetooth speaker that's crafted for adventure.

Best Products of All Time

A fashionable and functional cordless speaker is the Beosound Level. The shape is a unique departure from the common cylindrical design found in many speakers (B&O also has this design in their Balance speaker). It features advanced machining, top-quality materials, and a flawless finish, as well as a nostalgic reference to vintage transistor speakers.

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  • BEOLAB 18
  • BEOLAB 90
  • BEOLAB 50
  • BEOLAB 19

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The B&O Beosound Level has exceptional sound quality and is highly versatile. It is a high-end product that is ideal for those who have the space and aesthetic to appreciate its design. Additionally, its upgradability feature also promotes sustainability by reducing technology waste.

B&O or Bang and Olufsen speakers are known for their use of transducers made of aluminum instead of cone-shaped drivers. They were initially created for high-end home audio systems, but have since gained popularity among audiophiles with more modest budgets.

What B&O Offers!

  • High-resolution streaming audio
  • Sets up in moments
  • Features formation® wireless technology
  • Designed with the legendary continuum
  • Continuum cone

With the increase in popularity, many companies have begun manufacturing B&O-style speakers at a lower price point. This has led to debate within the audiophile community about whether B&O speakers offer superior sound quality solely due to their high cost or if they produce energy that other speakers lack.

It’s worth mentioning that Bang and Olufsen also has a long history of producing microphones alongside their loudspeakers

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Are Bang and Olufsen speakers worth it?

The audio industry is well-known for Bang & Olufsen, and their speakers are typically regarded as being of a top notch. Due to their superior sound quality, stylish design, and build quality, many people believe they are worth the cost. The choice of whether or whether a specific pair of Bang & Olufsen speakers is pricey for you, though, is ultimately yours. Before making a choice, it’s a good idea to do some research and read user reviews. You should also think about your own budget and whether you believe that your demands and tastes make up a sufficient justification for the additional expense associated with Bang & Olufsen speakers.

Is Bang & Olufsen high-end?

In the audio industry, Bang & Olufsen is typically regarded as a high-end brand. The company is renowned for creating top-notch audio items, such as speakers, headphones, and other audio gear. Their products are frequently distinguished by sophisticated designs, superior sound quality, and robust construction. Bang & Olufsen goods can be more expensive than some other options on the market, but these advantages come at a cost. The pricing, features, and performance of a particular Bang & Olufsen product will all play a role in whether or not it is regarded as high-end. Before making a choice, it’s a good idea to do some research and evaluate several items.

How good is B&O sound system?

B&O sound systems are typically considered to be among the best available, and are often used by audiophiles and music enthusiasts who demand the highest-quality sound reproduction. The company’s products use advanced technology and materials to deliver exceptional sound quality and a wide dynamic range, with clear and detailed sound across all frequencies.

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