Dali Fazon LCR Review – On Wall Speaker

Appealing Danish Design Built for Easy Wall-Mounting

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated January 4, 2023
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Dali Fazon LCR Review – On Wall Speaker

Along with being stunning, the Dali Fazon LCR Speaker has a number of outstanding features that will enhance your listening pleasure. The Dali Fazon LCR has a thin, light 28mm dome, unlike the typical dome tweeters, which have a 25-26mm diameter. This enables a voice coil circumference that is 25% longer and better short- and long-term power handling. An increase in sound pressure levels for a given electrical input, a decrease in resonance frequencies, improved integration with sound from the mid- and woofers, and improved dynamics of even the lowest tones are just a few of the additional advantages of the larger voice coil.

Due to the tweeter’s low moving mass, the voice coil can respond to electrical signals more quickly, resulting in an even better, more realistic character, improved resolution, and greater attention to even the smallest details and micro dynamics. The Dali Fazon LCR’s magnet system has an aluminium heat sink on the back that further enhances power handling. A pair of 4.5″ wood fibre cones are also housed inside the Dali Fazon LCR Speaker. Paper cones are made stiffer by wood fibres, which also eliminate any ringing characteristics. They are utilised to preserve all of your music’s dynamics and finer subtleties while also reproducing them accurately. Here we will learn more about the Fazon LCR speaker in this article.

Our Verdict


With both stereo and multi-channel setup capabilities, the Dali Fazon LCR Speaker is designed to be not just a speaker, but a part of your home. And with Dali’s ingenious Click ‘n’ Connect wall bracket system, installation is easier than ever


  • Fluid, open and airy sound
  • Bags of detail and subtlety
  • Excellent with music


  • Fiddly to set up initially

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  • Suitable for stereo or multi channel setups
  • Use either horizontally or vertically
  • Included wall mount
  • Optional Pedestal Mount sold seperately

What’s in the box?

Manual, Instal. Templates, mounting bracket and Theft Prevention Tool

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Dali Fazon LCR speaker is available for just under ₹45,500. You can get more detailed information about the Dali Fazon LCR current price and availability by consulting us.



The FAZON LCR is an attractive wall-mount satellite speaker that combines elegant Danish design, high-quality materials, and decades of driver and speaker design. The LCR can be utilised as a centre, main, or surround speaker in a multichannel surround system as well as in stereo configurations. It’s a really adaptable speaker for anyone seeking outstanding performance in a small, stylish package.

Overall the design of Dali Fazon LCR is attractive and the tweeter is spaced in the proper place. The cabinet is made of die-cast aluminum, which makes the speaker an asymmetrical shape with internal bracings.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

The drivers used in the award-winning DALI IKON and MENTOR speakers are quite similar to those used in the FAZON LCR. In order to create an asymmetrical design with internal bracings that will reduce both physical and acoustic resonances in the cabinet structure, the metal was die cast.

The components used to build the crossover are of the highest audio quality. To provide a short signal route, the crossover is positioned on the back side of the Click’n’Connect connector. The Click’n’Connect wall bracket contains built-in gold-plated connectors for the speaker’s best electrical connection.

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Brand : Dali
Model : Fazon LCR
Frequency Range +/-3dB [Hz]: 78 – 25,000
Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB] : 87.5
Weight(kg) : 13.9
Dimensions(HxWxD) : 919 x 281 x 323

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The Fazon LCR products from Dali, which are well renowned for producing high-end speakers, share many features and characteristics with the drivers used in Dali Ikon and Mentor speakers. The Fazon LCR is a high-performance satellite loudspeaker for on-wall mounting that combines enticing Danish design, real materials, and excellence in driver- and speaker design. The satellite speaker can be used as a centre channel speaker and for stereo or multi-channel setups. Overall, you can consider about using Fazon LCR at your house or office.

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    The ultimate speaker for your house

    By Vaishanavi kamble 

    Length of Use: 6–12 months

    Overall Experience:

    I have a beautiful loudspeaker called the DALI FAZON LCR that was made to blend in with any modern home. It has a 28 mm soft dome tweeter that is portable.


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