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Since then, Suvira Screen International has made significant progress to earn its reputation as one of the top and trustworthy producers and exporters of laboratory equipment and audiovisuals for use in schools, colleges, universities, research institutes, industry, etc.

Suvira are well-known manufacturers of all types of desktop and portable OHP, LCD and DLP projectors, motorised and manual projection screens, floor screens, curve screens, white board screens, in-ceiling screens, optical glass screens, AIR screens, front and rear fast folding screens, electric projector screens, fixed frame screens, table screens, SRS screens, insta-lock projector screens, motorised screens, and autolock projectors.

Stylish Design

Stylish Design

Detailed & Natural Sound

Detailed & Natural Sound

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Wireless Active

Wireless Active

The declared objectives of “Getner Group” are to effectively manage the present, prepare for the future in an innovative way, and concentrate on unquestionable quality or complete client pleasure. In the year 1970, Mr. S.K. Wadhawan, inspired by his famous father, the late Dr. Nanak Chand Wadhawan, entered the field of production. He introduced to the world of science quality instruments with a new brand name “GETNER,” and within a short time, his first creation, “Getner Microscopes,” for its high standard of quality & precision, became well-known among physicians, researchers, analysts, and quality control personnel.

  • Speaker Suvira

    Motorised/Manual Projection Screen

  • Soundbar Suvira

    Curve Projection Screen

  • Speaker Suvira

    White Board Screen

  • Soundbar Suvira

    Tripod Projection screen

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The Marketing & Sales department of Getner is aware that “Our product does not come back, but the customer does,” and they are confident because they understand that Getner Group of Industries has been marching towards the 21st century since 1970, hand in hand with the leading lights of the technology world.

I’m really happy to announce the “GETNER GROUP OF COMPANIES.” Its worldwide partners and a list of some of our items that have already achieved success elsewhere.

with motivation coming from Late’s vision. The “Getner Group” of Dr. Nanak Chand Wadhawan was established in 1971 with the motto “Sky is the limit” with a focus on R&D and partnerships with pioneers in the field of instrument technology in advanced/developed nations. The term “Getner” has earned recognition in the technological community.

Best Products of All Time

Suvira Screens is well renowned for its high-quality goods even without anything additional. The business is renowned for creating high-quality speakers that are distinctive, useful, and attractive. This Suvira Screens is among the greatest things ever created.

  • Floor Projection Screen
  • In Ceiling Screens
  • Optical Glass Screen
  • AIR Projection Screen
  • Front Fast Fold Screen
  • Rear Fast Fold Screen
  • Electric Projector screen
  • Fixed Frame Screen
  • Table Projection screen
  • SRS Projection screen
  • InstaLock Projector Screen
  • Autolock Projection screen
  • Manual Projection screen
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Episcope/Opaque Projector
  • Visualizer
  • Interactive Board
  • White/Chalk/Green Boards
  • Digital Imaging System

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The secret to this rapid success and growth is a firm commitment to producing goods of high quality and standard, along with quality control. Our top priorities are “Customer relations,” then “transparency and authenticity in our business dealings,” all of which involve our overseas associates. Getner manufactures the highest calibre research microscopes in the world with computer compatible video systems and high resolution optical systems suitable for automated photomicrography. I can attest to the superior quality of Getner goods since I have 40 years of expertise in the field of optical instruments from my time working as their quality control/export manager for some of the top Japanese multinational corporations in the world.

What Suvira Offers!

  • Excellent quality of Getner products
  • Innovative planning
  • Unchallengeable Quality
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Extraneous Features
  • Hi-Fi Experience
  • Revolutionary Concept
  • Electronic Designs
  • Quality instruments
  • Modern devices

With the coordination and unwavering support provided by its international partners from Japan, Germany, and the Czech Republic, Getner-group was able to attain this technological supremacy in a relatively short period of time.

As you are aware, Getner-Group has expanded into the audio-visual industrial, ophthalmic, and dental sectors. As quality control manager for Getner-Group, I can now assure all customers that many new, highly advanced, and technically advanced world-class medical instruments will be introduced in the future because Getner-Group is dedicated to providing superior quality and after-sales support all the way to customer satisfaction.

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