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Screen Research was established in 2001 as a premier provider of cutting-edge video projection screens in France. From the beginning, the company’s goal has been to perfectly blend sound and vision for the best possible home theater experience.

Adeo Group, an Italian company, purchased Screen Research in October 2010, and by the middle of 2011, all manufacturing operations had been moved to Adeo Screen, a Polish company with a 4500 square meter building surface, impressive facilities, and cutting-edge innovative technology and production tools.

Due to the strong financial capabilities now available and the new ownership and management from Screen Research, additional investments have been made in the manufacturing processes, improving the quality of our products. Shorter production lead times have also been achieved by diversifying suppliers.

All of this has helped to ensure the long-term viability of our esteemed brand of projection screens.

Each employee at Screen Research is passionate about what they do and constantly looks for new ways to improve the home theater experience. This is what motivates us to create new goods, textiles, and apps that can assist in delivering the whole gamut of human emotions through the power of film.

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High Brightness

High Brightness

Perfect Color Clarity

Perfect Color Clarity

Good Resolution

Good Resolution

Whatever the budget, the extensive line of motorized drop down screens from Screen Research offers a wide selection of high performance options and features. With Screen Research’s Standard tab-tensioning system and built-in infrared remote control, traditional screens have options for on-ceiling and in-ceiling slot opening.

Supreme screens include more mounting choices, such as opening in-ceiling trap doors, and a large variety of masking options that can accommodate almost any common video projection image ratio. Supreme screens have the proprietary TFX Floating tab-tensioning mechanism from Screen Research. The screen is flat and wave-free when in use thanks to a dual floating weight design. Supreme screens offer the possibility of longer bespoke drop combinations, larger sizes, and more robust fabrics.

  • Classic Line Screen Research

    Classic Line

  • Writing & Display Board Screen Research


  • Writing & Display Board Screen Research

    Masked Fixed Frame

  • Writing & Display Board Screen Research

    Motorized Drop-Down

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The motorized image masking choices available with Screen Research’s fixed frame screens with masking provide a variety of ways to maintain the apparent image contrast ratio regardless of the source material. The screen’s native ratio can be changed to keep a continuous black border around the projected image, regardless of the aspect ratio of the source material (TV broadcast in 16:9, letterbox movie in 2.35:1, or old film in 4/3 original aspect ratio).

A rudimentary amount of masking is available with Supreme E-Mask screens, allowing users to move between two preset aspect ratios. The Reference X-Mask screens from Screen Research offer a wide variety of variable masking choices, accommodating any image ratio from 1.33:1 to the Ben-Hur ratio of 2.76:1.

To maximize the audio experience at any image aspect ratio, all screens ordered with ClearPix Ultimate White fabric come standard with THX-certified acoustically transparent masking.

High-quality Screen have historically been produced by Screen Research. This custom is maintained in the entirely new series. Many of the same technologies utilised in their more costly series are available for low prices.

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The fixed frame screen range from Screen Research offers numerous installation choices that are appropriate for a wide range of circumstances.

Screen Research fabrics may be used in settings without a finalized frame thanks to the Integrator line. Variety of custom installation applications are supported by the availability of both the standard and TheaterCurve versions.

In order to accommodate any projector over-scan and provide increased perceived image contrast ratio, Supreme Fixed Frames have velour-covered frames. The brand-new, patented E-Grip fabric attachment mechanism is available on Supreme frames. They are offered for use with anamorphic projectors in both normal and TheaterCurve versions.

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  • Quality Screen
  • White projector screen
  • Good finishing
  • Optimum image quality

The “CLASSIC LINE by Screen Research” is a brand-new line of video projection screens with exceptional style, quality, and functionality for budget-conscious home theater applications.

With no compromise to quality, design, or features, the “Classic Line by Screen Research” is an economical line of video projection screens that includes fixed screens for designated rooms and on-wall/in-ceiling motorized screens. The “price sensitive” home theater market that is looking for premium video projection screens is the target market for this product range.

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