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Italian craftsmanship is evident in our handcrafted musical instruments. We give them a voice that will stick in your head and transport you to a world of authentic music. We are innovative engineers who develop cutting-edge design solutions. Our items are so well planned out that they turn into works of art that endure a lifetime. The Sonus Faber brand has a narrative. using Sonus Faber audio and materials. Through our creations, we share and impart our values.

Each Sonus Faber’s work, whether from the past, the present, or the future, can transport the listener. Into a realm of time-honored custom, authentic Italian culture, and fine craftsmanship. We make an ongoing effort to deliver an engaging audition and imitate the impact of live music performance. The groundbreaking initial endeavour of Sonus faber creator Franco Serblin. An integrated system constructed entirely of solid wood was an utterly novel idea at the time.

Sonus faber establishes its first headquarters, a modest laboratory in Monteviale, on the Vicenza hills, on March 25, 1983. Parva, a 2-way monitor speaker with a midrange cone made of Kevlar and a cabinet made of genuine walnut wood, is the first product by Sonus Faber.

Know The Best Products of All Time From Sonus Faber

Stylish Design

Stylish Design

Detailed & Natural Sound

Detailed & Natural Sound

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Wireless Active

Wireless Active

Accurate design and premium natural materials for authentic sound reproduction are now well-established. Sonus Faber started to gain recognition abroad; the majority of its first foreign partners are still Sonus Faber distributors today. Sonus faber’s Extrema speaker, a unique speaker made with “extreme” components, shows the audiophile community what it is capable of. The year of the revolution has arrived. Sonus faber launches its research into lute design with the exceptional Guarneri Homage and makes the first speaker with a cabinet structure modelled after a lute shape.

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Know About Other Sounus Faber Series Products

  • Reference
  • Homage Tradition
  • Olympica Nova Collection
  • Heritage Collection
  • Sonetto Collection
  • Lumina Collection
  • Gravis Collection
  • Custom Installation Collection

A reasonable price was offered when the Concerto collection first debuted. The Concertino bookcase has been a big hit and is still Sonus Faber’s best-selling item to date. This compilation’s goal was to make high-quality audio accessible to everyone. The legendary Homage line was launched with the addition of Amati Homage to Guarneri Homage. Sonus faber introduced the Cremona collection, a line of speakers that improved the idea of the lute shape cabinet design, continuing along the same route as Guarneri Homage.

The headquarters were relocated to Arcugnano, where they are now located in a building created by the renowned Studio Albanese and dubbed “a place for music” by the architect himself with the shape of a violin. The first flagship Stradivari Homage was created, marking a significant moment in the history of the high-fidelity business.

Best Products of All Time

If there is one thing that Sonus Faber is known for, it is high-quality merchandise. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality speakers that are unique, practical, and attractive. Some of the greatest Sonus Faber items ever are mentioned here.

  • Amati Tradition
  • Guarneri Tradition
  • Vox Tradition
  • Olympica Nova Iii
  • Olympica Nova I
  • Olympica Nova Ci
  • Olympica Nova W
  • Sonetto Viii
  • Sonetto Ii

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Amati Anniversario and Guarneri Memento are part of the second generation of the Homage series. Elipsa was a little Stradivari that was added to the Cremona collection.

It marks a turning point for the business, which changed its leadership and started the process that eventually resulted in the creation of the McIntosh Group. The investing firm Quadrivio had bought Sonus faber and has acquired the Hong Kong-based company Fine Sounds Asia.

What Sonus Faber Offers!

  • New Concept
  • Accurate Design
  • High-Quality Natural Materials
  • Natural Sound Reproduction
  • Unique Speaker
  • Lute Design
  • Iconic Homage Collection
  • Limited Production
  • Advanced Technologies
  • High-Definition Vacuum Tube Electronics

Returning to the objective of expanding its audience, Sonus faber unveiled the Toy collection, a line of speakers with a budget-friendly pricing and a leather-covered cabinet. The Sonus Faber project is launched; it is a unique, no-holds-barred flagship that uses the most cutting-edge technologies at the time and is only produced in small numbers. What was then known as the Fine Sounds Group was in the process of acquiring Audio Research, a venerable American company and well-known pioneer in high resolution vacuum tube electronics, to add it to its family.

The third generation of the Homage series, which has the nickel-plated aluminium top, the cabinet in priceless curved wood, and handcrafted leather trim, was released by Sonus Faber under the direction of a new Industrial Designer with the debut of Amati futura and Guarneri evolution. Debut of the new flagship, Aida, able to demonstrate how the company has advanced while maintaining its original essence and fusing “mature tradition” with “technical innovation.”

However, the industrial group continues to expand with the purchase of US distributor Sumiko.

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Who makes Sonus faber speakers?

Italian company Sonus faber produces high-end audio components, including speakers. Franco Serblin, a well-known Italian speaker designer, started the company in 1983. Sonus faber is currently renowned for its premium speakers, which are created and built using a blend of time-honored Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. The company has its headquarters in Arcugnano, Italy, and sells its goods all over the world.

Is Harman Kardon better than Sonos?

Since both Harman Kardon and Sonos produce high-quality audio equipment, it is difficult to determine with certainty which is “better.” Both companies have a long history of creating high-quality audio products that are well-liked by both customers and critics.

A company by the name of Harman Kardon is well-known for both the superior speakers and amplifiers it produces and the cutting-edge technology it employs. The company’s products are frequently utilized in high-end home theater systems and other high-end audio settings since they are among the best in the market.

In contrast, the company Sonos is well-known for its wireless speakers and home audio systems. The company’s products are made to be simple to use and provide excellent sound in a range of environments. Sonos is known for creating inventive and dependable products, and both residential and business settings frequently employ its speakers.

In the end, your unique demands and tastes will determine whether you choose Harman Kardon or Sonos. Both companies produce excellent goods that are definitely worth your consideration.

Is Sonos faber made in China?

Italian company Sonus faber creates high-end audio gear, including speakers. The company’s headquarters are in Arcugnano, Italy, and its products are created using a blend of cutting-edge technology and conventional Italian workmanship.

As many companies get their parts from many places all over the world, it is probable that some of the components used in Sonus faber goods are manufactured in China or other countries. However, Sonus faber products are assembled and put through final testing at the company’s facilities in Italy.

Who owns the Sonos Faber

You seem to be referring to Sonus faber, an Italian business that makes high-end audio gear, including speakers. According to information that is readily accessible, Fine Sounds Group, a holding company that also owns a number of other audio companies like McIntosh and Audio Research, currently owns Sonus faber. Mauro Grange, the previous CEO of Sonus faber, established Fine Sounds Group in 2012. Grange is the CEO of Fine Sounds Group at the moment.

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