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McIntosh Amplifier, which was established in 1949, is renowned for providing elegant home audio systems that provide the best music and movie experiences. McIntosh continues to define the best in-home audio entertainment for picky listeners all over the world by providing devices for multi-channel home theatres with surround sound and two-channel stereo sound systems. Our recognizable blue Watt output meter is a universally recognized sign of high-end home audio. Listeners can design their own luxurious audio experience with a McIntosh home stereo system or home theatre and fully live their music.

At our Binghamton, New York plant, our hardworking staff, who share a love for music and the McIntosh tradition, handcraft all McIntosh items. Since the beginning, McIntosh has provided the energy for some of the most significant events in pop culture and music history. From the inauguration speech of President Lyndon B. Johnson through Woodstock and the renowned Grateful Dead “Wall of Sound,” McIntosh has not only observed history but also helped to shape it.

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Stylish Design

Stylish Design

Detailed & Natural Sound

Detailed & Natural Sound

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Wireless Active

Wireless Active

The commercial broadcasting sector was what gave McIntosh its start in the post-war economy. High-performance McIntosh amplifiers were immediately identified by home audio fans to be flawless in their home audio systems. The long play high fidelity record’s release sparked a demand for better audio gear.

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Our engineering team starts designing a product once a concept has been approved. Along with specialized support workers, our engineering department also houses mechanical, electronic, acoustical, software, and industrial design divisions. Each section contributes to the final output by functioning effectively.

Most of our printed circuit boards (PCBs) start the component population process on our Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) line to accommodate high volume demand. Our SMT line consists of three cutting-edge Advantis® machines with Lightning Heads and InLine7 Heads from Universal Instruments, a world leader in advanced automation and assembly equipment, as well as a rising reflow oven. The solder paste dispenser applies a thin layer of solder paste to the surface of the PCB to hold the components in place until they are soldered.

  • McIntosh MX180

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    McIntosh MX180

    7 HDMI ports: 8K/60Hz & 4K/120Hz HDCP 2.3 Rec. 2020; 4:4:4 color spacing Dynamic Lip-sync HDR (static HDR) Dynamic HDR HDR10+ HLG Dolby Vision Quick Media Switching Auto Low Latency Mode Quick Frame Transport Variable Refresh Rate 15.1 Audio Channels eARC/ARC Dolby Atmos DTS:X Pro Auro-3D RoomPerfect Room Correction Up to 64 input capability

  • McIntosh MX100

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    McIntosh MX100

    5 HDMI ports: 4K/60Hz HDCP 2.2 18Gbps Rec. 2020 4:4:4 Color Dolby Vision; HDR10 HLG 11.2 Audio Channels eARC/ARC Dolby Atmos DTS:X Audyssey MultEQ XT32 2U rack-mountable Has received Connects with Control4 Certification Perfect for custom install applications.

Best Products of All Time

Even if nothing, McIntosh is renowned for its high-quality goods. The company is renowned for producing high-quality speakers that are unique, practical, and attractive. These McIntosh items rank among the best of all time.

  • MC901
  • C12000
  • MA352
  • MA252
  • MCD12000
  • MC3500
  • MC830
  • MC2152
  • MC1502
  • C53

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Reels of various electronic parts are available for one of the Advantis machines to attach to the PCBs. Our SMT line’s Advantis machines can precisely mount 18,000 electronic components per hour onto PCBs. With a maximum temperature of little over 500° F (265° C), the reflow oven is subsequently used to solder the components to the PCBs. The solder paste is transformed into liquid solder in the reflow oven, and once it cools, the solder joints are permanently formed.

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  • For discriminating listeners
  • Designed and Handcrafted
  • the Finest Quality
  • Standard for Performance
  • Meticulously Engineered
  • Continuously Refined
  • Exacting Standards
  • Sound Quality
  • Great Experience
  • Groundbreaking Sound System

Additionally, through-hole machines are used to insert components with wire leads into PCB holes. Reels of capacitors that are ready to be placed using our through-hole machine set up for radial lead components. We have reels of resistors ready to be put into the PCBs using our through-hole machine, which is set up for axial lead components. They somewhat like audio DNA strands being introduced into our items! Due to their size, shape, or temperature sensitivity, some components must be manually inserted onto the PCBs, you can also check about the Emotiva amplifiers.

When a circuit board is passed over a pool of hot solder during the wave soldering bulk soldering procedure, through-hole components are connected to the PCB. A standing wave-like upwelling of solder is then created by a pump. This makes it possible to solder every component at once. There is still a lot of hand soldering done on temperature-sensitive components or components that are too large for any of the machines, despite our automated PCB population and soldering capabilities.

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Is McIntosh audio still in business?

McIntosh Laboratory is still active, yes. The company is an American producer of top-tier audio and video gear, including home theater systems, preamplifiers, and amplifiers. Its main office is in Binghamton, New York, where it was established in 1949. The company is known for its top-notch goods and distinctive blue and silver color scheme.

Is McIntosh high-end audio?

Yes, McIntosh is well known for its top-notch audio gear. The company manufactures a variety of audio products, such as speakers, home theater systems, amplifiers, and preamplifiers. Those looking for high-quality sound and audiophiles are the typical target markets for these goods. The well-known blue-and-silver color scheme, superior build quality, and outstanding sound of McIntosh equipment are all well-known features. The business has a long history of manufacturing high-end audio gear, and it is known for creating some of the best-sounding and most dependable items available.

Where are McIntosh amplifiers made?

McIntosh amplifiers are manufactured at the company’ manufacturing facility in Binghamton, New York, according to the company website. Since its founding in 1949, the business has had its headquarters in Binghamton, where all of its products are created. The business is renowned for its top-notch goods and dedication to American production.

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