Sony VPL-HW65ES Review – The Compact Projector

Light, Compact and Easy to set up

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated November 16, 2022
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Sony VPL-HW65ES Review – The Compact Projector

In order to deliver a brilliant image at 1800 lumens without ever straining your eyes, the Sony VPL-HW65ES employs Sony’s own SXRD system, a sort of LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon – a blend of DLP and LCD technology) display technology. The Sony is an alluring watch because it can convey that dramatic contrast with grace and nuance.

If we were to find offence, it would be with the picture’s temporary loss of clarity as it entered a gloomy scene. Characters and objects appear to have a somewhat shaky outline, but when the setting gets brighter, they come back into sharp focus. Fortunately, there isn’t even a little decline to prevent us from enjoying the movie. It only takes a few minutes to adjust the magnification, focus, and lens shift to obtain a clear, centred image.

Our Verdict


Sony’s 1080p projector streams brilliant images with excellent contrast and offers a performance so outstanding you might not even notice it isn’t 4K. This is due to its dynamic iris.


  • Really bright considering the price
  • Enhancing contrast with dynamic iris control
  • Excellent 3D performance


  • Manual focus
  • No Corner Adjusment

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  • Compared to most when calibrated, brighter
  • Excellent brightness when using brighter modes (for handling some ambient light)
  • Various modes for 2D and 3D images (most with really good color)
  • No 3D glasses are supplied anymore, but that’s okay because you can get decent 3D glasse. 3D has been updated to RF (HW55ES was IR).
  • Excellent calibration with a full-colour management system (CMS)
  • Excellent light life (6000 hours in eco mode)
  • A large, lighted remote with simple menus

What’s in the box?

Remote Control (RM-PJ28), Size AA (R6) Manganese Batteries (2), AC Power Cord (1), Lens Cap (1), Operating Instructions (CD-ROM), Quick Reference Manual

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Sony VPL-HW65ES is available for just under ₹2,10,000.00. You can get more detailed information about the Sony VPL-HW65ES current price and availability by consulting us.



The projector weighs 9 kg and has the following dimensions: 40,74, 17,92, and 46,39 cm. It is an average-sized projector. The throw ratio, or the ratio of the projector’s distance to the screen to the width of the image, ranges from 1.36 to 2.16. In other words, you may produce a 2.5 m wide image with just 3.4 m between the projector’s lens and the screen.

Lens shift and a manual zoom are features of the Sony VPL-VW65ES. With two HDMI 1.4a ports, the Sony VPL-HW65ES projector provides all the connections required for Full-HD Blu-ray playing.

Picture Quality

Sound Quality

The newest in a line of powerful 1080p home theatre projectors is the Sony VPL-HW65ES. Excellent clarity and astonishingly rich three-dimensionality can be found in the HW65ES. These qualities are partly attributable to the more potent Reality Creation 2 processor, which was transferred from Sony’s 4K models and improves detail definition. Additionally, the Motionflow frame interpolation technology offers the image incremental clarity and stability, while the Contrast Enhancer increases shadow separation. The user has the choice to employ any or all of these functions. They may all be disabled or, on the other hand, overdriven to the point where they accentuate and take away from the image’s intrinsic attractiveness.

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Brand : Sony
Model : Sony VPL-HW65ES
Dimensions : 409.58 x 180.98 x 466.73 mm
Net Weight : Approx. 9 kg
Contrast Ratio : 120,000:1
Brightness (ANSI lumens) : 1,800 ANSI lumen
Lamp Type : 225W UHP bulb
Power Supply : 310 Watts 100V – 240V

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The upgraded Reality Creation 2, Contrast Enhancer, Motionflow, extremely low digital noise, and the strong blacks and contrast from the SXRD engine are just a few of the processing features and characteristics that make up the Sony VPL-HW65ES a beautiful home theatre projector. Even if the processing characteristics can be overused and overblown, there is a certain gestalt at play when they are utilised in modest amounts; the final 2D picture looks to be more than the sum of its parts. Everything you desire in a home theatre picture is there: it is incredibly clear, steady, crisp, and realistic. The incredibly low input latency of 21 ms will appeal greatly to video gamers. When it comes to 3D, it is enough for occasional 3D use, but the quality of the 3D image falls short of the 2D image’s flawless elegance.

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