Sony VPL-VW790ES Review – The Premium Projector

A Native 4K Laser Projector

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated November 16, 2022
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Sony VPL-VW790ES Review – The Premium Projector

The Sony VPL-VW790ES is a premium dedicated home theatre projector with a laser light source, all-glass optics, and native 4K resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels). The excellent BRAVIA TV visual processor is modified for projector use with the new X1 for projector processor, integrating dynamic HDR enhancer and super-resolution technology. By increasing the laser and iris dimming ranges, the dynamic HDR combines signal analysis, sophisticated signal processing, and high-precision modulation to enhance black levels. This provides real-time frame-by-frame video with the greatest contrast and dynamic range. Simply said, for the best picture reproduction that matches as closely as possible to the director’s intention for the material, the bright regions get brighter, the dark areas darker, and the texture, colour, and realism are increased.

It serves as a straight successor for the incredibly well-liked VPL-VW760ES. The Sony X1 for projector video processor, included in the VW790ES, combines highly accurate frame analysis with Dynamic HDR enhancer and super-resolution for the best possible picture reproduction. The Sony VPL-VW790ES laser light source projector is a high-end, specialized home theatre projector with a native 4K laser light source. Up to 20,000 hours of operation with essentially minimal maintenance is one of the laser’s advantages. As it is a light-free option, there are no expensive lamp replacements to consider. Additionally, laser offers the benefit of constant colour and brightness throughout the projector’s lifespan, day in and day out.

Our Verdict


The picture produced by the Sony VPL-VW790ES projector is by far and away the greatest home theatre projector picture we have ever seen.


  • Engine for a 2,000 ANSI-lumen laser
  • Contemporary video processing
  • 4K UHD native SXRD imagers
  • Affordable prices


  • Less-than-stellar manual lens
  • No 3D playback

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  • Native 4K SXRD projector
  • Low latency mode for gaming
  • Dynamic Range Enhancer for improved HDR
  • The VW790ES’s X1 For Projector processor is the other significant advancement.
  • Bring a few innovations that significantly improve its performance.
  • Additionally, the VW790ES combines a premium lens with what Sony refers to as a Digital Focus Optimizer.
  • The HLG format and the industry-standard HDR10 are both supported by the VW790ES’s HDR capabilities, however, neither Dolby Vision nor HDR10+ is supported.
  • It has a very useful optical zoom of x2.06 and a promising brightness of 2000 lumens.
  • Unfortunately, the two HDMIs can only handle 18Gbps bandwidths, which prevents them from supporting cutting-edge gaming features like 4K at 120Hz and variable frame rates.

What’s in the box?

Remote Control (RM-PJ28), Size AA (R6) Manganese Batteries (2), AC Power Cord (1), Lens Cap (1), Quick Reference Manual

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Sony VPL-HW65ES is available for just under ₹15,00,000.00. You can get more detailed information about the Sony VPL-HW65ES current price and availability by consulting us.



Although the VPL-VW790ES may have some really innovative new features on the inside, it looks almost exactly like other Sony 4K projectors from the exterior. As a result, the huge, centrally positioned lens, semi-elliptical sculpture, grilled front panel, and massive footprint all remain the same.

The projector comes with one of the nicest remote controllers available, and the build quality is pleasingly robust. Backlit buttons, an intuitive design, and one-button access to fully motorized zoom, focus, and optical image-shifting capabilities are all included. It should be noted that this high-end home theatre projector lacks built-in speakers because it is intended to be a component of a larger home theatre system.

Picture Quality

Sound Quality

The adoption of laser illumination by the VW790ES significantly improves the quality of its images. Sony claims that the VW790ES’s Dual Contrast Control technology may provide a contrast ratio of infinite:1! This number gives you at least a general notion of how vibrant and vivid the VW790ES’s HDR photos can get, but it is obviously a “lab result” rather than something anyone using a VW790ES will experience in the real world.

The VW790ES produces a mix of brightness, contrast, and colour vibrancy with HDR sources that must be seen to be believed with the Dynamic HDR Enhancer set to its optimum ‘Medium’ level of strength. Pretty cool !’s handled carnival setting has bright lights. For example, images on 4K Blu-ray leap out the screen with brightness and colour intensity levels that surpass not just those of any other projectors but also those we’d come to believe we’d see on any somewhat reasonable home theatre projector.

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Brand : Sony
Model : VPL-VW790ES
Dimensions : 560 x 223 x 496 mm
Net Weight : Approx. 20 kg
Display System : 4K SXRD panel, projection system
Brightness (ANSI lumens) : 2000 lumens
Picture processor : X1 for projector
Power Supply : AC 100 V to 240 V, 4.3 A to 1.8 A, 50/60Hz

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By pixel-shifting panels with a lower resolution, less expensive projectors that support Ultra HD produce the necessary pixel count. The greatest image we’ve ever seen is on Sony’s VPL-VW790ES, which is natively capable of full 4K. Because the Sony VPL-VW790ES combines a laser light source, native 4K resolution, and Sony’s almost incomprehensibly smart Dynamic HDREnhancer function to provide possibly the most pleasant HDR images, even though other projectors struggle to handle high dynamic range images.

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