ViewSonic X100-4K Review – UHD Home Cinema Projector

The X100-4K is another another cheap 4K pixel shifting projector that claims to deliver adequate picture quality at a very low cost. However, the projector fails to avoid some problems that would have elevated it to the top of its class.

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated December 15, 2022
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ViewSonic X100-4K Review – UHD Home Cinema Projector

In a dedicated home theatre, the ViewSonic X100-4K performs at its highest level. This is partially attributable to its throw distance, which for a 100″ screen is about 10 feet. Most people are more concerned about the brightness of the projector, which is below average for a home theatre projector at 1,200 ANSI lumens. You should still use it in a location where you have complete control over the lighting conditions, even though it does feature dedicated picture settings to help with this.

The ViewSonic X100-4K is simple to install, though, provided you have the appropriate room for it. With a manual zoom and both horizontal and vertical lens shift, you may adjust the image once the projector is installed. It works in ceiling-mounted and table-top installations. Additionally, you are not need to use external speakers. The sound quality and volume of the built-in Harman Kardon speakers are comparable to many soundbars.

With 4 HDMI ports, as well as USB and networking interfaces, the ViewSonic X100-4K is a fantastic option for more complex home entertainment setups. Unfortunately, even at 1080p resolutions, it’s not the best option for gamers due to input lag that is on the high side.

Our Verdict


The ViewSonic X100-4K projector offers a highly viewable image for dim to moderately lighted situations and a solid-state light source that prevents lamp replacements, which may frustrate videophiles who exclusively watch in a dark room.


  • Easy to set up
  • Bright picture, good colour reproduction
  • really good sound


  • No inbuilt Chromecast
  • No ARC/eARC support
  • Quite large

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  • True 4K UHD visual experience
  • Cinema SuperColor+™ Technology with 125% Rec.709
  • 2nd generation LED technology with 30,000 hours lifespan
  • Wide H/V lens shift for flexible installation
  • Extremely low fan noise (20 dB) ensuring pure viewing

What’s in the box?

Power Cord, VGA Cable, Remote Control and QSG

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Viewsonic X100-4K+ is available for just under ₹385,000. You can get more detailed information about the Viewsonic X100-4K+ price in India and availability by consulting us.



We’ll be honest: the X100-4K is a sizable projector, and if you’re not used to projector size, you could be taken aback. If you want this to be a permanent fixture in the space, you’ll need to store it because it measures 463mm (18.23 inches) in length. It is 183mm (7.20 inches) high and 416mm (16.37 inches) wide. The base has movable feet that can be turned individually to be elevated or lowered, which is fantastic if you’re installing it on an uneven terrain.

For a projector of this size, it’s actually quite light at 7.60kg/16.7lb, and that’s in part to the fact that it’s LED rather than lamp. (For instance, Sony’s lightest 4K projector, their lamp-based VPL-VW270ES, is almost double that at 14kg/30.8lb.) The lack of weight in the X100-4K means that it will be less of a hassle to ceiling mount, and a little less scary too. Handily, the four holes on the bottom fit a standard universal ceiling mount.

Picture Quality

Sound Quality

Now for the photo, which is the key component. We concluded from our tests that the X100-4image K’s was sharp, color-accurate, and pleasing to the eye. The colour temperature is adjusted to 7500K in the dedicated Gaming colour setting. Animal Crossing and Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch looked vibrant and luscious, and there was no discernible lag in the control. If you haven’t tried it yet, playing games on a 120-inch screen is quite amazing.

Motion blur was not an issue for fast-paced sports, and the projector has ISF-certified calibration tools for those who wish to fine-tune their colour settings. Additionally, there are three levels of frame interpolation that can be used to lessen movie stuttering and it can also be turned totally off. If you happen to have an extra set of 3D glasses hanging around, it is also 3D compatible.

There are two tiny center-parting doors that guard the lens. The doors open easily to reveal the big lens within once the power button is touched. According to our timings, the first picture appeared after 14 seconds, and the projector was ready to use in just 40 seconds overall. Viewsonic’s lovely trio of Gouldian finches and an animated paint splash entertain you during that time.

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Brand : Viewsonic
Model : X100-4K+
Resolution : 3840×2160
Brightness : 1,200 ANSI Lumens
Color Processing : 10-bit
Lamp Life : 30,000 hours
Dimensions : 16 cm x 46 cm x 42 cm
Net Weight : 7.7 kg

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Undoubtedly, the ViewSonic X100-4K+ is an investment. You really need to consider whether you would rather purchase a large-screen TV than invest this much money on a projector. The 120-inch screen and respectable sound, however, should also be taken into account. If you’re looking for a portable projector, the ViewSonic X100-4K+ is not what you need. It has several connecting choices, good picture quality, improved sound quality, and long lifespan. There is a lot of money at stake, so the decision of whether to buy it or not is not an easy one. But if you want to make an investment for better movie nights, this is a great one.

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    Viewsonic x100-4k with a hammer image

    By Ritesh Verma 

    Overall Experience:

    I bought the projector because I wanted to improve myself. The predecessor of the Viewsonic px747-4k has been good, but the X100 does everything better. The image quality FHD and UHD I excellent. The details at 4K are not much worse compared to a friend’s native 4K projector. The sound is very good when there is no 7.1 system available. The big advantage is the 4 HDMI inputs as well as smart TV options such as Amazon Prime and Netflix and many other apps.


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