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Science is the foundation of everything we do at Revel. Our engineers are working hard in the lab to improve the audio fidelity of our products while the rest of the industry concentrates on superficial appearances.

To ensure you get the most out of every product, we have meticulously tested and retested every component since our very first loudspeaker. The ultimate result is music that has been created with the highest purity and is performed exactly as the creator intended.

Each Revel item is the culmination of countless hours of labour. Since 1996, we have created every loudspeaker we produce using our technical capabilities, one-of-a-kind testing facilities, and cutting-edge design techniques not available to most manufacturers. This is how we maintain our position as the industry leader in acoustical accuracy and give Revel customers access to a previously unheard level of acoustic clarity.

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Stylish Design

Stylish Design

Detailed & Natural Sound

Detailed & Natural Sound

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Wireless Active

Wireless Active

Revel was established with the goal of harnessing the top talent and resources of Harman International to produce the finest loudspeakers in the world. The PerformaBe Series is capped off by the flagship model F328Be, which boasts the best loudspeaker Revel has ever made thanks to its powerful new beryllium tweeter, 6th-generation Acoustic Lens waveguide, and even lower distortion woofers.

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Revel meets each criterion. Three of the most well-known loudspeaker designers in the world are on the design team: Dr. Sean Olive (who began his audio career working with Dr. Floyd E. Toole at Canada’s National Research Council), Kevin Voecks (who helped found Mirage before becoming chief engineer at Snell), and Mark Glazer. Together, they make up a veritable “dream team” (Jumetite Labs and Infinity Systems, where he worked with Arnie Nudell). Nothing is better than that, truly.

Revel is owned by Harman International, which boasts the best acoustic laboratories and listening rooms in the world, including its renowned “shuffle” speaker comparator. This checks the second box. Regarding the third box, Harman has top-notch production facilities, as you might anticipate from a firm that also creates products for JBL, Infinity, AKG, Mark Levinson, Arcam, and a half-dozen other well-known brands. It is also very helpful for Harman International to have access to Samsung’s funds!

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    Revel Speakers L42XC

    The Revel L42XC is a 2-way bollard speaker with integrated low-voltage LED illumination that is made to survive severe circumstances such as those that are hot, cold, damp, humid, or wet while still producing unmatched, unaltered Revel sound.

Best Products of All Time

If there’s one thing that you can trust Revel for, it’s a great product. The brand has a history of making high-quality speakers that is functional, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing. Bellow, have listed some of the best DALI products of all time!

  • F206
  • F208
  • F36
  • C25
  • W253L
  • W263
  • C363
  • L12XC

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According to Kevin Voecks, manager of Harman’s Revel project: “We were able to start our business with the best engineering resources available in the world, as opposed to doing it the conventional way, you know, on a shoestring. It was a rare opportunity to establish a high-end speaker company with the straightforward objective of producing the best sounding loudspeakers. Make the best loudspeakers in the world is actually the sole thing Dr. Harman said when the firm was founded. There were no limitations on the type of technology…We found that dynamic loudspeakers, despite being highly improved, provide for the most accurate loudspeakers through double blind listening testing and engineering research.”

What Revel Offers!

  • Low Sonic Coloration
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Timbre-Matched Dispersion
  • Exacting Standards
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Sonically Uncompromising
  • Elegant, Designer-Friendly Appearance
  • Unparalleled Sound Quality
  • Withstanding the Harsh Environments
  • Unique Perspective

The 3-way, twin 8-inch Performa F228Be floorstanding loudspeaker will steal your breath away after each playback for the best audio experience in your living areas. The speaker’s entire design creates an emotional and immersive audio experience, and its brand-new beryllium tweeter offers an unsurpassed level of accuracy and detail to build a broad yet unified soundscape.

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Are Revel speakers are good?

High-end audio company Revel is owned by Harman International Industries, a Samsung Electronics subsidiary. Revel speakers are regarded as some of the best on the market by many audiophiles and critics because of their excellent sound, build quality, and careful attention to detail. Revel speakers are renowned for their expertise in reproducing a wide variety of frequencies, as well as for their clarity, accuracy, and dynamic range. Both high-end home audio systems and recording studios often use them. Revel can be a good option to take into consideration if you’re looking for new speakers and are willing to spend on a high-quality item.

Is Revel owned by Harman?

Yes, that is true. High-end audio company Revel is owned by Harman International Industries, a Samsung Electronics subsidiary. For the automotive, consumer, and professional markets, Harman is a leader in the design and production of audio, lighting, and electronic systems. Since its establishment in 1980, the company has earned a reputation for creating some of the best audio products available, such as speakers, headphones, and studio monitors. Other well-known audio companies owned by Harman in addition to Revel include JBL, AKG, and Mark Levinson.

Who makes revel audio?

Revel is a brand of high-end audio equipment that is designed and manufactured by Harman International Industries, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. Harman is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of audio and infotainment systems for the automotive, home, and professional markets. It has a long history in the audio industry, and is known for producing high-quality speakers and other audio equipment under its various brand names, including JBL, AKG, and Harman Kardon.

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  • Klipsch Heritage Groove Bluetooth Speaker Revel


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