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NAD (New Acoustic Dimension) is a brand of audio equipment that was founded in 1972. The company is known for producing high-quality, cost-effective amplifiers and other audio equipment. NAD’s original concept was to demonstrate that superior sound quality and value could coexist, which was a difficult task in a market dominated by low-quality imports and expensive electronics brands.

One of NAD’s most notable products is the 3020, which holds the record for being the best-selling hi-fi amplifier ever. This product was a breakthrough for NAD and marked a turning point for the company, as it began to attract a devoted following. NAD has continued to produce other successful products over the years, such as the 6100 cassette deck, the NAD 5200 CD player, and the M2 digital amplifier.

NAD’s amplifiers are known for their clean sound, high performance, and cost-effectiveness. Many of their amplifiers feature cutting-edge technologies, such as DirectDigitalTM and HybridDigitalTM, which help to produce a pure and vivid sound. The company’s Modular Design Construction chassis also allows for easy updates and upgrades to the hardware and software.

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Stylish Design

Stylish Design

Detailed & Natural Sound

Detailed & Natural Sound

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Wireless Active

Wireless Active

To build the first amplifiers for the company, prototypes that were not yet known as NAD products, Edvardsen began experimenting with new ways to combine and configure transistors, wiring, and other components. These initial units had a bit of a shoddy design and manufacturing, but they had better sound quality than amps in a similar price range. These early prototypes almost immediately attracted the interest of audio enthusiasts, distributors, and, crucially, some investors, opening the door for NAD.

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In search of that “eureka” moment when they realized they had a winning design, NAD’s expanding team of engineers, under the direction of Edvardsen, initially operated out of London, UK. The NAD 3020, which holds the record for being the best-selling hi-fi amplifier ever, served as the engineers’ and brand’s greatest prize. This marked a turning point for NAD; at this time, both Edvardsen and the NAD brand began to attract a devoted following that has stuck with NAD’s solutions and products ever since.

The 3020’s breakthrough was followed by other triumphs and market firsts. The 6100 cassette deck carried on the brand’s performance and value ethos by being the first Dolby C player in the world. One of the very first early premium CD players in the world was the NAD 5200. By shattering many audiophiles’ expectations that digital amplification couldn’t produce high-quality sound, the M2 reinvented the digital amplification category. All of these items were supported by outstanding technologies that NAD’s labs created, occasionally working with outside technological partners. In addition to many other innovations, Modular Design Construction, HybridDigital, DirectDigital, Enhanced Ambience Recover System (EARS), and SoftClipping were examples of NAD’s research and development prowess over the course of five decades.

  • NAD C 700

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    NAD Wireless USB DAC 2

    Carefully curated and cultivated, a digital music library is the road map to one’s life. No song is there by accident, and each one represents an intimate feeling or memory. Where once a person’s music library was trapped on their computer, the NAD DAC 2 sets it free. Our fun yet simple solution lets you listen to any music stored on your computer, with the option to stream it to your high-performance NAD system.

Best Products of All Time

Even without anything else, NAD is well known for its high-quality products. The company is known for producing high-quality amplifiers that are unique, practical, and appealing. The best products ever produced is this NAD line.

  • C399
  • M10 V2
  • M33
  • C298
  • C328
  • C388
  • M28
  • M17 V2i
  • T778
  • C700

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The development team at NAD, now based in Canada, is led by one of Bjorn Erik Edvardsen’s closest friends and protégés. This team is committed to carrying on the legacy and heritage established by the company’s founding members, Marty Borish and Bjorn Erik Edvardsen. Although Borish and Edvardsen are no longer with us, the team remains dedicated to the belief that everyone should have access to true-to-source sound. NAD’s customers can trust that every product they create is designed to sound significantly better than anything that came before it, this is the result of the company’s commitment to quality and innovation.

What NAD Offers!

  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Formidable Goal
  • Affordable Spectrum
  • High Performing Amplifiers
  • Extraneous Features
  • Hi-Fi Experience
  • Revolutionary Concept
  • Electronic Designs
  • First Dolby C Player
  • Soft clipping
  • Advanced Amplifier Technologies
  • Programmable Front Panel

The Masters Series is the first high-fidelity device with a fully programmable front panel, created in partnership with award-winning industrial designer David Farrage of DF-ID in New York. As new features and technological advancements are made, all functional switches and readouts can be updated and changed because they are all software-defined. With NAD’s unique “future-proof” Modular Design Construction chassis, which enables quick and inexpensive updates, these additions can be applied to the hardware as well as the software.

In the Masters Series, two brand-new, cutting-edge amplifier technologies have been introduced. The first is a computer-controlled DAC that amplifies, DirectDigitalTM, which is the first closed-loop digital amplification in the world that can compare its output to the input and make corrections every 10 nanoseconds. This not only lowers the number of domain conversions in the signal path but also produces a sound that is incredibly pure and vivid. The second technology is called HybridDigitalTM, which expertly combines the best elements of analog and digital engineering to produce a platform that outperforms conventional analog components, even when the source is analog.

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Is NAD a good amplifier?

The audio industry holds NAD in high regard as a brand that creates high-end amplifiers with excellent performance and sound quality. Many users of NAD amplifiers have expressed great satisfaction with the sound and durability of these devices. The clear, neutral tone of NAD amplifiers is frequently acclaimed, as is their capacity to accurately reproduce a variety of audio sources. Nevertheless, sound quality is a relative concept that might differ based on the particular listener’s preferences and the particular hardware being utilized in conjunction with the amplifier. To acquire a feel for the sound quality of NAD amplifiers before making a purchase, it could be a good idea to read reviews and listen to samples.

What does NAD stand for amplifier?

“New Acoustic Dimension” is the term for NAD. In order to create high-quality audio equipment that was both inexpensive and available to a variety of customers, the company was founded in 1972. Amplifiers made by NAD are renowned for their ability to reproduce a wide variety of audio content with accuracy and in a manner that is neutral and clean sounding. The company has a reputation for creating products of excellent quality and great value. NAD produces a variety of additional audio products in addition to amplifiers, such as preamplifiers, receivers, and speakers.

Who makes NAD amplifiers?

Lenbrook Industries, a privately held company with headquarters in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, owns and operates the NAD brand of audio equipment. NAD, PSB Speakers, and Bluesound are just a few of the brands whose parent company is Lenbrook Industries, which was established in 1979. The business is committed to making high-quality audio equipment that is available to and reasonably priced for a variety of users. Lenbrook Industries develops NAD amplifiers internally, and the business collaborates with a global supply chain of manufacturers and suppliers to make its goods.

Are NAD preamps good?

NAD is a well-respected brand in the audio industry and is known for producing high-quality preamplifiers that deliver good sound quality and performance. Many people who have used NAD preamps have reported being very satisfied with their sound and build quality. NAD preamps are often praised for their clean, neutral sound and their ability to accurately reproduce a wide range of audio content. That being said, sound quality is a subjective matter and can vary depending on the individual listener’s preferences and the specific equipment that is being used with the preamp. It might be a good idea to read reviews and listen to demos of NAD preamps to get a sense of their sound quality before making a purchase.

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