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Since 1961, we have produced outstanding award-winning speakers from our base in the UK. KEF exists to fill spaces with music as it was meant to be heard and to move souls with really authentic soundscapes. This is accomplished through our ground-breaking Uni-Q technology and our precedent-setting LS60 Wireless. We’re now including more people in our quest to understand the power of beautiful sound.

Our story’s starting point, Kent Engineering and Foundry, inspired the moniker KEF. Our company’s founder, Raymond Cooke, was driven by his passion for music and his reluctance to accept anything less than the best, and he used technology to keep KEF at the forefront of audio at all times.

That pledge is backed up by a series of innovations that spans more than 50 years; action matches words. Academic studies and patents both attest to decades of steady advancement, from the early usage of synthetic materials to our Reference Series, which still sets industry standards today. The core of a positive cycle that draws the world’s most talented acoustic engineers to KEF’s quest of excellent, better, best is the company’s insistence on excellence.

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Since 1961, KEF has had its original headquarters in Maidstone, Kent, in a Nissen Hut on the grounds of Kent Engineering & Foundry. Cooke, a former electrical engineer for the BBC, was eager to experiment with new materials and technologies in order to develop goods that could replicate recordings in a manner that was as authentic as the original performance.

The three-way K1, the original KEF speaker, used synthetic materials. The first truly high-fidelity two-way ultracompact speaker system, called Celeste, was created the following year.

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Every pair of Reference Model 104 can be matched to the laboratory-maintained reference standard within 0.5dB, pioneering the use of digital technology to provide the utmost audio accuracy. ​

The LS3/5a, a classic small monitor created at the BBC in 1975 and influenced by KEF drivers, revolutionised the audio experience. It was renowned for providing exact, accurate sound for the recording and broadcast industries, and it is still mentioned with awe today.

  • KEF LS50 Wireless II

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    KEF LS50 Wireless II

    The LS50 Wireless II is more than just a high-performance speaker; it's the ideal all-in-one speaker system that streams audio from any source thanks to wireless connectivity with AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and more, as well as cable connectors for your TV, gaming console, and turntable. Excellent sound with no obligations.

  • KEF Ventura 5

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    KEF Ventura 5

    The KEF Ventura 5 all-weather outdoor speaker pair enables you to enjoy your music without any limitations on the patio, beside the pool, or on your yacht. Extreme heat and cold, seaside situations, high humidity—all of these conditions are where the KEF Ventura Series has been over-tested to perform better than the competition. They'll keep providing you with lovely sound for years to come.

Best Products of All Time

With the introduction of the Corelli, Calinda, and Cantata in 1976, the design methodology was improved into a new approach to loudspeaker development known as computer assisted “Total System Design.” Reference Model 105 was one of the most innovative and cutting-edge loudspeakers ever introduced a year later, in 1977. Since its debut, the Reference Series has consistently established the standard for loudspeakers.

  • Ci200ER
  • REFERENCE 8b Subwoofer
  • LSX II
  • LS60 Wireless
  • LS50 Meta
  • Q350 Bookshelf Speaker
  • Q950 Floorstander Speaker
  • Ci5160REF-THX
  • R7
  • Reference 4 Meta
  • Reference 1 Meta
  • Reference 3 Meta
  • MUON
  • Kube10b Subwoofer

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Through a number of technical advancements, such as coupled-cavity bass loading, which significantly improved bass performance, force-cancelling and driver decoupling, which eliminated cabinet coloration, and the KEF Universal Bass Equaliser (KUBE), which allowed extended bass from small enclosures, KEF maintained its reputation for excellence with the highly regarded Reference Series.

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  • Create a truly cinematic scale
  • Incredibly compact
  • Deep, accurate bass
  • Innovative KEF engineering
  • Surround sound
  • Acoustic prowess
  • World-class industrial design
  • Treble driver
  • High-resolution sound
  • Aluminium dome tweeter
  • Revelation for clarity
  • Delivering a sensation

KEF has continued to create products that are unique and of the highest calibre, such as the Coda 7, Q Series, Reference Series Model 109, and Monitor Series. The Japanese press named the Reference Series Model 105/3, which uses the second iteration of Uni-Q technology, “Best Imported Speaker” in 1992.

The development of home theatre systems was remarkable in the 1990s. KEF debuted the Model 100 centre speaker in 1993, and it quickly gained a competitive edge. The following year, KEF was one of the first firms to introduce a THX-approved home theatre system featuring a ground-breaking subwoofer/satellite design and front speakers with vertically oriented surrounds.

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Is KEF a good brand of speakers?

The audio industry holds KEF in high regard as a manufacturer of high-end speakers with superior sound quality. KEF is one of the top brands on the market, according to many audiophiles and industry experts, and their speakers frequently receive favorable reviews and comparisons. The company has a long history of innovation and is known for creating some of the greatest speakers on the market.

Your personal preferences and budget situation will determine whether KEF is the right brand for you, but in general, they are regarded as a very good option for people searching for high-quality speakers.

Are KEF speakers high end?

KEF is known for making excellent speakers that are frequently ranked among the best on the market. Despite the fact that they offer a range of goods from entry-level to high-end, they are frequently regarded as a premium brand and their speakers are frequently priced accordingly. Many of their models are regarded as high-end, and they frequently come equipped with cutting-edge technologies and inventive designs that enhance their superior sound quality. KEF does, however, provide a number of less expensive speakers that are built to provide good sound quality at a more reasonable price. Depending on its particular characteristics and price range, a KEF speaker may or may not be categorized as high-end.

Are KEF speakers worth the money?

Audiophiles and industry experts frequently give KEF speakers excellent marks for quality and performance. Due to their superior sound quality, creative designs, and cutting-edge technologies, many people think they are worth the money. Nevertheless, your own preferences and budget situation will determine whether or not KEF speakers are worthwhile for you. KEF can be an excellent option for you if you’re seeking for high-quality speakers and are prepared to spend money on a high-end item. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, there might be other brands that provide comparable quality at a lower price.

Are KEF speakers made in China?

At its headquarters and factories in the UK, the British company KEF designs and produces a wide variety of audio devices, including speakers. Although some of the parts used in KEF products may come from other nations, the speakers made by the company are designed and put together at its facilities in the UK. KEF speakers are not produced in China as a result. It is important to keep in mind that many other businesses in the audio sector, including some with headquarters in the UK or other nations, manufacture all or a portion of their products in China, so it is always a good idea to check the product’s origin if that is something that is important to you.

What does KEF audio stand for?

Kent Engineering & Foundry is known as KEF. In Kent, England, in 1961, electrical engineer Raymond Cooke established the business. Cooke gave the business the initials of the county where its headquarters were located along with the first two letters of his last name. KEF is recognized today for creating high-quality audio products that are sold all over the world, such as speakers, headphones, and home theater systems. Despite having a global presence, KEF’s headquarters are still in the UK, and the company still designs and produces its goods there.

Does KEF support Dolby Atmos?

KEF offers a range of speakers that are compatible with Dolby Atmos, including their R Series, LS50 Meta, and LS50 Wireless II models. These speakers are designed to produce sound in all directions, including the vertical plane, and can be used in a Dolby Atmos setup to create an immersive listening experience. If you are interested in using Dolby Atmos with your KEF speakers, it is a good idea to check the specifications of the specific model you are considering to ensure that it is compatible with the technology.

Are KEF speakers THX certified?

While not all KEF speakers are THX certified, some are. THX is a company that certifies audio and visual products that adhere to strict guidelines for performance, dependability, and sound quality. A product must pass stringent testing and follow to a specific set of requirements in order to receive THX certification.

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