Q Acoustics Concept 40 Review – Floorstanding Speaker

Builds on the brand's advantages to provide a very warm sound

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated January 11, 2023
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Q Acoustics Concept 40 Review – Floorstanding Speaker

It’s always encouraging to see emerging businesses receive the credit they merit for their offerings. And Q Acoustics is one such company that is well-known in the home theatre industry. They may not have the history or tradition of some of the other major companies in this sector, but in the short time they have been on the speakers market, they have managed to make a name for themselves by providing high standards of performance and quality at competitive costs. Today’s Q Acoustics Concept 40 review will focus on one of the floorstander speakers from the Concept series, which was introduced a few years ago but continues to create waves thanks to its performance.

The Q Acoustics Concept 500 speakers, which were fantastic speakers and managed to offer us an amazing experience, were their first attempt at the high end market. The floorstanders we’ll be looking at today, the Concept 40, are the sort that are a little more practical and more inexpensive for the average customer, yet they still manage to share some of the same technology that we’ll discuss in a moment. It’s important to note that the Concept 40 introduced Q Acoustics Gelcore technology, with the Concept 500 just taking it a step further.

Our Verdict


Although Q Acoustics has already produced a number of floorstanders, the Concept 40 is clearly not your typical speaker in terms of its design and cabinet construction.


  • Refined balance
  • Surprising sonic agility and composure
  • Impressive build


  • Slightly polite sonic balance may be a little too smooth for some

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  • The Concept 40 is Q Acoustics’ flagship floor-standing speaker delivers an unparalleled sonic performance.
  • The Concept 40’s extraordinary soundstage, dynamics and sheer musicality is achieved by incorporating its bespoke drive units into a ‘GelcoreTM Construction’ cabinet, allowing the drive units to perform at their very impressive best.

What’s in the box?

2 x Concept 40 Floorstanding Speakers, 2 x Speaker Grills, 2 x Glass Floor Outrigger Stands, 2 x Outrigger Stand Screws, 4 x Floor Spikes, 4 x Floor Spike Locking Nuts, 8 x Rubber Spike Protectors and 4 x Bi-wire Linking Plates.

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Q Acoustics Concept 40 Floorstanding Speaker is available for just under ₹139,900 (pair). You can get more detailed information about the Q Acoustics 40 current price and availability by consulting us.



The Concept 40s are medium-sized 2-way reflex floor standers that measure 972 h x 288 w x 380 d mm. They are essentially an upgraded version of the 20s, but they also have two 125 mm mid-bass drivers in addition to the 25 mm soft dome tweeter. The cabinets have rounded corners and a high gloss finish that make even audio atheists want to pause and have a listen. They are supported by three substantial floor spikes, the back two of which are joined to elegant glass stabilising “wings.”

The clever cabinet design uses an inner and an exterior MDF shell that are joined by a non-setting Gelcore material. This keeps the cabinet entirely dead, prevents cabinet resonances, and converts undesired energy waves into heat. By securing a sheet of butyl rubber to the front of the cabinet with the aid of the aluminium front plate, into which the drivers are attached, it also serves to assist avoid undesirable resonances. All of this results in rather quiet cabinets and, presumably, completely colourless sound. The Concept 40s come in gloss white or, if that’s not enough macho for you, gloss black.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

It has the same signature Q Acoustics sound that we all know and love. This calls for a polished presentation that sacrifices overt enthusiasm for comfort in listening. When it comes to pure exhilaration or giddiness, the Tannoy Revolution XT6Fs are much superior to the Concept 40s. However, they choose not to. Instead, Q Acoustics wants to provide you with a sound that you will like listening to for a long time.

Although it would be simple to write off these speakers as being too courteous, doing so would be wrong. These are not as relaxed as the Cabasse Jersey MT32s. In short, concept 40 has excellent sound quality, and we highly suggest it.

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Brand : Q Acoustics
Model : Concept 40
Crossover Frequency : 2.3kHz
Dimensions : 972 x 388 x 288 mm /38.3 x 15 x 11.3″ Cabinet
Treble Unit : 25mm
Bass Unit : 2 x 125mm
Weight: 18.5kg /40.8 lb


Is q acoustic concept 40 good choice?

The Q Acoustics Concept 40 is a high-quality bookshelf speaker that has received positive reviews from customers and audio professionals. It is known for its excellent sound quality and ability to produce a wide range of frequencies, as well as its stylish design.

Overall, the Concept 40 is considered to be a good choice for people who are looking for a high-quality bookshelf speaker. However, as with any speaker, it’s always a good idea to do your research and read reviews to ensure that it is the right fit for your needs and budget.

Is q acoustic speaker good for outdoor?

Q Acoustic speakers are generally high-quality speakers that are suitable for use indoors. However, not all Q Acoustic speakers are designed for outdoor use.

If you are looking for an outdoor speaker, you will want to choose a model that is specifically designed for outdoor use. These speakers are typically weather-resistant and able to withstand exposure to elements such as rain and sunlight.

To find an outdoor speaker from Q Acoustic, you can try searching for “outdoor speakers” on the Q Acoustic website or looking for speakers with specific features such as weather-resistance or waterproofing. Keep in mind that outdoor speakers may be more expensive than indoor models, so you may want to consider your budget when making a decision.

Q acoustics speakers quality?

Q Acoustics is a well-regarded brand that produces high-quality speakers. Their speakers are known for their excellent sound quality and ability to produce a wide range of frequencies, as well as their durability and good value for money.

In general, Q Acoustic speakers are highly rated by customers and audio professionals. However, as with any speaker brand, there may be some variations in quality between different models. It’s always a good idea to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product.

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The Q Acoustics Concept 40s are another excellent speaker from this relatively new speaker company. They provide excellent value for the money and more than just a little window into the high end. These speakers should easily integrate into any system since they are pleasingly melodic and have the capacity to follow the peaks and valleys of musical performances with transparency and a noticeable absence of congestion. They are sure to be a welcomed addition to any house because to their stunning appearance and their simple to listen to, well-balanced, and detailed sound. The bass of these speakers should be enough for the majority of users.

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