BenQ GV30 Review: A Smart Portable Projector

A wireless portable projector with 720p resolution that seeks to make setup a breeze

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated November 16, 2022
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BenQ GV30 Review: A Smart Portable Projector

The BenQ GV30 will surprise you even if projector designs haven’t changed much in a while. With a lovely spherical form and a leather strap, this smart projector incorporates magnets on a stand that can be used to change viewing angles. It runs Android TV on the inside, but there are restrictions on which apps will function. Even if the screen is not the brightest during the day, if the environment is sufficiently dark, it performs excellent.

Android TV is supported by the GV30, however it is not built into the projector. As an alternative, it is contained in a dongle that must be manually installed by prying open the side. You are given a puck to assist you in doing this. After installation, Android TV is immediately activated by the projector. You may output from your laptop or phone using HDMI or USB-C DisplayPort. The projector is held in place by magnets on the GV30 stand, which is included. The projector can be moved along the stand thanks to its spherical construction, and magnets lock it in place so you can change the projection angle all the way up to the ceiling.

The GV30 can project a 100-inch screen, although it’s really only clear in slightly dimmer environments. The GV30 is rated as being brighter than the Viewsonic M1+, with 300 ANSI lumens as opposed to 120 ANSI lumens. However, colours look washed out at their brightest. It’s best to keep it at the 50 setting. But in a dimly lit space, the colour stands out and is really obvious. Despite its compact size, the sound quality is superb and the bass is substantial. Battery life is less than two hours when used normally, however you can extend its life by using a power-saving mode at the expense of brightness.

Our Verdict


The GV30 gives the portable projector a modern twist. With Android TV built-in, it’s perfect for streaming services. Its sleek, durable form is engineered to be moved from room to room or even taken outside for outdoor viewing.


  • Flexible design
  • Likeable HD pictures
  • Impressive stereo sound


  • 720p resolution
  • No Netflix or deep, inky blacks

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  • 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speakers with Extra Bass
  • 720p HD Resolution & 300 ANSI Lumens with Android TV
  • 135° Projection Angle with Auto Focus & Vertical Keystone

What’s in the box?

Power Plug, Warranty Card, Bluetooth Remote Control and Manual

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The BenQ GV30 is available for just under ₹49,990. You can get more detailed information about the GV30 current price in India and availability by consulting us.



The BenQ GV30 is not the most aesthetically pleasing projector. And I say this in comparison to portable projectors like the ViewSonic M1+ G2, which has a fashionable appearance and is still incredibly portable. Similar to this, the Elfin Mini projector from the unpopular projector manufacturer XGIMI takes a more conventional box-shaped design despite being extremely sleek and offering Full-HD quality. As a result, I will discuss portability in terms of look in this section, and I will explore functional design considerations in the section after that.

The BenQ GV30 has a wheel design and a magnetic base that makes it easier to change viewing angles. The projector’s body has a white finish, which might need to be cleaned sometimes because it can collect fingerprint smudges. The thick base is finished in a matte, non-glossy chocolate, and it features a fibre cover at the bottom to help users move the gadget across smooth surfaces without leaving scratch marks. Speaker grills are present on either side, and the connectivity ports are also visible. One HDMI port, one USB-C port, one 3.5mm audio output port, and one power port are all present. The wireless connectivity choices include dual-band Wi-Fi compatibility and older Bluetooth 4.2.

Picture Quality

Sound Quality

The GV30 doesn’t have the finest image quality or the most vivid display due to its 720p resolution and 24-bit colour depth. It does, however, its absolute best with what it has. Although we do advise keeping the screen size in the 50-80 inch range, if possible, for best results, the image clarity is good enough to be displayed at any angle despite the comparatively low resolution. We’re pleased to report that text appears sharp on the display. If you watch movies and TV shows with subtitles on, whether out of necessity or preference, that’s fantastic news. It also significantly improves the watchability of foreign dubbed films like The Raid and Parasite.

Movies and television shows with consistently bright colour palettes perform significantly better because the GV30’s lumen count is already so low. The GV30 displays animated programmes like The Simpsons and Rick & Morty beautifully, making it ideal for binge-watching shorter-length cartoons. But when you start to watch darker movies and television shows, everything starts to fall apart. The darker colours were difficult for even somewhat brighter shows like Marvel’s What If? The corners of the screen were usually particularly difficult to see. In our tests, this also applied to gritty television programmes like The Mandalorian and The Walking Dead, which were almost impossible to watch in highly illuminated settings.

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Brand : BenQ
Model : GV30
Brightness : 300
Native Resolution : 720p (1280×720)
Contrast Ratio : 100000:1
Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm) : 120.0mm(W)*195.8mm(H)*185.0mm(D)
Net Weight (kg) : 1.6kg

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The BenQ GV30, which I previously noted, offers an intriguing perspective on entertainment and isn’t overly expensive given its asking price. A smart TV doesn’t require a dark room or the availability of a big white wall devoid of any fixtures or wall art, unlike utilising a projector. Having said that, I believe the BenQ GV30 is a solid contender for a replacement due to its versatility and all-around skills. In contrast to a smart TV, you can easily move it to any room, take it to a friend’s house, use it to project some backdrop images at a party on the patio, or use it for more serious work (like client presentations or in a school)… The options do seem limitless.

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