Paradigm Premier 600C Review – Center Channel Speaker

Paradigm's Premier 600C gets top marks for its impressive delivery of both voices and center channel sound effects.

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated January 4, 2023
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Paradigm Premier 600C Review – Center Channel Speaker

The Paradigm Premier 600C is a three-way passive radiator centre channel speaker. A home theatre system’s centre channel speaker is crucial since it transmits to the listener a sizable portion of the conversation from your television. The Paradigm Premier speaker series, which was introduced at the start of 2019, is another excellent addition to the lineup from the firm with its headquarters in Canada. The research and development efforts used to build the company’s signature Persona brand of speakers gave birth to this new line of speakers. a genuine trickle-down impact. The identical design motif on the tweeter and midrange grills is immediately observable.

Paradigm refers to it as Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA)Tweeter and Midrange Lens Technology. It is designed to increase and smooth sound output without coloration by blocking out-of-phase frequencies. Plus, they look cool. In fact, the speakers look great. I received a pair of the 600C center channel in the Espresso Grain finish. One could also order these in Gloss White or Gloss Black. Given the excellent build quality of these, I’m sure any of the finishes will look superb. Also sent were a pair of Surround 3 to complete the 5 channel setup. Previously, I have reviewed the Paradigm Defiance X12 subwoofer, a likely addition to this setup. Let’s find out more details about paradigm premier 600c.

Our Verdict


An excellent high-quality speaker system that excels on movies and music without breaking the bank.


  • Excellent build quality for the price range
  • Large, crystal-clear, and with a neutral tone
  • Dynamism and impact in a stylish package.


  • The low-frequency punch is insufficient to operate without a subwoofer.

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  • Acoustic suspension (sealed) speaker enclosure
  • Made in Paradigm’s state-of-the-art Canadian facility
  • Magnetic grille included
  • Dual 5-way binding posts allow bi-amping or bi-wiring
  • Furniture-grade gloss black finish

What’s in the box?

Center-channel loudspeaker, Grille, 2 Binding-post jumpers (pre-installed), 4 Rubber feet, Owner’s Manual, Online Registration Card and Center Channel Elevation Gauge.

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Paradigm Premier 600C is available for just under ₹120,000. You can get more detailed information about the Premier 600C current price and availability by consulting us.



The Premier 600C is a sizable piece of equipment that weighs 19,5 kg and is just 10 cm shy of being a full metre wide. From a sonic perspective, it may be placed on a dedicated stand the most effectively. The 600C has a woodgrain finish and is available in gloss black or white. It has a certain tactile quality. The enclosure’s construction from thick, 19 mm MDF gives it a substantial, comfortingly inert feeling.

The overall rigidity and solidity are increased by a 25 mm baffle, which also serves as a stable base for the six drivers. To keep prying eyes off the drivers, a black cloth grille with a magnetic location is offered. Similar to the 800F, the enclosure has rounded endpieces finished in composite and a tapering shape towards the back. A bass port at the back verifies the enclosure’s identity as a bass reflex while a dual pair of binding posts at the rear enable bi-wiring.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

As soon as I sat down to listen to the Paradigms, the advantages of placing closely related, voice-matched speakers throughout the front stage of a surround sound system became immediately apparent. The soundtracks sprang to life because of their flawless cohesiveness and clear purpose. It was also clear that the full-range front and centre combo could offer its audio products with greater depth and meat, allowing the subwoofer to focus on producing sub-bass frequencies. The front stage was presented smoothly and envelopingly, and the important dialogue was delivered with presence and strength. The transition from bass to midrange was smooth and pleasingly linear.

The 600C managed to portray timbre and tone with a pervasive sense of authenticity while also handling complicated soundtracks and highly crowded mixes with ease. It did this without ever losing its knack for precision and calm.

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Brand : Paradigm
Model : Premier 600C
Frequency Response : 60-25,000 Hz (±3dB)
Dimensions : 35-11/16″W x 8-3/16″H x 13-11/16″D
Weight : 19.5 kg


How is the design of Paradigm Premier 600C?

The 600C has a gloss finish that gives it a sophisticated and high-end look, and it is designed to be unobtrusive, with a minimal footprint that allows it to fit easily into most spaces. The speaker is also designed to be easy to install, with a flexible mounting system that allows it to be placed on a shelf, wall-mounted, or used as a stand-alone speaker.

Paradigm Premier 600C good for small room?

The Paradigm Premier 600C is a relatively compact center channel speaker that may be suitable for use in a small room. It has a sleek and modern design, with a minimal footprint that allows it to fit easily into most spaces. The speaker is also designed to produce a clear, detailed sound with good imaging and a wide soundstage, which may make it well-suited for use in a small room.

Does Paradigm Premier 600C has good sound quality?

It is generally well-regarded as a high-quality speaker and is praised by many users for its sound quality. The 600C is equipped with high-quality drivers and a powerful amplifier that are capable of delivering a clear, detailed sound with good imaging and a wide soundstage. Many users report that the 600C is able to produce a full-range sound that enhances the overall audio experience in a home theater system.

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The new Paradigm Premier 600C is an excellent deal for anyone searching for an immersive home cinema experience beyond what soundbars and other tiny speaker options can offer. For me, the audio has always made up 50% of the home theatre experience, so it seems wasteful to see a big-budget film without good audio. The Paradigm Premier speakers are content to play at average volume levels, but they would truly shine with some good power. Outstanding speaker design by Paradigm, highly recommended.

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    Rich sound and aesthetic look speaker form Paradigm

    By Tarun Verma 

    Length of Use: 1–2 years

    Overall Experience:

    The sound and the finish are gorgeous. When the grill is removed, the drivers appear outstanding. Despite the speaker’s size, the profile isn’t excessively tall.


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