Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F Review – Floorstanding Speaker

Highly Democratic Yet Capable of Producing a True Audio Feast

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated January 5, 2023
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Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F Review – Floorstanding Speaker

The elder model of the Monitor series made by the Canadian business Paradigm, noted for its mathematical approach to generating correct acoustics, is the Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F floor standing units. The speaker leads a group of six models that are linked together by shared technologies, components, and series features. These systems are in the budget category, but Canadians know how to obtain good sound on a budget.

The Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F is a 5-driver, 3-way bass reflex loudspeaker that incorporates features often seen in much more costly loudspeakers. Paradigm is well-known for its ability to create acoustics that complements the accuracy of real Hi-Fi – high fidelity systems.

Monitor SE systems and make use of Paradigm’s foundational research into sound science. These include, in particular, studies done by Paradigm in collaboration with the Canadian National Research Council (NRC). An ongoing study is being conducted to discover the real nature of sound and human hearing. The findings affected the design and performance of Paradigm loudspeakers, as well as the development of several novel materials and patented audio technologies employed in these systems.

Our Verdict

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The new Monitor SE 8000F offers a sleek and economical entry to the world of high-performance audio.


  • Amazing performance
  • Powerful sound
  • Not expensive


  • Only two finishes

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  • The ‘8000F employs a three-way speaker system.
  • The bass is handled by three 8″ speakers, while the midrange is handled by a 6-1/2″ driver.
  • The highs, mids, and bass frequencies provide a lot of clarity and soundstage separation.
  • The bass and midrange drivers are mineral-filled polypropylene with an inverted dust cover.
  • This design makes the drivers lightweight and rigid, helping them to keep up with the most demanding music and flicks.
  • If you leave the grilles off, the precisely constructed surrounds serve to limit the linear motion of the cones while also giving them a low-profile look.
  • The rear-firing ports provide depth and power to the low-end response.

What’s in the box?

Floorstanding loudspeaker, 4 Rubber feet, 4 Spike feet, Owner’s Manual, Online Registration Card, Unboxing Instructions

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F is available for just under ₹1,68,900.00. You can get more detailed information about the Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F current price and availability by consulting us.



The Monitor SE 8000F, like other Paradigm loudspeakers, is designed to produce audio realism that is indistinguishable from live performance, as well as realistic musical performance that is available everywhere you listen. The Monitor SE 8000F is equipped to provide exhilarating effects and lifelike details in home theatre systems, in addition to traditional stereo applications. X-PAL pure aluminium dome tweeters are used in the SE 8000F. These are ferrofluid damping and cooling dynamic drivers. The unique PPA acoustic perforated phase-alignment lens, which can be found in the brand’s most reference models, protects them. This unique design functions as an advanced phase shutter, filtering out a wide variety of out-of-phase frequencies and boosting and smoothing the output signal without coloring it.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Just because a speaker isn’t expensive doesn’t mean you can’t get amazing performance out of it. If you want room-filling, powerful sound, Paradigm’s Monitor SE 8000F tower is an excellent choice. The cutting-edge tweeter collaborates with four rapid, precise woofers to add width and vitality to your favorite tunes.

If you want a great surround sound system, these are the ones to choose from. You may put together a powerful home cinema system by purchasing the SE 2000C center channel, two SE Atom bookshelf speakers, and a Defiance V or Defiance X-series subwoofer.

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Brand : Paradigm
Model : Monitor SE 8000F
Dimensions : 45.88” x 11.75” x 17.69” (116.5 x 29.8 x 44.93cm)
DESIGN : 5-driver, 3-way bass reflex, floorstanding
Frequency Response : ±3dB from 45 Hz – 21 kHz
AMPLIFIER POWER RANGE : 15 – 150 watts


Is Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F best speaker?

With the SE 8000F loudspeaker, Paradigm pleasantly surprised me. They have responded to the BIG Box speaker category that dominates the Best Buys and Internet Direct marketplaces, despite the fact that it lacks the sophistication and objectivity of the more costly Premier series.

Does Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F has good sound quality?

Even if a speaker isn’t pricey, you may still receive outstanding performance from it. The Monitor SE 8000F tower from Paradigm is a great option if you want loud, room-filling sound. Four quick, accurate woofers work in tandem with a state-of-the-art tweeter to give your favourite songs more depth and vibrancy.

These are the models to pick from if you want a fantastic surround sound system. By purchasing the SE 2000C centre channel, two SE Atom bookshelf speakers, plus a Defiance V or Defiance X-series subwoofer, you may assemble a powerful home theatre system.

How is the design of Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F?

The Monitor SE 8000F is meant to offer audio realism that is indistinguishable from live performance and realistic musical performance that is accessible anywhere you listen, much like other Paradigm loudspeakers. In addition to conventional stereo applications, the Monitor SE 8000F is geared to deliver thrilling effects and lifelike details in home theatre systems. The SE 8000F has X-PAL pure aluminium dome tweeters. These dynamic drivers for ferrofluid cooling and damping. They are safeguarded by the distinctive PPA acoustic perforated phase-alignment lens, which is included in the majority of the brand’s reference models. By filtering out a wide range of out-of-phase frequencies and amplifying and smoothing the output signal without adding colour, this novel design serves as an improved phase shutter.

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The Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F is highly democratic yet capable of producing a true audio feast. The frequency limitations and sensitivity characteristics show that the system is at an advanced stage of development. Downroll speaker bezels provide speakers with a sophisticated aesthetic that complements any décor. This is also reflected in the completion of proportionate, discrete examples. They come in high-gloss white or matt black. The new Monitor SE 8000F is part of the Paradigm family of high-performance loudspeakers, and it’s built to transform the way you think and feel about your entertainment, just like other Paradigm loudspeakers.

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    Although the bass is excellent, some people may still prefer a powered subwoofer.

    By Nitin Pragapati 

    Overall Experience:

    For a long time, I have loved Paradigm subwoofers. I made the decision to check out these tower speakers, and thus far, I am pleased. I’m using a Cambridge Audio integrated amp to power these. This system only has two channels for music.


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