Naim NAC 202 Review – Pre Amplifier

Naim’s power amps to produce a sound

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated December 16, 2022
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Naim NAC 202 Review – Pre Amplifier

From our entry-level NAC 152 XS, the Naim NAC 202 is the next step up, incorporating star-earthed circuit boards for improved transparency and an even lower resonance circuit configuration. It offers several extension and upgrades possibilities, including AV bypass connections to external AV amplifiers and connection to a StageLine phonostage.

Along with the normal assortment of DIN sockets, the NAC 202 preamp also contains two pairs of RCA sockets, and two of the inputs may be set up as either DIN or RCA phono input. You can have extra RS-232 control connections for usage in multiroom systems in addition to the usual remote handset and sophisticated control system, which includes an RC-5 input for hidden operation.

Our Verdict


A convincing all-arounder and the perfect complement for the power amps offered by the firm.


  • Attack, timing, and refinement are classic Naim qualities.
  • Enhancement potential


  • At least, consider the NAPSC outboard power supply to be a necessary buy.

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  • To facilitate connecting to a larger range of systems, support is provided for both DIN and RCA inputs.
  • AV input with user-configurable unity-gain
  • Powered input for StageLine or Prefix phono stages
  • Integration of Naim Audio devices’ remote controls using the RC5 input and Smart IR technology.
  • RS232 input/output options for use with fully automated home systems
  • Can be powered by the NAP 155 XS or NAP 200 power amplifier’s preamp inputs or an external power source (see Upgrade Path)

What’s in the box?

Amplifier, NARCOM Remote Control, Power-Line Lite, mains cable

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Naim NAC 202 is available for just under ₹2,93,000. You can get more detailed information about the Naim NAC 202 current price and availability by consulting us.



The Naim NAC 202’s six inputs may be chosen directly from the front panel via the NARCOM system remote. Two of the inputs may be set up for use with the more popular RCA phono connections in addition to the standard DIN inputs, which are recommended for their superior earthing and impedance matching. This enables the use of a broad variety of cables and non-Naim components. Additionally, a dedicated unity-gain input is offered for use with the Naim AV2 processor or a comparable device.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

A NAP 200 DR or other external power source provides power to the NAC 202. The NAC 202’s main component is a large circuit board. To lessen microphony, careful circuit arrangement, grounding, and mechanical decoupling are all employed. For volume control, Naim uses a premium Alps motorized potentiometer. Naim is the only firm that produces amplifiers in nearly the same way. The Naim amplifier series has a distinctive dynamic sound as a result of this focus on detail.

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Brand : Naim
Model : NAC 202
Dimensions : 87 x 432 x 314 mm
Weight : 7.0 kg
Input Impedance : 47kΩ
Input Sensitivity : 75mV
Analogue Input : 4 x DIN, 2 x RCA
Supply Voltage : 24V

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We have no doubt that this preamp will prove to be as dependable as any other Naim since the construction is as sturdy as ever. thus taking just as long to run in!

This preamp pairs with one of Naim’s power amps to produce a sound that is polished at the high end and devoid of any harshness until properly warmed up, which can take at least a week. Even when the mix becomes complicated, individual instruments are still simple to follow and the detail resolution is up to par with class standards.

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    Great sound output I really Loved this preamplifer

    By Zaher 

    Overall Experience:

    This is an all one that is ideal for a simple high fidelity streaming. It punches above it”s weight. The app interface is easy and well designed. Put it all together and bam!


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