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Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated January 10, 2023
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Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex Review

A compact table speaker made by a respected company that has been using speakers for a very long time. The 21 cm tall Flex works well on its own in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom or as a wireless stereo system when coupled with another Flex speaker. The options are endless if you pick speakers from B & W’s Formation line, much like table speakers from brands like Sonos. We have already put the soundboard Formation Bar, the wireless Formation Duo, and the exceptionally talented Formation Wedge to the test. Flex is the smallest member of B&W’s Formation line of wireless multi-room systems.

Like the other variants in the series, the Flex supports Spotify Direct, Tidal, Bluetooth (aptX HD), AirPlay 2 over Wi-Fi, and Roon for those who want to manage their streaming services through a single app. also supports Amazon Alexa via the app, for those who prefer voice control over the music.

Our Verdict


The Formation Duos wireless speakers are exceptionally talented and refined. The Duos are extremely accurate speakers that execute quickly and with outstanding precision, making you want to play tune after song.


  • Beautiful design
  • Exceptional audio clarity
  • Hi-Res audio support


  • Quite costly
  • Nothing “smart”

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  • High-quality music streaming is provided by supported devices using aptX HD and AAC decoding.
  • For streaming music from an iPhone, iPod, or computer’s iTunes®, use Apple AirPlay 2.
  • Enabling wireless multi-room audio, a proprietary Formation mesh network
  • Resolution for streaming music of up to 24-bit/96kHz
  • To almost completely remove latency, in-room speakers must sync in 1 microsecond.
  • One 4″ braided glass fiber cone bass/midrange driver and a 1″ double dome tweeter

What’s in the box?

Wireless audio loudspeaker, 6.5′ AC power cord, Bowers & Wilkins Formation Brochure, Safety & Warranty Information, Roon Brochure

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex is available for just under ₹82,000. You can get more detailed information about the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex current price and availability by consulting us.



The Flex resembles a Formation speaker without a doubt. It has a cross-section that is almost exactly midway between a square and a circle and is a silky, black cylinder. It is meant to be the kitchen or bedroom speaker of the range because it is over 21 cm tall. It is not just a perfect size for placing on a shelf or work area, but it is also reassuringly weighty at 2.3kg. It will be difficult to accidentally tip it over.

There are controls for volume, pause/play, and a Formation icon control for usage during setup, input cycling, and stereo pairing on the top, which is a black touch-sensitive surface. Although some people might like hard buttons, there is no denying that this strategy is slick.

The only emphasis on the sophisticated look is the brushed metal base. The ports are carefully concealed behind. One is for the power cord, one is for Ethernet (for those who prefer a wired connection), one is for the reset button, and one is for a service-only USB port. With a wired device, auxiliary playback is not available.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

If you have two Flex speakers, you may use them as a stereo pair or even connect them to the Formation Bar and Bass to create a 5.1 set up. Despite being unable to test the home theatre setup, we are fortunate to have two Flex units to use alone and in stereo.

When played as a stereo pair, the sound is much more resonant. Even while the additional dimension makes some of those performance gaps smaller, it still falls short of the desired dynamic fluidity or openness.

The Flex performs quite clinically. It seems too engineered. It seems as though the warmth and expression have been overlooked in favor of the accuracy and detail of the sound. The accompanying vocalists and huge band for Winehouse seem more concerned with getting through the song flawlessly than with keeping the crowd entertained.

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Brand : Bowers & Wilkins
Model : Formation Flex
Dimensions : 310mm x 180mm x 210mm
Net Weight : 4kg
Frequency Response : 51Hz – 22kHz on reference axis (wall mounted)
Impedance :
Frequency range : -6dB at 46Hz and 50kHz (wall mounted)
Recommended amplifier power : 20W – 100W into 8Ω on unclipped program

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The Flex, the smallest speaker in the new Formation family from Bowers & Wilkins, yet sounds large. The Flex is not your typical entry-level speaker because of its pricing, sound quality, and absence of a built-in voice assistant. As a result, not everyone will purchase it. However, those who do will be astounded by the sound (and looks). Make sure it’s somewhere you can play it loud, though.

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    The best tiniest wireless speaker with powerful sound

    By Ayushman Malwar 

    Length of Use: 6–12 months

    Overall Experience:

    The tiniest wireless speaker produces a powerful sound. Working independently, in stereo with a Flex partner, or as part of a surround-sound setup with Formation Bar. This Bowers and Wilkins Formation Flex speaker is the best available, offering crystal-clear sound in a portable, flexible form.


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