Xgimi Aura Review: 4K Ultra Projector

A Great 4k Projector with Impressive Definition and Clarity

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated November 16, 2022
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Xgimi Aura Review: 4K Ultra Projector

The Xgimi Aura 4K DLP UST laser projector lowers the barrier to entry to display a sizable, sharp, and brilliant image on your wall. The Aura’s limited colour calibration options make it impossible to achieve a really accurate image, making it more of a “TV replacement” than a “home theatre in your living room.” Fortunately, the laser light source’s original colour temperature still enables it to shine at its brightest while providing an extremely watchable—if slightly cool—picture quality.

The price of the XGIMI Aura 4K is appealing, and Android TV functionality is excellent. Although its image quality potential is restricted by the limited calibration and tuning choices, it nevertheless has a crisp lens, produces a nice image, and its good value is evident.

Our Verdict


The XGIMI Aura is an excellent 4K projector with superb acoustics that offers enormous ultra-short throw images for an affordable price.


  • Excellent sound for a projector
  • Bright picture with punchy colours
  • Decent motion handling


  • Missing key apps
  • Poor black detail
  • Some rainbow issues

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  • The Best 4K Experience: Advanced ALPD technology delivers staggeringly crisp 4K UHD and life-like colors for unforgettable movie nights.
  • Fits Into Any Home Decor: Features XGIMI’s award-winning sleek build, transforming any room into a high-end theater.
  • Exceptional Brightness: Packed with bright 2400 ANSI lumens to perfectly illuminate your content with stellar detail any time of day.
  • Cinematic Sound: Harman Kardon’s sound with 2 tweeters and 2 woofers at 15W each unlocks rich audio so you can hear and feel more.
  • Android TV™: Enjoy simple access to 5000+ apps like Disney+, HBO Max, and YouTube through the easy-to-use Android TV™ OS.

What’s in the box?

Power Plug, Warranty Card, Bluetooth Remote Control and Manual

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Xgimi Aura 4K Ultra is available for just under ₹3,50,000. You can get more detailed information about the Aura 4K Ultra current price and availability by consulting us.



The Aura differs from most UST projectors in terms of appearance. Instead, its silver finish gives it a distinctive look. When I first saw the images, I wasn’t a fan of the design, but in person, the projector is rather fashionable; its imposing profile makes me think of a sci-fi dreadnought. A fabric cover for the speakers and black air intake and exhaust vents on the sides are part of the design appeal. The black accents on the laser housing contrast sharply with the rest of the design. Here, XGIMI made a fantastic job with the design. The Aura should blend in perfectly with the rest of your home decor and doesn’t initially appear to be a projector.

Picture Quality

Sound Quality

The Aura’s keen attention to detail is its greatest asset. Strangely enough, although it isn’t particularly bright—I tested the maximum brightness at 170cd/m2 on the regular brightness setting—subjectively it feels incredibly bright, producing clean, evenly lit images that positively sizzle with fine detail. Even though I’m used to viewing 4K content at close range on a 100-inch screen, I was frequently astounded by how much detail you could discern on an actor’s face, in their attire, or even in the landscape or backdrop scenery during longer tracking shots.

I don’t think there is anything that can perform better if you want the clearest, crispest ultra-high definition image conceivable. I tested the Aura on popular superhero films, historical comedies and dramas, sci-fi westerns, and 4K action games, and each one had the same instant wow impact, whether I was watching The Eternals, The Magnificent Mrs Maisel, Outer Range, or Forza Horizon 5. This projector has the ability to deliver images that are both precise and powerful. Watching The Matrix Resurrections in 4K sometimes made the image appear almost holographic, with highly lit details and reflections that seemed to stand out from the rest of the scene.

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Brand : Xgimi
Model : Aura 4K Ultra
Brightness : 2400 ANSI Lumens
Resolution : 3840 x 2160 pixels
Throw Ratio : 0.233:1
Dimensions : 606 x 401 x 139.5mm (HxWxD)
Weight : 11kg

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Since it is a laser UST that is quite affordable, the value proposition of this projector is rather appealing. However, a screen is not included in that price, and nowadays, you can purchase a number of televisions for that sum. If the goal is faithfulness to the artist’s purpose, it’s not the ideal choice for home theatre due to the restricted colour and calibration options. In terms of colour gamut, it falls short of many rival USTs as well.

Despite this, the Aura is a well-built projector with a sharp lens and a silent operation. It has a great remote and decent built-in sound. And, to be perfectly honest, if you simply plug it in and use it to project a 150-inch image on a white wall in a dark room without installing anything at all, this projector’s role in the UST ecosystem becomes a little bit more obvious. At that point, it becomes into a lifestyle item that you might potentially utilise in many settings. It’s not really portable, though. However, it provides a simple method for having a huge TV image practically anyplace there is a white wall.

AudioGuru Staff

AudioGuru Staff

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    A brilliant laser projector for your movie

    By Anuj Thapar 

    Length of Use: 6–12 months

    Overall Experience:

    It gives a great image and picture quality on a white colour wall and you can have detailed picture quality and great sound quality as well. I have been using it since last 6 months no problem at all with picture quality.


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