Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

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Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated January 2, 2023
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Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

The Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speakers follow in the footsteps of its award-winning predecessor. The Q Acoustics 3020i speakers produce deep bass and room-filling sound thanks to 125mm (5 in) and 22mm (0.9 in) precision drivers. The 3020i has the same acoustically ideal front shape but is slightly higher and deeper, resulting in a 25% increase in overall cabinet space. Because of the enlarged internal capacity, the Q Acoustics 3020i has gained an expanded low-frequency response from the ported design, allowing the smallest enclosures in the line to outperform their petite size with an astoundingly large-scale sound.

They have a neutral and clear sound, which makes them a perfect companion for any home audio setup. The Q Acoustics 3020i speakers may be shelf-mounted on compliant, pre-fitted rubber feet, stand-mounted, or wall-mounted on optional, specialized stands and brackets, assuring a flawless fit and filling your chosen listening environment with bold, beautiful sound.

Our Verdict


Overall, the Q Acoustics are a fantastic pair of bookshelf speakers. These stand mounts will make excellent initial speakers due to their size and acoustic analysis.


  • Clear sound
  • decent amount of bass
  • Long lifespan
  • Wide range of accessories


  • lack a bit in the higher frequencies

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  • The Q Acoustics 3020i is a compact bookshelf speaker with a classic, minimalistic design.
  • It features a solid wood cabinet with a wooden front baffle. The speaker’s cabinet is available in multiple finishes.
  • The 3020i is a two-way speaker with a 6.5-inch woofer and a one-inch soft dome tweeter.
  • The speaker has a frequency response of 50 Hz – 25 kHz. It has an impedance of 8 ohms and a sensitivity of 89 dB.
  • The 3020i is one of the best budget bookshelf speakers, but it also has the great sound quality for its price range.
  • It has a clear and balanced sound with a decent amount of bass for a small bookshelf speaker.

What’s in the box?

2 x 3020i Bookshelf Speakers, 2 x Speaker Grilles, 2 x Foam Bungs, 1 x User Manual

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speaker is available for just under ₹38,900. You can get more detailed information about the 3020i current price and availability by consulting us.



Q Acoustics has consistently created visually appealing cabinets, and the 3020i follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the 3020. The curving MDF boxes are a contemporary spin on the classic bookshelf design, and the brilliant chrome frame surrounding the drivers means that most people will skip the magnetic front grilles.

This time, though, each cabinet is 25% larger, and the terminal plugs are now exposed rather than contained inside a little chamber. While they appear to be quite small for a speaker with a 5-inch mid/bass driver and a 0.9-inch tweeter, when viewed from the side, they are quite deep. They’re 11.1 inches deep, and because they’re rear-ported, you’ll want to add a couple of inches for clearance.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

While little extra warmth or bass boost may always offer a set of speakers a pleasing and distinct sound identity, the 3020i features a fairly balanced and accurate tone. The sound is precise across the spectrum but never harsh, and the soundstage is large and wide for a box of this size.

In fact, its balanced tone is quite comparable to the ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2’s that I previously evaluated and praised. The mids of the 3020i feel a little more forward, which lends itself well to vocal-centric tunes. However, the frequency response of 64Hz – 30kHz does not have as much bass extension as the physically larger ELAC boxes. Of course, a subwoofer may be added to the system to reach those deeper lows.

Last but not least, the 3020i’s have an 88dB sensitivity and can be rather loud if needed. They sound terrific in both near-field and far-field listening situations. Filling up tiny and medium-sized rooms is simple.

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Brand : Q Acoustics
Model : Q Acoustics 3020i
Crossover Frequency : 2.4kHz
Dimensions : 278 x 170 x 282 mm
Enclosure Type : 2-Way Reflex
Power Input : 25 – 75w
Weight: 10.59 lbs / (4.8 kg)


which type of speaker is Q Acoustics 3020i?

The Q Acoustics 3020i is a bookshelf speaker, which means it is a compact speaker designed to be placed on a shelf or a stand. Bookshelf speakers are a popular choice for people who want good sound quality but don’t have a lot of space.

The Q Acoustics 3020i is known for its excellent sound quality and ability to produce a wide range of frequencies, as well as its stylish design. It is a good choice for people who are looking for a high-quality bookshelf speaker for use in their home theater or music system.

Is Q Acoustics 3020i expensive?

The price of the Q Acoustics 3020i can vary depending on where you purchase it and any current promotions or sales. In general, the 3020i is considered to be a mid-priced bookshelf speaker, which means it is more expensive than some entry-level models but less expensive than high-end models.

To get a better idea of the current price of the Q Acoustics 3020i, you can check online retailers or visit the Q Acoustics website. Keep in mind that the price may vary depending on your location and any applicable taxes or fees.

Ultimately, the price of the Q Acoustics 3020i will depend on your budget and what you are willing to spend on a speaker. It’s always a good idea to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

How to test Q Acoustics 3020i?

There are several ways to test the Q Acoustics 3020i speakers to ensure that they are working properly:

Play music: One of the most straightforward ways to test the 3020i speakers is to play music through them. This will allow you to listen to the sound quality and ensure that the speakers are producing a full range of frequencies.

Use a frequency sweep: A frequency sweep is a series of tones that cover the entire range of frequencies that the speaker can produce. You can use a frequency sweep to test the speakers and ensure that they are producing sound across the entire frequency range.

Test with a multimeter: A multimeter is a tool that allows you to measure electrical properties such as voltage, resistance, and current. You can use a multimeter to test the speakers and ensure that they are functioning properly.

Test with a tone generator: A tone generator is a tool that allows you to generate specific frequencies of sound. You can use a tone generator to test the speakers and ensure that they are producing the specific frequencies you want.

Ultimately, the best way to test the Q Acoustics 3020i speakers will depend on your specific needs and the resources you have available. It’s always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for testing the speakers to ensure that you are using the most appropriate methods.

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However, it is difficult to carry a grudge against the Q Acoustics 3020i. The sound quality is nothing short of exceptional for the price, the appearance and feels is fantastic, and they’re not selective about where you put them.

Whether mounted on specialist speaker stands or an Ikea bookshelf, the Q Acoustics 3020i ensures that the focus is only on the music. That is basically all you can want of any speaker, regardless of price.

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