Naim NDX 2 Review – Network Player

The Naim ‘platform for the future’ has brought new facilities, and a new look, to its network music player range

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated January 12, 2023
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Naim NDX 2 Review – Network Player

The excellent amplification that Naim Audio is known for may have been the foundation of its enviable reputation, but in recent years, the company’s streaming products have wowed consumers the most. The success of products like the Uniti line has allowed the company to reach a far broader audience, while their conventional hi-fi streamers have long served as standards by which others are measured. The business has made significant investments in a new generation streaming platform during the past few years. We gave the Atom, Star, and Nova from the new Uniti system five-star reviews as the first examples of this. Here is a review of Naim NDX 2.

Now that the platform has been used in the company’s more expensive hi-fi separates offerings, where a bigger budget and a clearer focus on the goal allow the engineers to optimise the performance with a lot less sacrifice, we get to test it out. With its top-notch performance, versatility, and upgradeability, the Naim NDX2 Network Player Streamer represents the state of the art. Its host of features, including high-res UPnPTM streaming, AirPlay, built-in Chromecast, Bluetooth (aptX HD), Spotify Connect, TIDAL compatibility, Roon compatibility, vTuner internet radio, multiroom streaming, and digital and USB inputs offer all the connectivity required.

Our Verdict

5.0 avg. rating (87% score) - 1 vote

The NDX 2 is just another success in Naim’s string of successful streaming products.


  • Cohesive and entertaining sound
  • Expressive dynamics
  • Upgrade potential


  • Upgrades aren’t cheap

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    • UPnP-enabled to allow streaming of audio files at up to 32bit/384kHz resolution from Naim Audio hard disk servers, network-attached storage (NAS) devices or any home computer
    • Supports a broad range of music formats: WAV, FLAC, DSD, Apple Lossless, AIFF, AAC, Windows Media-formatted files, M4A and MP3. Gapless playback on all file formats
    • Four 24bit/192kHz capable digital inputs (S/PDIF) to support optimum connection to external sources
    • 5” color display presenting album artwork as well as track information
    • Built-in Chromecast allows you to stream from hundreds of supported smartphone or tablet apps (192kHz)
    • Apple AirPlay – stream music from your iOS device or from iTunes and Apple Music
    • Spotify Connect built-in to stream millions of songs from the world’s most popular streaming service
    • Native support for TIDAL streaming service with free 90 day trial of lossless HiFi tier
    • Front-panel USB port for replay of MP3 player and USB-stored audio (1.6A charge)

What’s in the box?

Zigbee® remote (inc. batteries), Power-Line Lite cable (UK denominations only), Burndy link plug, 5-pin DIN interconnect cable, BNC to RCA adaptor, Wi-Fi (x2) and Bluetooth antennae, cleaning cloth and quick start guide

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The NDX 2 Network Player is available for just under ₹700,000. You can get more detailed information about the NDX 2 current price and availability by consulting us.



The entry-level NDX 2 is a simpler design, lacking even a display panel to focus entirely on “sound per pound” performance; like the others, it works best when used in conjunction with the Naim app. Yes, you could use two power supplies if you wanted to, just like you could with the previous NDS, and yes, this first network player in Naim’s premium 500 Series is reportedly the best source component the firm has ever produced.

The NDX 2 is a slightly less complicated device than the ND 555 since it doesn’t employ as many hanging circuitboards, as many Naim DR voltage regulators, or as shielded and decoupled streaming boards and inputs as the flagship model does. The NDX 2’s PCBs are likewise decoupled, but not to the same degree as the ND 555’s, which float on enormous brass platforms. Additionally, this machine does not employ the suspended Faraday Cage design found in the top model.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Although I did find the NDX 2 to be more stable when streaming higher-resolution music wirelessly than previous Naim network products, I must admit that I stuck primarily to the wired connection for the majority of my listening – not because it produced better sound, but rather because it’s how my digital music system is set up and what I’m used to. And right away it was evident that even while this new network player has significantly greater versatility in terms of services and the types of files it can play, its sound is still unmistakably “Naim.” With a highly refined perception of the minutiae within a recording, the presence and ambience of the performers, it is therefore quick, energetic, bold, and rich.

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Brand : Naim
Model : NDX 2
Type : Network Player
Dimensions : 87mm x 432mm x 314mm (H x W x D)
Weight : 10kg


What DAC is on Naim NDX?

The Naim NDX network player is equipped with a high-performance digital-to-analog converter (DAC) developed by Naim Audio. The NDX uses a multi-bit DAC design, which is considered to produce a more natural and detailed sound than some other DAC architectures. The NDX’s DAC is capable of decoding high-resolution audio files such as 24-bit/192kHz and DSD64 and 128. It also uses a proprietary clock system to reduce jitter and enhance audio performance. The NDX is considered a high-end network player and DAC, and its sound quality is highly praised by audiophiles and critics.

What is NDX2?

The Naim Audio NDX network player is now in its second generation, or NDX2. The NDX2, which was launched later, is an improved version of the original NDX. Similar to the NDX, the NDX2 has a high-performance digital-to-analog converter (DAC) created by Naim Audio. In comparison to certain other DAC architectures, the multi-bit DAC used by the NDX2 is thought to create a more natural and detailed sound. The NDX2 also comes with brand-new capabilities like support for MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) files and Roon Ready, giving customers access to a variety of streaming services and high-resolution audio. NDX2 may also be operated using the Naim App and has the capacity to connect to the internet through Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Does Naim NDX support Qobuz?

Yes, the Naim NDX network player supports the Qobuz music streaming service. Qobuz is a high-resolution streaming service that offers a wide range of music in lossless formats such as FLAC and ALAC. The NDX is capable of decoding high-resolution audio files such as 24-bit/192kHz and DSD64 and 128, which allows users to enjoy the full quality of the music that Qobuz offers. The NDX also has the capability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and Ethernet, and can be controlled through the Naim App, which allows users to access Qobuz and other streaming services easily.

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The Naim NDX 2 network player performs flawlessly. It offers broad support for a variety of audio formats and sources. It sounds fantastic. The device is simple to use because of its incredibly efficient and trustworthy app.

You might prefer another player if you believe that you can only hear a tiny fraction (if any) of the 40kHz content in high-resolution music or if you’re particularly fond of the MQA format, which can give high-resolution from TIDAL but is not supported by this device. However, if you simply visit a Naim merchant and listen to some music and play some games, I think you’ll be persuaded.

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    Durable and the design is also good

    By Sarthak 

    Overall Experience:

    Well-made and durable. Also sounds good. Very adaptable and works without a hitch. Really good a Network Player


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