Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus Review

The Limited Edition Loud Speaker

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated January 10, 2023
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Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus Review

Visually, the Nautilus speakers are, in our opinion, the most beautiful speakers ever created. They are a masterpiece. also as original pieces of art. In comparison to some other top-tier items, they are actually quite affordable for what they can give. The pricey quality of its ancillaries, especially the amplification, is due to their demanding nature. They are produced in unison; once demand reaches a specific threshold, B&W produces a number of pairs, rather like rare Ferraris, I suppose. I believe the use of aluminium in the drivers makes them distinctive in the entire B&W portfolio.

The B&W engineers created them to serve as their own benchmark, against which all of their more recent models—in particular, the Nautilus series—could be evaluated. They wanted to create something that was as near to a theoretical air-moving piston as they could make it. Up to 19 kHz, they were successful in having no vibration modes at all. The air behind the drivers is slowed down by a theoretically perfect tapered open tube that loads each driver. The bass driver’s tube is many meters long, which is why it has a snail-like shape. Here, the form was produced by need. Of course, the driver’s frequency response is nearly linear and they have perfect phase alignment (their active crossover is measured to within 0.5 dB).

Our Verdict

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Although it doesn’t always carry a lot of weight at the top end, the B&W Nautilus has a remarkable heritage. The audio in B&W’s Nautilus is excellent. You should check out the B&W Nautilus if you’re shopping for a set of loudspeakers.


  • High-performance loudspeaker
  • Assuring maximum strength and endurance
  • Designed with the Hand due to its intricate design


  • A problem in placement

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  • The 4-way tube-loaded loudspeaker system of the highest caliber
  • Loading the Nautilus tube
  • Dynamic crossover
  • Establishing the benchmark for the future
  • Available in Midnight Blue, Black, Silver, and high-end bespoke colours as standard finishes.

What’s in the box?

Loud speakers, power cord, Bowers & Wilkins Formation Brochure, Safety & Warranty Information, Roon Brochure

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus is available for just under ₹85,00,000. You can get more detailed information about the Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus current price and availability by consulting us.



For the Nautilus body, we hired Raceprep, a specialized business that specializes in the creation of fiber-reinforced composites. Raceprep engineers construct the Nautilus shell almost entirely by hand due to its intricate design. They employ a resin that computer analysis has determined is ideal for its intended function, assuring maximum strength and endurance. The Nautilus shell’s finish has been given the same level of care. The paint and lacquer method used by Bowers & Wilkins is imported directly from Germany, where it is solely sold to luxury car manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and Porsche.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

A really revolutionary high-performance loudspeaker, Nautilus. It earned a lot of praise when it first came out, and two decades later it is still praised, often being called one of the best high-end loudspeakers ever.

The aim behind housing the high and mid-frequency drivers in the long, tapering wave-guide pipes at the top of the unit is to block sound waves from emanating from the rear of the unit as a result of the tapering. While the directive was to “do anything necessary,” practical problems of transporting the loudspeaker into the house or studio had to be taken into account at some stage in the speaker’s construction. The 300mm drive unit utilized for the Nautilus’ bass section would require a pipe roughly three meters long.

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Brand : Bowers & Wilkins
Model : Nautilus
Dimensions : 1210mm x 430mm x 1105mm
Net Weight : 86.5kg
Crossover Frequency : 220Hz, 880Hz, 3.5kHz
Impedance :
Frequency range : -6dB at 10Hz and 25kHz
Recommended amplifier power : 100W-300W

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To appreciate these speakers’ maximum performance potential, there are a few limitations. Play about with the positioning first, as was said above, as they do have the capacity to synchronize as a unit when put appropriately. Your B&W Nautilus speakers will perform, reducing your awareness of the speaker’s uniqueness and increasing your awareness of the ultimate presentation as a whole. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the movie-watching experience, which is the ultimate purpose of B&W.

Second, pairing these speakers with subpar audio processing and amplification will negate the B&W goal of minimum colouring. One needs to pay close attention to the audio components driving test demonstrations of these speakers. Additionally, if you don’t have any immediate plans to change your equipment, you should definitely test the speakers with your specific brand of the amplifier, processor, and/or A/V receiver.

Finally, I firmly advise you to bi-wire speakers. Allow for a break-in period as well so that B&W can surprise you with a supplementary performance. To be completely honest with you, these units sounded great to my ears right out of the box. It is a chance that they will eventually get even better. It is strongly advised that you put this system at the top of your list for test demonstrations.

AudioGuru Staff

AudioGuru Staff

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    The Bowers are always a good choice

    By Prashant Patte 

    Length of Use: Less than 3 months

    Overall Experience:

    Enjoy the award-winning Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus, the finest hand-built loudspeaker for home listening. The ideal speaker, with unmatched sound and style. Nautilus’ eye-catching spirals and tubes were inspired by Bower & Wilkins’ speaker-making research.


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