BenQ TK850 Review – The Future Projector

A great budget 4K projector

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated November 16, 2022
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BenQ TK850 Review – The Future Projector

The BenQ TK850 is a great budget 4K projector to consider, with rich colors and simple interfacing that will make it at home in any living room. It’s not a native 4K projector, despite the branding; it replicates 4K resolution by quadrupling a 1080p output. This won’t be the best option for recreating true Ultra HD, then, but it does have a 4K effect that should look more detailed than lower-res models – and for the price, it may be worth the compromise.

The TK850 is a cost-effective DLP projector that generates pictures utilizing a rotating color wheel in conjunction with a micromirror device. Although occasionally rainbow effects imply that DLP won’t be the best option for flawless reconstruction of monochrome pictures or films, it is still a common choice for less expensive projectors and can still produce clear images.

Our Verdict


A magnificent example of a 4K HDR projector with adequate brightness for its image is the BenQ TK850.


  • Super bright
  • Excellent HDR
  • Sports Mode


  • No streaming software
  • No HDR10+ or Dolby Vision

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  • True 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) 8.3M Pixel resolution & 3000lm Brightness
  • 98% Rec. 709 Color Gamut for accurate color
  • HDR-PRO™ w/ Dynamic Iris for deeper black and more detail

What’s in the box?

BenQ TK850 Blu-ray player, cable/satellite box, Handbook Manual

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The BenQ TK850 is available for just under ₹1,94,900.00. You can get more detailed information about the BenQ TK850 current price and availability by consulting us.



The two HDMI 2.0 inputs, USB 3.0, SPDIF, RS232, and audio out are all conveniently located on the back side, facing the viewer (for headphones or speakers). Basic inputs are located on the TK850’s upper side, but you’ll mostly utilise the illuminated remote, which makes it easier to view all of its buttons when the lights are off for a nighttime movie. The profile is obviously smaller than the average TV would be, but it has a rather chunky, if rounded, shape and measures 13 x 38 x 26cm, weighing just over 4kg. The power button, the D-pad, and the OK, Back, Menu, and Source buttons are all located on the projector’s upper side. Additionally, there are LED indications for the bulb, temperature, and power (in case a long viewing session causes the projector to overheat).

Picture Quality

Sound Quality

The BenQ TK850’s brightness is its standout feature. We could watch movies in comfort even with a moderate level of light in the room thanks to its 3,000 lumens, which is significantly greater than the 2,000 lumens of the BenQ HT3550.

Although you won’t be severely penalized for wanting a lamp on to view the furnishings (or your loved ones) too, you’ll still receive the best image possible in a really gloomy area. The effects of such light are significant, particularly for HDR viewing. The powerful bulb in the TK850 makes a dramatic difference in HDR, which delivers improved contrast and richer colours than ordinary SDR (standard dynamic range).

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Brand : BenQ
Model : TK850
Dimensions : 380 x 127 x 263 mm
Net Weight : 4.2 kg
Contrast Ratio : 30,000:1 (Dynamic Iris)
Brightness (ANSI lumens) : 3000
Resolution : 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Power Supply : VAC 100 ~ 240 (50/60Hz)

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Simply said, the BenQ TK850 4K projector creates fantastic images. If you don’t experience the rainbow effect and are searching for a fantastic daily driving projector, look no further. Even if you have little (or no) control over ambient light, the TK850 is excellent at presenting sports and binge-worthy serial programs. The TK850 continues to outperform LED flat panels in terms of screen size. Now that they also display a stunning and precise image, much like LEDs.

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    Excellent projector with great brigthness

    By Kunal Agrawal 

    Overall Experience:

    Excellent visual quality and rich colors. I will most definitely recommend this product because I am very happy with it. The only reason I gave it a 4 star rating was due of the projector’s typical lack of color fidelity. Still a fantastic purchase at the cost.


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