Arcam SA10 Review – Class AB Integrated Amplifier

Extremely efficient class A/B amplification

Written by AudioGuru Staff | Updated December 6, 2022
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Arcam SA10 Review – Class AB Integrated Amplifier

The Arcam SA10 Integrated Amplifier is made to provide you with wonderful mid-range sound along with warm, rich music. The HDA series is Arcam’s best-performing line of audio devices to date. Using the greatest components and engineering techniques, the HDA range is developed and manufactured to provide you with years of listening pleasure. Arcam is one of the most reputable audio firms in the UK.

The Arcam SA10 amplifier, an ultra-low distortion type Class A/B amplifier, is the much-anticipated successor to the many award-winning A19 amplifiers. It will outperform its predecessor in terms of performance. The Arcam SA-10 has emerged as the new standard-setter in digital audio since it was created to set new norms, whether your music is played through a compact disc or streaming from a computer. The SA10 has three digital inputs and five analog inputs, including one switchable line/MM input (2x SPDIF and 1x optical). With the help of the ESS Sabre 9016 DAC, this powerful integrated amplifier, which is renowned for its quick dynamics, provides the best possible, low-jitter digital performance.

Warm, rich music is what the Arcam SA10 Integrated Amplifier is designed to deliver to you along with superb midrange sound. Arcam’s current best-performing range of audio equipment is the HDA series. The HDA series is designed and produced to provide you with years of listening enjoyment using the best materials and technical practices. One of the UK’s most well-known audio companies is Arcam.

Our Verdict


The Arcam SA10 is a capable performer with features that are difficult to match elsewhere for the price. It’s a commendable amp in and of itself, and we have no doubt that it will find a lot of fans.


  • A robust presence on a large scale
  • Wonderfully rich, particularly the midway
  • Features that match the price tag


  • Bass ill-defined via analogue

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  • Integrated high-performance Sabre DAC ESS9016K2M
  • Toroidal power transformer for high output current and low noise
  • The SA10 may be used as a power amp in processor mode by connecting to a surround sound receiver or pre/pro.
  • For moving magnet phono cartridges, stereo RCA input
  • Wireless control with your mobile device is possible thanks to the Ethernet connector, which connects to your home network and supports Arcam’s free control app.
  • For use with external control systems, an RS-232 port

What’s in the box?

Integrated Amplifier, 6.5′ AC power cord, Remote control, 2 “AAA” batteries, Handbook Manual

Price and Availability

Price and Availability

The Arcam SA10 Class AB Integrated Amplifier is available for just under ₹134,990.00. You can get more detailed information about the Arcam SA10 Class AB Integrated Amplifier current price and availability by consulting us.



One of the five analogue inputs, the aux, has four RCA terminals on the rear, one of which may be switched to use the SA10’s integrated moving magnet phono stage. Three digital input terminals, one optical and two SPDIF are also located at the amp’s back and connect to its 32-bit Sabre ESS9016K2M DAC. This feature set, which represents a substantial improvement over the A19’s analogue-only design, is best understood in light of the Cyrus One HD, which we recently examined and which, for roughly half the price, simply adds aptX HD Bluetooth to its analogue capabilities.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

This soundstage still has a tonne of depth, and the textures are portrayed with excellent clarity to allow for—at least in that sense—an engaging listen. The treble in particular almost matches the middle for richness, so the balance isn’t really off, but the bass does have a lot of rounded edges due to the SA10’s design. Bass sounds specifically thrum and labour noticeably at the low end via the analogue inputs. The Rega Brio is a far more expensive option than the SA10 when you take into account its phono stage and digital inputs, but the latter shows exactly the sound quality that is possible at a price point around this one.

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Brand : Arcam
Model : SA10
Dimensions : 433 x 87 x 310mm
Weight : 8.4kg
Frequency Response : 20Hz – 20kHz ± 1dB
Input impedance : 47kΩ
Maximum input : 6Vrms
Nominal Sensitivity : 1V

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The Arcam SA10 has a lot of positive qualities. Its list of capabilities and connections is really excellent, and it makes for a seductive musical companion, especially when used with the MM phono input. The bass end, which can occasionally seem ponderous, especially with larger speakers, is the one minor flaw in the system. But when paired with a nice set of standmounts, it truly sings.

AudioGuru Staff

AudioGuru Staff

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    This Beautiful SA10 gives you pleasant experience

    By Rajan Bishnoi 

    Length of Use: 3–6 months

    Overall Experience:

    With the correct material, the beautiful middle has an almost mystical character, and the treble has a delicateness that defies the unit’s cost. The SA10 provides a pleasant, smooth sound that is dynamic but not treble-peaky. It will blend in well with anything because of its incredibly clean sound signature.


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