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DÔME FLAX –The sound spotlight

Made in France, Dôme is a line of miniature loudspeakers boasting a Flax sandwich cone, exclusive to Focal. This technology provides genuine benefits in terms of sound definition and precision. In terms of appearance, the Dôme design blends fine materials and elegant finishes. The loudspeakers are positionable and easily integrated into the wall, ceiling or on a stand, as you prefer.

Industry-Leading Feature

W sandwich cone

Flax cone

Pure Beryllium tweeter

Al/Mg tweeter

Positionable speaker drivers

Black High Gloss finish

Ready-to-paint grille

On-wall or on-ceiling mounting

Bespoke solution

Optional stand

Easy Quick Install

White High Gloss finish

Product Line of the Dome Flax Series

Type 2-way compact sealed speaker
Speaker drivers
  • 4" (10cm) Flax Mid-Bass
  • 1" (25mm) Al/Mg inverted dome tweeter
  • Frequency response 80Hz - 28kHz
    Sensitivity 88dB
    Nominal impedance
    Recommended amp power 25 - 100W
    Dimensions (172 x 144 x 143mm
    Weight 4.19lbs