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The 1990s were a decade of growth and expansion for Paradigm. The company and its reputation grew, distribution expanded beyond the Canadian border, and Paradigm’s array of application-specific audio solutions grew. Additionally, the company planned one of North America’s largest loudspeaker manufacturing facilities.

Paradigm began the decade by winning its first “Best Price/Value” award from the prestigious “Inside Track” Magazine in 1990. One of the most successful models of the early 90s was the Atom, part of the renowned Monitor Series. The Atom models featured some of the best available audio technology of the day, such as Satin-Anodized Aluminum Tweeter Domes with powerful ferro-fluid cooled neodymium magnet structures and one of the most advanced handcrafted crossover designs, all at a surprisingly reasonable price. The Atom became Paradigm’s Number One selling model, and “Best Price/Value” became the company’s maxim.

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In the mid-90s, Paradigm unveiled its first powered subwoofer. The single-driver PS-1000, with just over 100 Watts RMS, packed such a punch that it convinced Paradigm engineers that powered subwoofers were the future. By the end of the 90s, models such as the big Servo-15, powered by a custom-built high-current, low distortion amplifier, were winning awards for their thunderous musicality.

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Paradigm introduced the Reference Studio Series, a family of loudspeakers that set the stage in look and sound for the next generation of Paradigm speakers. With bolted faces prefiguring the “steampunk” design, and smoothly curved enclosures, these speakers featured innovations such as die-cast heat-sink driver chassis, shock-mount isolation chambers, advanced crossover networks, and furniture-grade finishes. The Reference Studio Series reset the bar for accuracy, detail and resolution.

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    Paradigm – Premier 600C

    The Paradigm Premier lineup's top centre is the Premier 600C. It costs far less and provides uncompromised performance with real, lifelike voices. The identical 1" tweeter and PPA lens are present in the 600C centre channel, but the 4" Black Anodized X-PAL cone and PPA lens for the midrange are smaller.Read more.

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High-end speakers have been a historical specialty of Paradigm and this tradition is maintained in their entirely new series. Many of the same technologies used in their more expensive series are available at extremely low prices.

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The unassuming exterior grille face of the Signature Series hid a strikingly beautiful bezel and cabinet design, which in turn hid a cabinet of surprising audio innovations. These included Beryllium tweeters, and uniquely designed driver isolation chambers with patented rear fins, which efficiently dispersed back wave resonances generated by the powerful new motor architectures. Critics called the Signature Series “the real deal,” one of the best in a long line of Paradigm performance values.

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  • CNC cabinet construction and finishing
  • Injection molding for plastic components
  • Grille design and manufacturing on-site
  • Molding, heat pressing, and great finishing
  • High-value speakers
  • New tweeter technology
  • Mineral-filled polypropylene cone with inverted dust cap
  • Extremely Efficient
  • Execellent Sound Quality
  • Beautifully Design
  • Ultimate Speakers for Home
  • Good quality Structure
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Highly Durable

Heading into the third decade of the 21st century, Paradigm’s mission remains true to its beginnings. The company continues to lead the competitive consumer electronics industry by staying on the cutting edge of audio science and technology.

The “Best Price/Value” award won in the 90s has been won a total of 22 times. Award-winning Paradigm products are now carried by more than 25 international distributors and are available in over 55 countries around the world. The new Persona has reinforced their position as one of the best-selling high-performance loudspeakers in North America. Their combination of superior performance backed by applied science, a new vision of luxury design, and a renewed dedication to authentic value makes them excited about the future of high-end home audio.

They invite you to explore their current lines of superior performance loudspeakers, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact. They encourage you to be informed, as the more you know about high-performance loudspeakers, the better Paradigm looks and sounds.

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Is Paradigm a good speaker?

A variety of speakers and other audio items are produced by the Canadian company Paradigm. The business has a history for manufacturing high-quality speakers that are renowned for their elegant designs and clear, detailed sound. Due to their durability and superior sound quality, many people believe that Paradigm speakers are an outstanding value for the money.

Are Paradigm speakers still made in Canada?

Although Paradigm has a global supply chain and collaborates with suppliers and partners all over the world to make its goods, the company is still based in Toronto, Canada, and a significant portion of its goods are produced there. The business produces a number of its speakers and other audio items in a plant in Mississauga, Ontario.

Are Paradigm bookshelf speakers good?

A Canadian company named Paradigm makes audio equipment and a variety of audio goods, including bookshelf speakers. Many people think that Paradigm bookshelf speakers are a great option for home theater and entertainment systems because they provide exceptional sound quality.

Bookshelf speakers from Paradigm are renowned for their attractive designs and crystal-clear, detailed sound. They provide a variety of bookshelf speakers for various price ranges and preferences, some of which come equipped with wireless connectivity, built-in amplifiers, and other capabilities.

Who owns Paradigm audio?

Paradigm is a Canadian audio equipment manufacturer that was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1982 by Jerry VanderMarel. The company is currently owned by Anthem, a Canadian technology company that is also based in Toronto.

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