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JBL Synthesis is a global leader in multi-channel immersive audio, building on JBL’s long heritage of audio quality. Every element of their systems utilizes the latest audio technology and JBL’s signature sound to ensure outstanding performance in home theaters. JBL Synthesis was established in response to Hollywood’s demand for home cinema sound, and has a long history in the motion picture industry.

In 1983, Lucasfilm chose JBL to create the first theater speaker system with a commercial THX license. Nine years later, JBL Synthesis released the first THX home theater system. Today, JBL Synthesis offers the most cutting-edge multi-channel audio systems on the market, which can be scaled to fit both small private settings and the largest private home theaters. JBL Synthesis systems produce precise, immersive sound using exclusive technologies, setting them apart and providing performance unmatched by any other.

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Each dealer or integrator for JBL Synthesis is carefully selected based on their expertise in designing high-end multi-channel audio systems. JBL dealers represent the industry’s highest level of design and installation proficiency. Thanks to extensive training and factory support, each dealer is well-equipped to design the ideal solution for your space.

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In order to create the most lifelike experiences in spaces of any size, JBL Synthesis Speaker Systems & Electronics build upon the tradition of the JBL brand and integrate the most advanced video processors, DSP, amplifiers, and loudspeaker technology.

The range consists of both high-performance freestanding speaker systems and discreet in-wall speakers, designed to bring the iconic JBL theater sound into the home theater.

With a 75-year history of producing high-quality audio equipment, JBL loudspeakers and technology are used in more than half of all movie theaters and concert venues worldwide, making it the premier choice for professionals in the music and film industries, as well as for enthusiasts.

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    JBL Synthesis SCL 2 - In-Wall Speakers

    A unique in-wall loudspeaker called the SCL-2 was created particularly for use as an LCR or surround in bigger systems. It has a large format High-Definition Imaging horn coupled to JBL's unique D2415K dual 1.5-inch (38mm) compression driver.

Best Products of All Time

JBL has a long and rich history deeply rooted in cinema. Before James B. Lansing revolutionized the industry in the early 1920s, films were silent. JBL and cinema have been intrinsically intertwined ever since. JBL speakers have been providing the sound for cinema. JBL Synthesis brings the immersive experience of cinema sound back to sophisticated systems for personal use by using the world’s most renowned movie theaters as a model.

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  • SDP-55
  • SDR-35
  • SDA-1700
  • SSW-3
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  • SCL-3
  • SCL-6

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It’s amazing how much impact cinema has on us. The combination of vision and music immerses us in an illusionary world and temporarily makes us forget where we are. Without the enhancing effect of music, the film’s visual spectacle is diminished. Sound appeals to all our emotions, including tension, anxiety, fear, and relief. Sound draws us into the narrative. And with this immersive experience in mind, JBL Synthesis is the true expert in providing it.

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  • Complete Turnkey System
  • Designed Primarily
  • Advanced Aluminum Matrix Cone
  • Integrated Mdf Enclosure
  • Unparalleled Performance
  • Carefully Selected
  • Immersive Sound
  • Engineered to Perform
  • Realistic Listening Experience
  • High-Definition

The HDI-3800 is the flagship model in JBL’s HDI Series and was designed and engineered at their renowned acoustic engineering center in Northridge, California. This floor-standing loudspeaker features a 2-way design with the patented High-Definition Imaging (HDI) waveguide technology, the patented 2410H-2 1-inch (25mm) compression driver, and triple 8-inch (200mm) Advanced Aluminum Matrix cone woofers for powerful dynamics and incredibly accurate sound reproduction.

The HDI-3800 enclosure features a bass reflex design with dual rear-firing, computer-optimized flared ports and is heavily reinforced to provide a solid acoustic foundation. The sleek curved cabinet is available in furniture-grade satin Walnut or Gray Oak wood veneers or automotive-grade painted High Gloss Black. The stylish design is completed with a black fabric grille that is magnetically attached.

JBL Synthesis speakers are a great choice if you want a simple yet immersive listening experience.

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Are JBL Synthesis speakers high quality?

High-end audio company JBL Synthesis is well renowned for creating excellent speakers and other audio devices. Their products are made to give exceptional sound quality and performance and are intended for picky audiophiles and home theater aficionados. JBL Synthesis speakers have received favorable reviews from numerous consumers who have appreciated their detailed, lifelike sound, as well as their sturdy construction.

Who owns Synthesis JBL?

JBL Synthesis is a brand owned by Harman International Industries, which is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. Harman International Industries is a global leader in the audio and infotainment industry, and it is known for producing a wide range of high-quality audio products under various brand names, including JBL, AKG, and Harman Kardon. The company was founded in 1953 and has a long history of innovation and leadership in the audio industry. Today, it is a division of Samsung Electronics, which is a South Korean multinational conglomerate that is known for producing a wide range of consumer electronics and other products.

Why JBL Synthesis speakers are costly?

High-end audio company JBL Synthesis is well renowned for creating excellent speakers and other audio equipment. These products are designed to provide great sound quality and performance for discerning audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. They consequently frequently cost more than lower-end or widespread audio devices.

The materials used, the engineering that goes into the products, the degree of quality control, and the level of customer service that the company offers are just a few of the elements that might affect the price of JBL Synthesis speakers. Additionally, the high-end audio industry is typically more specialized and niche than the mainstream market, which can also affect why these goods are more expensive.

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