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A group of engineers who had met while attending the University established the Cambridge Audio company in 1969. The founder of the company aspired to provide consumers high-quality audio equipment, thus they were among the first to employ integrated amplifiers and toroidal power transformers as opposed to separate parts that required cables to connect them. This tradition is still practised today because these “young” music lovers are simply not ready to abandon it yet.

The timeless values of Cambridge Audio stress the importance of high-quality sound, resulting in a product that will stand the test of time. The UK team is treated to a small-scale live performance every Friday afternoon, which helps them stay aware of the value that music can have in our lives.

Know The Best Products of All Time From Cambridge Audio

Classic Design

Classic Design

Superior Power Amplifier

Superior Power Amplifier

Real-Time High Resolution Audio

Real-Time High Resolution Audio

Cambridge Audio not only manufactures speakers of the highest calibre, but also a variety of amplifiers that can be used in virtually any setting. Whether you want floor-standing, bookshelf, on-wall, in-wall, centre channel, in-ceiling, headphones, or something more specialized, Cambridge Audio has something for everyone. For your consideration, here are some of their best models.

  • Speaker Cambridge Audio


  • Amplifier Cambridge Audio


  • Headphones Cambridge Audio


  • Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer Cambridge Audio

    Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer

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Know About Other Cambridge Audio Hi-Fi Series Products

Nobody likes to sacrifice quality when it comes to audio. Instead of being irritated by subpar products, we would rather spend more money on those that satisfy our ears. Although not everyone enjoys high-quality audio, those who do are aware of what Cambridge Audio does to the sound.

Many low-cost, low-quality audio systems are available on the market, but their contaminated sound will only degrade your listening experience. As a result, the music you’re listening to through regular speakers is only audible, not felt. Instead of just hearing the sound, Cambridge Audio allows its listeners to experience it.

Cambridge Audio makes sure that sound is not diminished by using a high-quality line of products.

  • Cambridge Audio Edge A Integrated Amplifier

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    Cambridge Audio Edge A Integrated Amplifier

    Edge A is made to celebrate musicality. Riffs, phrases, percussive rolls – take in every detail of your music thanks to its dynamic setup. Effortlessly powerful, but with incredible depth, the overall sound is breath-taking – like you’re sat in the recording booth with the musicians.Read more.

  • Cambridge Audio Edge W Power Amplifier

    Explore The Best Sellers

    Cambridge Audio Edge W Power Amplifier

    Edge W is made to be played loud. When you do turn it up, expect nothing but a dynamic and punchy sound that captures all the musicality of your songs. With just 14 hand-picked components, Edge W has one of the cleanest signal paths available. It delivers our breath-taking, unadulterated British sound – nothing added, nothing taken away.Read more.

  • Cambridge Audio EVO 150 All-in-One Player

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    Cambridge Audio EVO 150 All-in-One Player

    With Evo 150, we’ve brought your audio past and present into the future. With outstanding Hypex NCore Class D amplification and our class-leading StreamMagic music streaming platform on board, all you need to do is add speakers to enjoy superb high-resolution audio quality from one elegant, discreet box.Read more.

Best Products of All Time

If there is one thing that Cambridge Audio is known for, it is excellent products. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality amplifiers that are useful, inventive, and appealing to the eye. Some of the greatest Cambridge Audio products ever are mentioned below.

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While Cambridge Audio is a mixed bag in terms of built quality and functionality, it does have a lot going for it when it comes to sound quality. The amp does need a few minutes warm-up to sound its best, but after it does it sounds really well, especially considering it is a budget product. The sound is full, rich and sounds very dynamic in terms of voices and instruments across the spectrum. There is a certain lack of warmth, but not a lack of detail which makes for a very different but interesting sound when compared to the other amps.

The amp has a decent power output of 20 watts per channel and a frequency response between 20Hz-20kHz at 0.2% THD. It also comes with an auto standby feature that can lower the standby power consumption to only 0.1 watt, which is pretty amazing considering how small it is. It can be used with any headphone or speaker type with ease and is compatible with both RCA cables as well as 3.5mm jacks.

What Cambridge Audio Offers!

  • Authentic audio reproduction
  • Broad Dispersion
  • Performance in Hi-Fi
  • Simple integration
  • Enhanced Amplifier
  • Cabinet with Low Resonance
  • Outstanding Time Coherence
  • 3.D. Audio
  • handmade components
  • Design that is pleasing to the eye
  • excellent construction
  • Simple Installation
  • Cost-effective

Cambridge audio amplifiers are an affordable option to upgrade your home’s audio system to high-quality audio. They fit nearly everywhere because they are small, low-profile units. Speakers are driven by audio signals from an audio source using an amplifier and a digital signal processing (DSP) system.

An immersive listening experience can be had using Cambridge Audio amplifiers, a relatively new sort of amplifier system. Because they can fool your brain into thinking that sounds are emanating from specific locations around you rather than merely being in front of the speaker, these amplifiers are frequently referred to as virtual or false surround sound.

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Are Cambridge Audio amps any good?

A reputable company, Cambridge Audio is known for creating high-quality audio devices, including amplifiers. Amplifiers made by Cambridge Audio have a solid reputation among users for being dependable and capable of delivering high-caliber sound. It would be a good idea to read reviews and do some research before buying a Cambridge Audio amplifier to make sure it matches your needs and expectations.

Is Cambridge Audio still in business?

Yes, Cambridge Audio is still in business and continues to produce a wide range of audio equipment, including amplifiers, speakers, turntables, and more. The company was founded in the 1960s and has a long history of producing high-quality audio products. It is based in the United Kingdom and has a strong presence in the global audio market.

What class of amplifier is Cambridge Audio?

Cambridge Audio produces a variety of amplifiers that belong to different classes, including Class AB and Class D.

Class AB amplifiers are a type of linear amplifier that operate by amplifying the difference between the input signal and a reference voltage. They are known for their high audio fidelity and low distortion, and are commonly used in hi-fi systems and professional audio applications.

Class D amplifiers are a type of switching amplifier that operate by rapidly switching the output transistors on and off in response to the input signal. They are known for their high efficiency and low heat generation, and are commonly used in portable audio devices and car audio systems.

Cambridge Audio likely produces amplifiers belonging to both Class AB and Class D, as well as other amplifier classes, depending on the specific model and intended use. It would be a good idea to check the specifications of the specific Cambridge Audio amplifier you are interested in to determine its class.

Where are Cambridge Audio receivers made at?

Considering that Cambridge Audio is a UK-based company, it seems likely that at least part of their receivers are made there. Although it is also typical for companies to outsource the manufacturing of their products to foreign countries, it is nevertheless feasible that some Cambridge Audio receivers are built somewhere else. To find out where a given receiver was built, it would be a good idea to speak with the manufacturer or to look at the product’s box or documentation.

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