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For more than 40 years, AudioQuest has been a significant provider to the high-end audio and video cable market. In fact, their goods are offered in more than 70 countries and hundreds of outlets. In 1980, William E. Low, also known as Bill, started AudioQuest in his one-man hifi business in Irvine, California, in the United States. Bill has always viewed AudioQuest as a firm that creates tools to improve the quality of audio and visual entertainment enjoyed at home. At the time, AudioQuest was a manufacturer of custom cables, phono cartridges, and other goods.

They were the first US high-performance wire manufacturer to use cutting-edge conductor technology into their cables in 1985. Like then and now, AudioQuest is constantly working to improve their cables. With their “DragonFly” portable DAC-AMP adaptor, they made a dramatic breakthrough into the market for portable equipment in 2012.

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Good design

Good design

High Speed

High Speed



Long-Grain Copper (LGC)

Long-Grain Copper (LGC)

2014 saw AudioQuest enter the headphone market with the stunning Nighthawk headset, which was well-received by customers all around the world. They debuted the Niagara 7000 power conditioner in 2015. The DragonFly Black and Red were released in 2016, and its firmware could be upgraded to support the newest DACs on the market. In fact, the majority of my friends who bought the DragonFly Black after I recommended it to them still use it now. Day by day, AudioQuest broadens and develops its product offering. You can click here to view the extensive selection of products offered by AudioQuest. Here you may can read more about AudioQuest’s past.

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AudioQuest has always provided its customers with a wide selection of cables thanks to its cutting-edge concepts and technology. When creating new products or updating existing ones, AudioQuest places a high premium on the demands of its customers. Every cable that AudioQuest creates is committed to delivering the exceptional and natural sound quality that its users expect.

Cables from AudioQuest’s top selection have enchanted customers with their exceptional sound quality.

  • AudioQuest Pearl 48

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    AudioQuest Pearl 48

    The greater precision and tighter manufacturing tolerances required to deliver HDMI cables that transfer up to 48Gbps bandwidth mean all of AudioQuest’s tried-and-true ingredients and techniques matter every bit as much as ever before.

  • AudioQuest Vodka 48

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    AudioQuest Vodka 48

    Vodka 48 features 10% Silver-Plated Copper conductors that have been direction-controlled for the most efficient dissipation of radio-frequency noise; a high-loss carbon layer, sandwiched between layers of metal around the 4 FRL + eARC pairs, further enhances noise-dissipation

  • AudioQuest BlueBerry

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    AudioQuest BlueBerry

    AudioQuest BlueBerry 4K-8K 18Gbps HDMI cable combines superior materials and superior design to produce a superior entertainment experience. Featuring solid Long-Grain Copper conductors with AudioQuest’s Level-1 Noise Dissipation, BlueBerry is meticulously designed for enhanced sound quality and outstanding overall performance, significantly exceeding the performance of previous AudioQuest Pearl 18G HDMI cables.

  • AudioQuest Root Beer Active Optical

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    AudioQuest Root Beer Active Optical

    Root Beer 18 is an active optical cable that provides outstanding audio/video performance at distances up to 100ft (30m). Optical Fiber eliminates multiple forms of degradation over distance; powered by the HDMI port, no AC adaptor is required.

Best Products of All Time

If there is one thing that AudioQuest is known for, it is excellent products. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality cables that are unique, practical, and attractive. Some of the greatest AudioQuest products ever are mentioned here.

  • Audioquest Dragon 48
  • Audioquest Cherry Cola Active Optical
  • Audioquest Pearl
  • Audioquest Vodka
  • Audioquest Diamond
  • Audioquest Carbon
  • Audioquest Golden Gate
  • Audioquest Mackenzie
  • Audioquest ThunderBird Interconnect
  • Audioquest Dragon Interconnect
  • Audioquest Black Lab
  • Audioquest Irish Red

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AudioQuest is working and striving to make better cables every day. In 2012, they made a striking entry into the portable equipment market with their “DragonFly” portable DAC-AMP adapter.

What AudioQuest Offers!

  • High-Purity and smooth-surface Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC)
  • Metal-Layer Noise-Dissipation System (NDS)
  • Foamed-Polyethylene (FPE) Insulation
  • Cold-Welded
  • Direct-Silver Plated Pure Red Copper Terminations

The best approach to upgrade your speaker’s audio quality is with AudioQuest cables. They have high purity, a smooth surface, and are compact. Any metal conductor can experience distortion due to grain boundaries, but Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC) minimizes this distortion. In order to avoid harshness and confusion brought on by strand interaction, these cables use Solid Conductors.

A relatively new kind of speaker cable called an AudioQuest cable is made expressly to provide you with an immersive listening experience. Because they can fool your brain into thinking that sounds are emanating from specific areas around you rather than merely being in front of the speaker, these cables are frequently referred to as virtual or false surround sound.

If you want a straightforward but immersive listening experience, AudioQuest cables are a fantastic option.

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Are AudioQuest cables good?

A reputable company in the audio industry, AudioQuest manufactures a variety of cables and accessories that are used in both residential and commercial audio systems. Many audiophiles and industry experts think AudioQuest cables are reasonably priced and can enhance a system’s overall sound quality. Cable quality, however, is very dependant on individual preference and the exact equipment they are used with, much like with any audio equipment. To determine whether they satisfy your needs, it is important to do some research, read reviews, and even better, give them a listen on your own.

Do AudioQuest cables make a difference?

It’s important to note that the impact of cables on sound quality can vary depending on the specific equipment they are used with, and also on the listener’s preferences. The cables may also make difference in more quantitative measurements like Signal-to-Noise ratio, Total harmonic distortion, etc, but it is not guaranteed that the differences will be audible to the listener.

Where are AudioQuest cables manufactured?

AudioQuest cables are designed and manufactured in the United States. The company was founded in 1980 by Bill Low, who began by selling cables out of the trunk of his car at audio shows. Today, AudioQuest has its headquarters in Southern California, where it designs and manufactures a wide range of cables and accessories for the audio industry. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality cables using advanced materials and construction techniques, and many audiophiles and audio professionals believe that AudioQuest cables offer good value for the money.

Do gold plated cables sound better?

Since gold is a good conductor of electricity and doesn’t corrode, it might be a preferable alternative for long-term use. Gold plating is generally utilized in connectors and terminations. It is crucial to remember that additional essential factors include the thickness of the plating and the quality of the gold plating. The advantages of a thick layer of gold plating may outweigh those of a thin layer, which is easily removable.

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